Packing in a hurry & Moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer

Packing in a hurry & Moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer

Packing in a hurry & Moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer in 2022

Relocating to a new place would mean stuffing your bags and boxes into a moving truck and driving for long hours. This process can be stressful and tiring. You can choose to hire people to help pack your belongings and household items, but doing so will cost you more. Add the fact that you may also have to hire a moving service or truck, and you find your budget exceeding more than you expected.

If you’re looking for a street-free way to pack your belongings, move fast while saving money, we’ve compiled some of the best moving tips and tricks that would make moving to any destination more fun and less stressful. Read on to learn some of our expert movers’ best moving hacks and tips.

1.    Ensure Utilities are fully functional before the D-day

The first in house moving tip you need to know is that your new home may not have utilities ready for your use. So, you’ll have to set up utilities before making a move. Electricity, water, and gas can take a few days or weeks to fix. So make sure to schedule a timely transfer of utilities to make your first days in your new home memorable. Relocating without considering this procedure would mean you get to live in darkness for days while bathing with cold water.

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2.    Hire Movers on time

Our next tips for moving is finding the pros. One challenge many people face when relocating is failing to book movers early, which results in them being “squeezed” into movers’ schedules.

Once you know your schedule and planned moving date, make sure to hire movers at the earliest time possible, preferably at the beginning of the month. Every day, more and more people are relocating to new cities. Hence, movers get booked in advance, and you may not get a spot in their busy schedule.

If you don’t get a spot and need to move within a stipulated time, don’t allow movers to squeeze you into their busy timeline. Why? Doing so will mean you get poor-quality services not worth your money. Moreover, the crew may not meet your expectations since you may have newbies or an exhausted crew. Plus, you might have to move later than planned as the team may come in late.

To avoid this situation, it’s best to find another moving company so that you can receive your money’s worth of services.

3.    Avoid using mover’s truck. Instead, rent a moving van separately

Do you know that when you hire professional movers and still use their vehicle, you’re increasing the price of your budget?

Companies that use their moving trucks will charge more than when you hire their services and rent a den separately. For this reason, you want to learn to separate transportation from the cost of labor. Usually, full-service movers will charge about $2,600 for transport and delivery. But when you hire only their services, it may cost as low as $700.

4.    Purchase moving supplies at a go

Have you ever been in a situation where you visited the grocery store more than once to get something for cooking? This situation also applies when buying packing supplies for relocation. To avoid this, you want to make sure to purchase every item you may need at once. Nothing beats the strews and inconvenience you feel when you have to run back and forth to the store. A step like this will help you stay lively, save time, strength, and transportation costs.

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5.    Find unwanted items, then sell or donate them.

Having a lot of items for a move will make you spend more. Plus, the load might be too much for your new living space, making it feel stuffy. There’s something you don’t have use for in your wardrobe. So, separate them from the useful ones.

Search your wardrobe, find items you no longer need, and sell them. Alternatively, donate them to people who need these items.

6.    Pack essentials in an overnight box for your new place

Here’s one thing you need to know; you’ll be tired regardless of the destination or amount of stuff you’re moving. For this reason, you need to make plans for the first few days you will spend in your new place.

Your overnight box will contain every essential item you might need to sustain you before you decide to unpack your boxes. Make sure to pack things like:

  • Toiletries
  • Toothbrush
  • Medications
  • Important documents
  • Clothing items
  • Water
  • Extra shoes

7.    Get creative with packing supplies

Another moving advice you want to consider is getting creative. You won’t always have enough boxes to pack your belongings. So, get your suitcases, food storage containers, and baskets to box items they can accommodate.

8.    Leave clothes on hangers.

Since you might run out of boxes to pack something’s, leave your clothes as they are on the hangers and put them in a plastic bag for protection. This way, you won’t have to worry about stains or damages. Plus, in your new home, you wouldn’t have to start unfolding them.

9.    Find space bags to pack your belongings.

Like garbage bags, vacuum seal space bags act as stand-ins for boxes. The best part, they are space-saving. If you’ve got some clothes or linens sitting around, through them unto the bag, then let the air out before boxing them.

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10. Save your makeup with cotton balls.

The following best moving tips to consider will help you protect your makeup. Before packing your makeup box, take out the palette containing your powder, blush, eye shadow, and concealer. Get a cotton ball and pad the pallet with them so your makeup lit won’t crumble to pieces due to bumps.

11. Secure the lids of pots and pans with a rubber or packing tape

Once you’re done filling up your pots and pans, get a packing tape or rubber to secure the lid and prevent everything from falling out. Then, box them and pad the box to keep the covers from breaking.

12. Use a labeled plastic bag to secure screws and bolts

If you’re planning to move with oversized furniture, it means you may have to dismantle them. Make sure to put the screws and bolts inside a plastic bag, label and tape them to prevent them from spilling out.

13. Before unpacking, set up your bathroom.

Your showers and bathrooms are relaxation spots that keep you comfortable away from the sitting room and bedroom. So, before unpacking your boxes, make sure to set up the bathroom to help you take hot or cold showers when you’re feeling sweaty or tired.

14. Stock your fridges with easy meals

Since you’re not adequately settled, your kitchen essentials will still be far from your reach. Stop at the grocery store to get meals like pizza, beverages, and cereals.


Whether you’re planning on moving across the country or not, timely preparation will keep you free from a stressful move and any other setbacks. These helpful tips for moving ensure you never have a drawback while making relocation plans.