7 Best Guest posting websites in India in 2022 | Submit guest post in any niche

7 Best Guest posting websites in India in 2022 | Submit guest post in any niche

Top 7 Guest posting websites in India you should apply now in any niche

Guest blogging is an excellent method to increase your audience and brand awareness, but it’s the ease with which helps your brand to grow. 

People now appreciate guest posting services as it requires other writers to write on your website using backlinks, which benefits both. This article will discuss India’s seven best guest posting websites in 2022.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Before discussing the best guest posting websites, let us know about some benefits of guest posting in 2022.

Building Domain Authority

The most common type of online marketing that involves guest posting is search engine optimization. SEO uses Domain or Page Authority as a statistic, which relates to specific websites’ importance in online searches. 

This authority can be gained in various ways. Still, it must be done in a way that search engines identify as accurate and not system gaming. 

Increasing Traffic to your website

Write high-quality guest blog articles. You can most probably bring a new audience to your website as soon you publish your blogs if it is Search Engine Optimized. Your web pages will rank higher in SERPs due to each relevant backlink. This will aid in the growth of organic Traffic.

Bringing organic Traffic relates to viewers who find your content and thus your website via a search engine. When there are enough backlinks to your guest posts, Google and other search engines will start promoting your website as well. With the points discussed, let’s look at the websites for guest posting in 2022.

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Networking with Bloggers

Guest posting will assist you in developing connections with other bloggers in your niche, which is highly helpful if you are new to the industry. If you explore guest blogging, not only will your audience be aware of you and your brand, but so will others in your field. This will help in the growth of your network. It typically leads to collaborations and partnerships, which increase your earnings even further.

While some bloggers may disagree, others will happily take your posts as they are, with no other conditions. 

Using the power of Social Media

It is essential to share your content on as many social media platforms as possible. This exposure is helpful because it will target a larger audience and increase your impressions for brand awareness.

It is essential to advertise your brand on as many digital platforms as possible to enhance brand awareness. Every time someone mentions your name on social media, your website traffic will improve.


Paid guests are a great way to increase your reach to more than 400,000 readers per month. We have Traffic all around the globe, and the process for guest posting is simple. You can reach us through Contact Us page. The minimum requirement for guest posting on our website is a well-researched article for around 2000 words. 

Moreover, webnews21 has been ranking on more than 100,000 keywords, with a high DA and DR. We will only provide a no-follow backlink in the free guest posting. 


Hubspot is one of the more well-known names in the marketing industry. They are a CRM Platform with an active blog and an engaged audience. If you want to write for their website, they provide sales, marketing, and website design or development topics.

Before submitting a topic idea or seeking to become a contributor, you should review the requirements for each of the four guest posts for business categories.

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Design Milk

Design Milk is a website devoted to modern design and art. However, Milk design has now expanded to architecture, fashion, travel, and even technology are all covered. When you visit their website, you can see right away that they are an excellent art-inspired website with a good audience and a high DA and DR.

If your experience is in modern art and technology, Design Milk is the ideal website for you to guest post on.


HarshitSinghal is a PR2 blog that educates people about search engines, traffic growth strategies, and related topics.

It also includes technology news, games, mobile, telecommunications, software, computers, etc. The website is popular in India for providing quality content and reviews.

It includes tips on managing clients and projects, SEO strategies, and more. If you believe you have something to contribute to these topics, try to be patient and understand that if you are unfamiliar with them, you will need to prove your writing ability to work as a regular contributor.


Inc.com focuses on practical advice, services, and tools for small businesses. On their website, you’ll find informative interviews with industry experts as well as helpful business articles related to finance. 

They only provide fundamental rules to contributors. However, they do accept suggestions. Suppose you’re not sure how to pitch this type of guest article. Inc.com has worldwide impressions. However, it is the best website for guest posting in India in 2022.


PandaDoc is a website dedicated to assisting people in selling their stuff that is probably useless or wants to sell. It’s also one of the top sites in India for guest posting in 2022. The website’s target audience includes finance, sales, human resources, and marketing people. As a result, it’s a diverse variety for the audience it attracts.

PandaDoc is searching for articles on sales & marketing, automation, and document management. 

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Panda Doc is best for you if you are good in the sales and marketing area, as Panda Doc is looking for good guest posting services to benefit from both sides.


CMO provides insights into the world of internet marketing for CEOs and managers, and team members, allowing them to deliver exceptional experiences to a digital environment.

Furthermore, it is one of the top platforms for guest posting to reach out to people in your specific area. This means you might produce high-quality leads and Increase Traffic to your website.

Interviews, how-to tutorials, guidance from industry professionals, and valuable research are all part of the website’s content.