How to Trim and Crop a Video on Snapchat?

How to Trim and Crop a Video on Snapchat?

How to Trim and Crop a Video on Snapchat? | Snapchat Tricks

Since you’re here, it’s possible that you’re seeking for solutions to address the problem by limiting the duration of your movie to 10 seconds or that the video is too lengthy. You’d want to trim the fascinating section. That being stated, this post aims to provide you with instructions about decorating a video on Snapchat in simple stages and without any difficulty.

How to Cut a Snapchat Video Without Using an App

With Snapchat, cutting and editing a video was never easier! Do you want to know how to clip a video on Snapchat? One may effortlessly trim the video recording and share this with everyone by following a few easy procedures. If you’re eager to learn the steps, let’s get started:


Sign in to your Snapchat account. Then, open the Snapchat mobile app on your phone and click the login option. Then, please make a video with your camera and check it before sharing it with your friends.

  1. To shorten the video. When you click on the three little dots, a menu will appear, and you may then pick the edited video option to reduce a Snapchat video.
  2.   After you’ve changed the movie’s duration, click the arrow button in the lower right corner to begin. Now a screen with options for my narrative and our story will display. Select the My Story option.
  3. Keep the video. After selecting the My Story option, you will save a duplicate of the video you only need to modify. To save, pick a Save as Copy option. Your video has now been saved.
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Following the procedures outlined above, you can quickly edit and trim your Snapchat video and gain the title of finest cameraman; you deserve it!

Trimming a video with Snapchat on smartphones may take some time. Do you want to be able to cut videos in seconds? If you do, attempt to choose the finest desktop video editor that is simple.

HitPaw Video Editor

While attempting to do more than cut a Snapchat video, you’re also seeking the greatest alternative to make it more vibrant and engaging.

In that situation, the best option for you is to use HitPaw Video Editor, including good software that enables its customers to solve the issue of how to trim a saved Snapchat film on the computer and finally create a video worth viewing a thousand times.

It provides a broad array of possibilities to its users, including:

  • Easily chop and trim movies on Snapchat. 
  • User-friendly design and navigation make it simple to use.
  • There is a lot of noise, stickers, subtitles, transition, and filter resources, and it is all free.

Could You Crop a Snapchat Video?

Is it feasible to trim a Snapchat video? Yes, the answer is yes. The developer has included more video editing features and effects in the latest versions. For example, previously, you could only crop photographs on Snapchat. You may now do this on your videos when sharing them as well.

How to Crop a Snapchat Video

Could you crop a Snapchat video whatever you want? Yes, and all you need is AnyMP4 Video Conversion Deluxe. It allows you to trim a video, preserve or modify the aspect ratio, and determine whether or not to zoom in or out. In a nutshell, it allows you complete control over video editing for Snapchat.

The Top Video Cropping Tool for Snapchat Has These Features

  1. Easily crop a video for Snapchat publishing.
  2. Modify the screen resolution and other customization settings.
  3. Use the constructed media player to test the effect.
  4. When cropping, keep video quality in mind.
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How to Crop a Snapchat Video on a Computer

Step 1: Play the video

After installing the finest video cropping program on your PC, launch it. There is also another version available for Mac users. Click and open the Add Files menu in the top left corner, then select Add Documents or Add Folder to open the video you wish to upload on Snapchat. Download web movies to your computer if you need to process them. To crop multiple videos, open them all at once.

Step 2: Crop the video to fit Snapchat

They will display in the collection panel when the video has loaded. Under the first title, select the Edit function with such a magic-bar icon. This brings up a video in the editor’s window. If you go to the Rotation & Crop menu, you’ll see many options for cropping Snapchat videos:

Crop video manually by clicking and dragging the crop box in the Original pane, then checking the result in the Output panel.

Crop the video precisely: Enter the required width and height in the Crop Area boxes. The image will then be cropped accordingly.

In the window, you may also change the zoom mode. When you’re finished, click “ Ok ” to confirm. You may now crop other movies for Snapchat using the same method. Click the Apply to All option to apply the same update to all videos.

Step 3: Save the video

Alternatively, choose the Converter All to button in the top right corner of the main screen and select one of Snapchat’s suggested video formats, such as MP4. Next, in the Save to the field, provide the location of the target folder. Finally, press the Convert All option to save the cropped video. You may then send this to your Snapchat page.

Final Verdict

In addition to options available to Snapchat users, there is one in particular for video editing. Videos may be modified in various ways, including compression, cropping, resizing, repositioning, and cropping.

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All of these choices are viable. The most crucial thing to remember while editing movies is that Snapchat only permits films of up to 10 seconds in length. How do you modify a Snapchat video? Trimming a video entails cutting the tape. A certain instant in the video is designated as the start, and a specific time in the video is defined as the conclusion. This feature is accessible on Snapchat and may be used to establish a start time.