The Darkest Knight Power Level Explained

The darkest Knight Power Level explained

The Darkest Knight Power Level Explained | Detailed Explanation

In Dark Nights: Death Metal, The Batman Who Laughs became the multiverse’s greatest powerful Batman, but he’s also unique for another reason.

The Batman Who Laughs is no longer alive; long live the Dark Knight. In Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Death Metal #1, readers witnessed Wonder Woman’s surprising takedown of the smirking Batman from the Dark Multiverse.

It was followed by the character’s metamorphosis into the Darkest Knights in the brain of Batman Who Laughs was transplanted into an alternative Batman/Doctor Manhattan fusion, but who was this enigmatic, never-before-seen character?

With Death Metal One-Shot, DC proclaims The Batman That Laughs a New God.

The Darkest Knight narrates the origins of the so-called “Batmanhattan,” recalling his heritage as The Batman Who Laughs. In that universe, Batman discovered the Comedian’s smiley-face Rorschach button in the Fortress of solitude, exactly as Earth-0’s Batman discovered in DC Universe: The Animated Series. However, only this Dark Multiverse version went above and beyond what Earth-0’s Batman achieved; he reverse-engineered the remnants of Doctor Manhattan’s energy found on the button to build his version of an inherent field generator.

Death Metal: [SPOILER] Return, But This Time As Good Guys

The Darkest Knight sees one thread across these numerous different forms of himself: Batman is a reactive notion conceived in response to the tragedy of his parents’ death. Even in the Dark Universe, young Bruce Batman was driven to combat evil, even though he was bound to be overrun by that evil, as is the manner of the Dark Infinite universe. That spark, and subsequent failure, have always occurred in reaction to an external incident.

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The Darkest Knight realizes he is no longer required to be a reactionary force. Instead, his newfound strength has given him the ability to be proactive.

Whereas the first chapter of his history was a reaction to evil, he now learns that he can be evil. Rather than just being a Batman – even if an immensely powerful one – he believes he can now be the bullet that leads to his birth, with the Dark Multiverse serving as his Crime Alley and its worlds scattering before him like the pearls on his mother’s necklace.

Attack Potency

The all-powerful Darkest Knight does have other ambitions, including integrating Wally West’s might, who just got imbued with Doctor Manhattan’s talents.

He hopes to build a brand-new universe of his design, one whose worlds act as ammo for him, providing him with the strength to confront the endlessly powerful deity he now serves: Perpetua. He aims to use his universe to kill all others, therefore becoming the single creature of authority in the whole omni verse.

Lifting Strength

There has not been a Batman – or any other figure, hero, or villain – with anything close to that degree of power. This alone distinguishes The Darkest Knight from every other form of Batman in the multiverse, light or dark.

But he’s also a guy who now wants to embody aggressive evil, which every iteration of Batman has promised to combat. So while this Batman is planning to take on reality’s creator, there has not been a Batman anyplace, in any universe, who could – or would – accomplish such a thing until now.

Extraordinary Genius Intelligence 

His devilish cunning and pragmatic brutality only equal the Batman Who Laughs’ brilliance as the Batman of Planet -22. Now fully insane and without any moral compass, he was able to wage war on the whole globe, easily killing out the entire Avengers and even slaying heavenly creatures like The Specter in his frenzy.

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As Barbatos’ most trusted lieutenant, he is privy to all the evil god’s intentions, effectively manipulating the Avengers of Earth-0 for fools & convincing them to do whatever he needs to do to achieve his objective of shattering the universe until they collect the Tenth Metal.

He maintains his fearsome intelligence and strategy and retains his standing as one of the best hand-to-hand fighters on the planet, outmatching his Prime Earth equivalent until the latter gets assistance from his copy of the Joker. While he is completely mad, it does not affect his enormous intelligence.


Two days after the Joker’s murder, Batman and Superman discussed what had occurred. Although he felt zero guilt, he stated that he had no intention of making killing a habit.

Superman informed him that the Metropolis division of S.T.A.R. Labs has promised to take treatment of all the children affected by the Joker Venom. When Superman-related how one of the toddlers bit one of the physicians, Batman let out a little laugh, surprising both of them now and alarming Bruce.

A Ruined Planet

The people of The earth -22 retaliated against the Bat’s terror, but Bruce demolished all they hurled at him, leaving just him and his Robins.

The last person to confront him was his valet Alfred, who almost defeated Bruce by wiring his cave, trucks, and all of his equipment. On the other hand, Bruce managed to lock Alfred in a lower level of semi by convincing him that there was still a chance for him. For a long period, Bruce held him as a prisoner, giving him leftovers and speaking to him.

Invaders of the Multiverse

The Dark Knights make their way to Prime Earth. The Batman Who Laughs ventured into the Dark Multiverse to gather the most twisted incarnations of Batman to help in the regular Multiverse’s conquest.

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He traveled to every one of the Knights’ planets just minutes before they could be wipe out from existence, appealing to their need not just to survive but also to convey their brand of truth and justice to realms beyond their own. So naturally, each Batman thrilled at the chance, and they eagerly awaited their turn to journey to Earth 0.

When the Court of Owls called them, his first move was to slay the Court’s leaders with his perverted Robins. He then unleashed the Knights on the home cities of each member of the Justice League.

Final Verdict

Each Dark Knight was handed leadership of a city after capturing the Watchtower. Someone Who Laughs was tasked with protecting Gotham as it was wherever Barbatos would carry out his final plans.

Bruce battled his way into Arkham Asylum, creating a mass escape, and delivered magic playing cards fashioned of Cosmic Metallurgy to Batman’s most heinous foes, allowing them to change reality as they saw it.