10 best Skate parks in Birmingham

10 best Skate parks in Birmingham

10 best Skate parks in Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama, is home to plenty of exciting attractions and landmarks, such as Vulcan Park and Museum, McWane Center, and the Birmingham Zoo, to name a few.

But it’s also home to more than 100 acres of rolling hills and smooth cement expanses that provide endless opportunities for roller skaters and skateboarders to enjoy their favorite sports safely without worrying about getting hit by cars or tripping over cracks in the pavement. If you are looking for one of the best skate parks in Birmingham that will give you hours of fun and excitement, this list will help you find the perfect spot!

1. Cannon Hill Park

If you’re planning a summer picnic, there’s no better park to choose than Cannon Hill Park. With over 420 acres of scenic woodland and grassy meadows—it’s an ideal place for a lazy Sunday afternoon spent lounging with family and friends. And if your kids are feeling energetic, they can spend hours enjoying one of Birmingham’s finest skate parks; it includes quarter pipes, fun boxes, banks, and stairs. Next time you have kids in tow, pack some food and head down for a day at the park!

2. Perry Park

Perry Park is a concrete skatepark designed to resemble an urban environment. The ramps and obstacles have street elements such as stairs, rails, ledges, and banks. It’s indeed open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and also has full lighting. In addition to regular skateboarding on Fridays, there are also BMX flatland sessions on Saturdays.

Suppose you want to learn some tricks without putting yourself in too much danger or looking for somewhere with a lot of room to practice your ollies. In that case, Perry Park should be your first choice for skating in Birmingham!

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3. Bentley Park

Bentley Park is a natural, family-friendly attraction located on 1,000 acres of land between Montgomery and Prattville. The former farm has been converted into an international sport and entertainment sophisticated with two baseball/softball fields and other amenities, four basketball courts, three soccer fields (2 lighted), a BMX track, concession stands, and facilities. Because of its size, Bentley Park is often referred to as the Central Park of Alabama. Every year, the park hosts dozens of events, from softball tournaments to disc golf competitions and music festivals. Don’t miss out on all that Bentley Park has to offer!

4. Public park

Considering how short our days are, it’s a shame that most of us waste so much time stuck indoors during nice weather. Lately, I’ve been looking for good parks, and here are my picks for great outdoor hangouts in and around town. However, keep in mind that a great garden feels good to you.

Every community has one hidden gem, says Daryl Marshke from Louisville Metro Parks. He encourages people to go exploring—you might find your perfect spot. (Note: The list below contains a mix of public parks with skateboard-friendly features.) If you’ve got a better idea of what makes for a good skate park–or if you want to share your top picks–let me know!

5. Queensbury skatepark

Queensbury skatepark is one of my favorites in all of Alabama. It’s a fun, safe place to skate, and their Wednesday evening sessions are always packed with skaters of all skill levels. The park has several different options for rails, banks, stairs, and gaps. I recommend checking it out if you’re ever in Birmingham! -Spencer Darden, Birmingham, AL (skater)

It was built on a budget and didn’t have much flow. But I would say that there are some excellent lines here like a small quarter pipe that’s fun to go down or even stand on and do some tricks over; a large bank that you can pop off into either direction; curved rail that goes around most of the half-pipe but can be hit as one solid piece too; another curved rail on another side of half-pipe that can be used separately from the main rail or together as well -Garrett Davis, Mountain Brook, AL (skater) Because so many people use them at once they don’t get very trashed like other parks.

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6. Pype Hayes Park

Pype Hayes Park is well-known amongst skateboarders and BMX’ers as a great place to practice and participate in these extreme sports. In addition to allowing riders to create their fun (which many people like to do), there are also dedicated areas set aside for each of these sports.

Even professional instructors at Pype Hayes can teach you how to perfect your tricks, should you feel so inclined. Note: If you want somewhere less crowded, try a weekday afternoon when kids will be at school or daycare. And if you need some new equipment, head over to Go Pro on Bristol Road—they have boards for all different skill levels and ages!

7. Smithfield skatepark

Located on Garrison Blvd, it has an open bowl with a steep quarterpipe and many street obstacles to keep riders busy. The launch ramp is angled perfectly for kickflips and airs, but there are rails for grinding if you’re not into tricks. Another bonus: It’s a reasonably private park—meaning it’s rarely crowded. Individual’s point of view, it can become a pro or a con, but it creates Smithfield, one of the best skate campgrounds in Birmingham.

8. Soho skatepark

Located at 925 Gadsden Hwy, the Soho skatepark is one of Birmingham’s most challenging parks. Built over a spacious 7,000 sq ft lot, it houses various obstacles, including rails, stairs, and ledges.

To top it off, three separate sections cater to different skill levels—a must-visit for any skating enthusiast visiting the town. Restrooms are available on-site, making clean-up quick and easy. However, don’t let that fact make you lazy. With so many rails to master, you may spend several hours enjoying some of Birmingham’s best amenities. $10 fee for first-timers; yearly passes $50 per pperso

9. Victoria Square skatepark

Victoria Square is a fantastic local skatepark that’s perfect for beginners. Its smooth concrete bowls and small quarter pipe allow you to practice your moves without being distracted by other skateboarders or BMX riders. It also has a small snack kiosk and a large grassy area with benches—perfect for relaxing on a warm day or taking a break after skating. One of its best features is its variety of ramps, making it accessible to everyone, no matter their skill level.

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10. Washwood Heath Youth Zone

Washwood Heath Youth Zone is a skatepark situated in Washwood Heath, Birmingham, England. It was designed by Ben Shaw and opened in May 2009. The park attracts a large amount of BMX and skateboarders from across Birmingham. It features an 8-meter quarterpipe, a 6-meter quarterpipe, a 9-meter speed ramp, six grind boxes, a 6-meter manual pad, four flat banks, and various street features. The park also features a DIY area for local skaters to use.

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