10 Unknown Facts About Naruto’s Daughter

10 unknown facts about Naruto's daughter

10 Unknown Facts About Naruto’s Daughter

Himawari Uzumaki will give a cheerful vibe as she is adorable, small, and energetic. Many fans of Naruto are fans of Himawari. This article will discuss the unknown facts about Naruto’s daughter. 

Unknown Facts About Naruto’s daughter

The new generation of Konoha shinobi in Boruto: Naruto in the next generation does seem to be very energetic characters. Besides Boruto Uzumaki, the protagonist who will pick up his father’s legacy, there is also Boruto’s sister, Himawari Uzumaki. 

Himawari Uzumaki gives a cheerful vibe as she is adorable and energetic. Many fans of Naruto are fans of Himawari. So let’s just get to know Himawari Uzumaki with these ten facts. 

1. Appeared In Naruto The Last Movie 

Himawari Uzumaki who appeared in Naruto for the very first time in the Naruto The Last Movies. At the end of Naruto’s The Last Movie, Himawari appeared alongside Boruto for the first time; they seemed to approach outside their own house. 

Despite the winter background, the scene does feel very heartwarming as both of the kids are having a snowball fight and are joined by Hinata. Naruto then told their kids that the snowball fights would get them more intense when the Hinata got severe. 

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2. Himawari’s First Appearance Is Three Years Before The Release of Boruto’s Anime 

Himawari’s first appearance in Boruto is in the first episode of the anime. However, this isn’t her very first actual appearance–which surprisingly did happen three years before the release of Boruto.

While it premiered in early 2017, Himawari– and her brother, Boruto – had their first appearance at the end of The Last: Naruto The Movie. There is a flash-forward to Naruto and Hinata’s wedding after the events of the movie and the other flash-forward that quickly shows their two children for the first time. 

3. The Kanji For Himawari Have Two Meanings

By accident or not, the very first two Kanji for the Himawari can be read as “Hyuga.” They can also be read as “Hinata.” This means that Himawari is actually named after the Hinata and Hyuga clan.

4. Masashi Kishimoto Forget About Her Byakugan

Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, planned to give Himawari Uzumaki Byakugan just like her own mother. Still, Kishimoto did forget about her Byakugan until chapter 700 of the manga. Kishimoto then corrected the fact with the Zai no-sho shots, which tells him how Himawari awakens her Byakugan. 

5. Himawari Has Two Different Voice Actresses In Both Japanese and English 

There are quite a few reasons why a character may have more than one voice actor. One of the most common is that they need different, suitable voices for a younger and the older period of their life, but this is not the case with the Boruto’s Himawari. 

In both Japanese and English, Himawari has actuallytwo different voice actresses. In The Last: Naruto The Movie, She’s was voiced by Stephanie Sheh and by Yuki Kuwahara, respectively. However, in Boruto, her own voice actors are Melissa Fahn and Saori Hayami.

6. Himawari Finds A Stray Wolf In The Anime and Cares For It Alongside Kawaki 

For all the Boruto fans who only read the manga or perhaps those who skip the anime episodes that are counted as filler, They will miss out on one of Himawari’s most wholesome yet heartbreaking relationships. Jaggy is a wolf who initially had a pack but did decide to leave when his white fur more easily alerted the hunters and predators to the group. 

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Later, he’s found by the Himawari–Who’s later on followed by the Kawaki– and the two fed and cared for him. One day, they will find the bear prints leading out of Jaggy’s cave and discover that the bear has to kill him once they finally reach Jaggy’s body. So they decide to bury him to pay them respect, and the Himawari promises to visit him still. 

7. Himawari Is An Incredibly Considerate Girl who’s Even Kind to Strangers

Himawari’s one of most remarkable traits is her kindness and compassion. Though she is prone to her bouts of the range, deep down, she is incredibly kind. This is shown quite often when her family as she’s shown flowers to Neji’s grave, and she often tries to get her brother’s attention. 

However, this kind of kindness that Himawari also extends to strangers. She values her toys very much and loves them dearly, as shown by just how upset she becomes when one is destroyed. Despite of this, she’s more than willing to give her Kurama toy to a young boy that she did not know, claiming she felt he needed more than her. 

8. Himawari Learns How To Activate The Byakugan At will, Without Proper Training, At Age 10 

Himawari first activated the Byakugan when she was only a few years old during Naruto’s Hokage inauguration. It was first done during a fit of anger when Boruto accidentally ripped one of her toys. She’s shown using it most of the time throughout the years that follow. Still, it’s always during the moments of extreme emotional outburst. 

That alone is very impressive by the Hiashi since the Himawari has no prior training. To make things even much more impressive, by the age of 10, she can activate and even control her Byakugan at will.

9. Both Himawari and Boruto Originally Did Not Possess The Byakugan

All the characters in the Hyuga Clan typically show through their eyes that they are Byakugan users, even when the kekkei Genkai is not activated. However, neither Boruto y Himawari have the visual signs of this, and some assumed that it’s just because they are only half-Hyuga. 

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That is not the case, though. Masashi Kishimoto, Himself states that he did intend to give both the Boruto and Himawari the Byakugan but did forget to do so before releasing Chapter 700, where they debuted. 

10. Powerful Eyes

When it is activities, Himawari Uzumaki’s eyes that were very blue turn white, and veins net the template bulge. With her byakugan, Himawari can see through the objects and see the person’s chakra flow. The ability will help her to fight in the future. 

Final words 

This article has discussed the unknown facts about Naruto’s daughter. We have elaborated all of them to help you understand, and we recommend you to give some time to your research to get the best knowledge.