3 Parts of a Mission Statement | purpose, values, and goals

3 Parts of a Mission Statement | purpose, values, and goals

3 Parts of a Mission Statement | purpose, values, and goals

Your mission statement should contain the goals of your company, the values of your employees, and your vision for the future. If you have a product or service that will benefit families, consider making the process easier for them by offering products or services that meet their needs at a low price. The three components of a mission statement include the purpose, values, and goals of the company. You may also want to focus on protecting the environment or making life better for those around you. Before you write your mission statement, you should determine which of these aspects you want to include.


To make your mission statement more effective, you must have a clear focus. What are your goals for the company? Are you creating high-quality products at low prices? Do you strive to improve the environment? If you are answering the question “Why should I buy from you?” you need to have a clear vision of what your company stands for. This statement should be short and straightforward, so it can be understood easily.

When creating a mission statement, you should avoid using buzzwords or hype. Your mission statement should be one-of-a-kind and original, so that people will remember it long after your company goes out of business. Avoid using phrases like “best in class” or “world-class customer service” that mean very little to customers. Rather, you should talk about the benefits your customers will receive from using your products or services.

Missions can be categorized into two: product-oriented and service-oriented. The former is more flexible and can help companies grow and diversify, while the latter limits the potential of the company. Product-oriented missions may be good for a startup, but if it’s your company’s core goal, it might not be a great idea to expand into other insurance categories. For example, a company that provides the best health-insurance products could have trouble expanding into other insurance categories. Another type of mission is technology-oriented. If the company has developed advanced technology in one area but is not yet ready to adopt it to another, the technology-oriented mission will be a more suitable fit.

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A mission statement must be unique for the company, but still be useful and portable. An overly long mission statement will not make it memorable. It should be specific enough to reflect the long-term goals of the company, without being too limiting or ambiguous. Invisible Children, for example, wants to end violence against African families. This mission is applicable to any type of company, from online video companies to brick-and-mortar businesses.


What are the values of your mission statement? A mission statement is the foundation of a company, and it should be filled with the qualities that make your company unique. Core values are what you strive to achieve, and they guide your company’s decisions throughout the future. Here are some examples of core values from well-known companies. Here are some examples:

Your company’s values are your reasons for being. They help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. These values are usually verbs, so the statement begins with a verb and ends with a noun. Successful values are often brief and written in the company’s voice. If your company has too many, you may end up wasting your time and money on words. Fortunately, a mission statement template makes it easy to separate your values from the rest of your company’s messages.

A mission statement should be able to articulate the company’s passion for its work, its future vision, and its purpose. It should include both broad ideals and goals, while also being oriented toward specific actions and objectives. The #1 thing that your company intends to accomplish is centered on the mission statement. For example, you may want to produce an outstanding product or improve the lives of consumers. By using a mission statement, your company will be able to communicate with its employees about its vision and how they can contribute to that goal.

Once you have a mission statement that communicates what you are all about, the next step is to make a values list. This will be a list of values for your company and will become your shared values. A mission statement should be five to ten words long and should easily be remembered. This way, your mission statement will be able to resonate with your target audience. Once your mission statement is written, you’ll be able to communicate with others and boost customer retention and audience trust. You’ll also boost your startup’s reliability and profitability.

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A mission statement is an essential part of any organization. It explains the purpose of the organization, explains what value it creates, and outlines the steps that the organization will take to achieve its purpose. A mission statement is a much more actionable statement than a vision statement, and helps you determine what objectives you should set for the organization. With a mission statement, you can then define your strategic goals and determine if your strategy is on track.


A Vision in a mission statement is a concise description of the organization’s goals and purpose. It is a great way to motivate your development team and clarify what your brand stands for. It should inspire them to work towards achieving the goals you have set for them. While it may seem limiting, a mission statement can provide your company with a strong culture and keep everyone focused on the mission. In the cannabis industry, many companies have implemented vision and mission statements that are incredibly short-sighted.

Putting together a mission statement will benefit your company by improving its corporate identity and promoting unity among employees. It is important to understand that it is easier to communicate a vision statement through action than to memorize it. Some visions are very broad in nature, focusing on customers and their position in the industry. A mission statement can also be specific to a specific company, such as the size or type of business it is.

A vision statement can serve as a guide for future goals. It can help you avoid distractions and guard against potential risks. A good vision statement is written in the present tense to motivate employees and give them a reason to stay with the company. It will also give employees an idea of the company’s direction and development in the industry. While it’s difficult to envision the future, a vision statement will give you the best direction to follow.


A mission statement is a written document that describes the overall purpose and values of an organization. The mission statement is often a part of an organizational strategy that outlines how the organization will engage employees, consumers, and other stakeholders. An effective mission statement can guide people in making decisions that benefit the organization. Using an example, USAA’s mission statement highlights that it is the provider of choice for the military community. It combines the organization’s core values with its mission statement to establish a cohesive purpose.

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A mission statement can be used to motivate employees within an organisation. It allows team members to work towards the same goal, increasing satisfaction and productivity. A clear goal allows employees to focus on daily tasks while realising the objectives of the organization. The purpose of a mission statement can be important in some situations, though. While it can help an organisation increase employee engagement, in some cases, it might not be necessary to create one.

When creating a mission statement, the organization should ask four broad questions: Why? Why are we in business? How does our brand stand out? What are our target customers? What differentiates us from our competitors? What is our unique selling point? What do we want people to do for us? These are the questions a mission statement should answer. When crafting a mission statement, the organization should also take the time to interview employees and leadership to gather as much information as possible.

The use of a mission statement will vary depending on the size of the organization. A small company might use it on a company website or as a screensaver, while larger companies may use it to promote their products and services. Whatever the case may be, it should be accurate and guide strategy and decisions. The best use for a mission statement is to guide the organization’s long-term goals and overall purpose.

A mission statement is a critical part of an organization’s success. It explains what your company stands for, who it serves, and why it exists. A mission statement can be as short as a sentence or two and can be carried throughout an organization. It can also be used to motivate employees and potential customers. So, it’s vital to make sure your mission statement is as effective as possible. So, take the time to write one today!