6 Best Guest Posting/ Blogging Sites in August 2022


6 Best Guest Posting/ Blogging Sites in August 2022

Finding blogs that accept guest posts is one of the keys to improving your online presence. Guest posting not only provides you with the opportunity to build valuable backlinks, but it can also provide you and your business with increased exposure and reputation, thereby enhancing your overall digital marketing presence.

A good guest post can boost your SEO, drive more traffic to your website, and expand your knowledge and unique insights into your field of expertise. Generally, the more rigorous the editorial screening process, the higher the domain authority.


Webnews21.com started in 2020, the site was performing well in gaining a positive image in Google’s eyes. It ranks first in search results for over 200,000 keywords, including products, money, essay writing, gaming, social media, and essay writing. 

We are offering the option to acquire a well-written guest article with a high DA and D.R. It should be 1000 words long and contain two Do-follow links to a related domain.

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Traffic Engagement

Webnews21.com received more than 520,000 visits in March with an average screen time of more than 1 minute. The traffic is increasing more than 30% per month since last year and will continue to do so. 


If you have an important or exciting story to share that deserves just a little more attention than what it would get on our blog, then submitting it for publication to Webnews21.org actually be the best option for your piece of writing.

As a result, this website may help you make cash while also increasing your brand’s or company’s internet leads and sales. They do, however, cover a wide range of topics, including education, cuisine, money, technology, politics, and so on.

  • They send in well-written and original guest articles.
  • They have a lot of traffic, which boosts the domain of your website.

Traffic Engagement

The website is currently at 40,000 views per month and is growing exponentially every month. 

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Forbes is widely regarded as one of the most well-known and respected media platforms, having amassed enormous influence in its more than 100 years of business. Undoubtedly, Forbes contributors and staff writers are frequently regarded as authoritative authorities in their respective fields.

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Forbes’ online media arm primarily focuses on lifestyle, business, personal finance, and marketing topics. Still, it occasionally publishes pieces outside of these areas if it will increase brand awareness and recognition or generate authority in the niche.

Forbes Contributor Program

Rather than focusing solely on journalism and reporting, as many prominent media outlets do, Forbes has a separate program that accepts contributions from diverse community contributors.

These contributors are typically specialists in the field with incredible insight and experience on the subject, and they frequently have a sizable following of their own. Forbes hopes that these contributors will be able to curate and produce content that will resonate with Forbes’ existing readership while also potentially assisting Forbes in expanding its reach to new audiences.

Traffic Engagement

Forbes.com received 120.4 million visits in May, with an average session duration of 04:57. Traffic to Forbes.com has declined by -2.5 percent since April.

Forbes Niche

Forbes, Inc. owns the American business magazine, Forbes. It is published biweekly and contains original finance, industry, investing, and marketing articles. Forbes also covers technology, communications, science, and law.

Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based survey tool that assists users in creating, sending, and analyzing surveys. Users can increase response rates by emailing surveys to respondents and posting them on their websites and social media profiles. 

If you want to create a blog article survey, you must go to SurveyMonkey and sign in. After you create your survey, the template will be available for selection.

Users can conduct customer satisfaction surveys to gather feedback on products and services and employee engagement surveys to learn about employee satisfaction within the company. Users can use the tool to send surveys and view results from their mobile devices.


SurveyMonkey provides you with all of the tools you need to easily create strong, professional surveys. The specific feature depends on which of the four pricing options you select.

  • Design Choices

The basic plan allows for a maximum of 100 responses per survey and only 10 questions per survey (you can have unlimited questions and responses per survey in the premium plans).

The web interface allows you to select from 31 survey templates (or 51 in premium) and 15 different types of questions. You can include three types of questions in your survey: close-ended, open-ended, and descriptive.

  • Collection & analysis

Survey software is useless unless it has proper collection and analysis functionality. SurveyMonkey excels on both counts.

Users can administer/send the survey in a variety of ways, including e-mail, web link, Facebook, embed link on web page, link via Twitter, and website pop-ups. Premium plans provide enhanced security.

Real-time analysis is carried out. As respondents complete their surveys, the results are displayed. However, if you want to download and save a copy of the survey and its results, you must upgrade to premium.

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Traffic Engagement 

In May, surveymonkey.com received 126.6 million visits, with an average session duration of 11:18 minutes. Traffic to surveymonkey.com has reduced by -4.3 percent since April.

Traffic to Surveymonkey.com has increased by 1.7 percent month over month, reaching current organic search traffic. Furthermore, paid search traffic has increased by 3% to reach current levels.


With proper ethical approval, SurveyMonkey can be used for health research. An introductory section explains the purpose of the survey and allows consent to be obtained at this stage. 


GetResponse is a well-known email marketing platform. You can use it as a marketing platform for lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales. GetResponse sends emails, automated workflows, and creates landing pages and forms. GetResponse is well-equipped to handle these tasks.

GetResponse allows you to create automation workflows in addition to newsletters. Automated campaigns save time and enable you to interact with more customers regularly. You build content for each stage of the customer’s journey to convert them from visitors to clients.

It contains all the must have features of marketing tools such as email marketing, website builders, webinars and marketing automation.

Traffic Engagement 

In April, getresponse.com received 5.4 million visits, with an average session duration of 10:30 minutes. Traffic to getresponse.com has increased by 8.1 percent since March.

The traffic to Getresponse.com has decreased by -1.2 percent month on month to current organic search traffic. Furthermore, paid search traffic has increased by 30.9 percent to current levels.


Its niche is Marketing, productivity, platform, and automation mainly.

The Planet D

Planet D is a travel publication founded by adventure couple Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil and introduced in 2008 as an adventure travel blog showcasing an ordinary couple embarking on global adventures through award-winning photography, writing, and videography. 

Today, The Planet D is recognized as one of the top independent travel blogs on the Internet, with Forbes naming The Planet D as one of the top ten travel influencers. Living by the motto “Adventure is for Everyone,” Dave and Deb share information, motivation, and travel tips to help people plan their global travels.

Traffic Engagement 

Theplanetd.com received 604.4K visits in May, with an average session duration of 04:58. Traffic to theplanetd.com has been reduced by -3.5 percent since April.

The traffic to Theplanetd.com has increased by 5.8 percent monthly to current organic search traffic.


The niche of the blogging platform is travel entertainment.

How to Write an article for a Guest Post?

Brainstorm ideas which interest you and write articles on those topics. Brainstorming is a great way to find a topic, but if you are going to get good results, it will be hard work. 

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Therefore, I suggest that you need to spend long hours in the library reading articles and searching for ideas. What topics do you want to write about?

For me, I generate ideas from my life experiences or from things which I come across in my daily lives. 

If I want some quick ideas for guest post writing, I select the related photos or videos of my social network accounts. For example, I have written about the advantages of recycling, but I have also written about having an old coin collection.

For a guest post writing, you need to have several good ideas for articles. However, it is not necessary that you need to write three or four articles everyday in order to get good results. You can improve your writing skill over time and there are many ways by which you can do that.

However, the most important thing is to find a topic which has some contribution value if you want to make a good impression.

What are the benefits of guest posting? 

There are many benefits of guest posting. One way that it can be beneficial is that it helps you acquire new visitors to your website. For instance, some bloggers are guest bloggers on other sites and link back to their blog posts. 

This is in addition to the content they provide on that site, but it will also be indexed by search engines and may even rank higher than their website, should they have one.

Another great benefit of guest blogging is that it helps you build your network with other like-minded people. It allows you to connect with them, and you can even ask them for help if you need anything, such as a link-back or references for other topics you may want to post about in the future. 

When approaching someone new, always make sure not to sound too short because this may turn them off immediately.

Once you’ve been on the guest posting block for a while and have gotten used to what’s expected of you, there are even more benefits. You will get valuable feedback from actual readers and editors in your industry that can help improve your articles. The friendlier you are, the better relationships and conversations you will build with others. 

This will help boost the quality of your content over time since those people with whom you interact directly could become your most loyal fans and followers.