5e Burning Hands cone | Saving throw and damage in dnd spells

5e Burning hands

Burning Hands 5e cone | Saving throw dnd

So here is the Burning Hands 5e cone spell for your Wizard and Sorcerer. The Hand of Vengeance has become more popular in the 5E World as players have discovered the joys of having a DPS spell for their Fire casting priest. For those of you who don’t know, the Hand of Vengeance will convert all the damage taken by your character into Fire Damage. So now, instead of healing you with Spirit, you heal yourself with Fire. What a powerful spell! I’ll explain the spell mechanics and where to use them in the World of Warcraft 5E game.

In burning hands 5e warlock spell, suppose you retain your hands with thumbs touching and fingers opened.  A thin film of flames shoots forward from your outstretched fingertips. Every monster in a 15-ft cone needs to make a Dexterity saving throw. A monster suffers 3d6 fire damage on a failed to save, or half as much injury on a triumphant one.

The fire kindles any flammable objects in the domain that are not being worn or carried.

At Higher Levels: Suppose you cast the spell using a spell slot of Level 2 or higher. Then the damage will increase by 1d6 for every slot level beyond 1st.

Burning Hands 5e spell saving throw & damage

Suppose a player casts the spell, they place their hands in front of them on the ground in a peace gesture. They then begin the ritual of burning the target area with the Fire from their hands. After a few seconds of the ceremony, the target area takes Fire damage, and the caster gets an upgrade to the level at which the spell deals extra damage.

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The target area can be anywhere inside the range of their melee weapon. If the player is close enough to the target area when they cast the spell, they will have the chance to get one shot off before the target area has been replaced with burning damage. The length of the damage increase scales according to the level of the target. Suppose the target has been afflicted with the Burned Bolts form. The caster may choose to either change the direction in which the bolts arcs (around the caster) or stop the damaging effect.

Burning Hands 5e cone saving throw
Burning Hands 5e cone saving throw

Hand of Vengeance

The Hand of Vengeance 5e is consequential Fire damage dealing spell. However, the player with this build of spells must understand the proper positioning required to cast this spell efficiently and effectively. Keep in mind that the target must be in front of the caster as the casting range is directly between them and the target. When facing a mob that is spread out or is not focused correctly, positioning is critical. That is where this build of spells becomes extremely useful.

The Firebolt spells are a little more complicated than the basic ones. If cast correctly, they will travel a decent distance. At the same time, they are not very accurate. Only one person may be using the Fire Bolts at any given moment. It makes it very important for the player using this build of spells to practice their positioning and command of the area around them.


When it comes down to it, a build of 5e burning hands that uses a combination of elemental spells to do the most damage is very effective. However, it is still essential for a player to carefully select their targets. Only use fire bolts on targets you are certain are in your crosshairs. Take the time to learn the basics of burning hands 5e cone warlock saving throw spells and your overall game strategy.

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Level 1
School Evocation
Casting Time One action
Range Self (15-foot cone)
Component V S
Duration Instantaneous
Class Wizard, Sorcerer