7 Best Guest posting websites in Australia in 2022 | Submit guest post in any niche

Top 7 Guest posting websites in Australia you should apply now in any niche

Top 7 Guest posting websites in Australia you should apply now in any niche

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting in guest posting is failing to understand how free guest post websites work. Guest posting websites are sites on the internet where you can submit your content for free and expect others to do the same. 

This can be an excellent way to advertise your blog, but it is essential to comprehend how it works before you get in headfirst.

Is Guest posting good help in SEO?

A good SEO service will use several strategies to improve a website’s ranking in search engines. Entrepreneurs are constantly improving search engine ranks, from using long-tail keywords to link building.

Guest posting is one of the most effective strategies to drive traffic to your website. When you are Guest posting on a website, you publish material for other authority sites while reaping the rewards for your own.

Backlinks from guest posts boost the visibility of your website. As a result, guest blogging becomes one of your company’s essential content marketing strategies. When you are guest posting, more people will become aware of your brand than if you write blogs for your website.

Best Guest Posting websites

Below we have stated some of the best Guest Posting websites that help grow your websites. You can rank and improve your website’s Domain Authority (DA) by backlinks. Here are the seven best websites in Australia in 2022.


Webnews21.com started in early 2020 and has done very well in a year. Webnews21.com ranks in more than 100,000 keywords and top of search results for finance, products, essay writing, games, and the Technology sector. Webnews21 has more than 400,000 views per month and increases exponentially every day. The conversion ratio of traffic is worldwide and relatively high.

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Rhino Rank

Rhino Rank is associated with high-quality content at a minimal price. If you’re on a limited budget and looking for quality guest post service, you’ve come to the right place.

Rhino Rank believes that guest posting works best when your company is mentioned in high-quality, relevant content. This organization specializes in locating content pertinent to your expertise and projects at a meager cost.

Outreach Mama

Outreach Mama offers backlink development and guest posting services. Their guest posting services include gaining pre blogger connections that help grow your website. Moreover, blogger connections help in building your network with other bloggers. Outreach Mama charge between $50- $60 per link placement, depending on Domain Authority of the sites on which your link is placed. 

They claim to be used by hundreds of agencies, and they promise to place 5000 connections per month. The good news is that these bloggers go through different checks and balances to ensure they have reliable statistics. Like high DA, DR, and a particular amount of monthly traffic for the websites.

Heroic Search

Heroic Search focuses on manual outreach and connection building with bloggers, SEO agencies, journalists, and editors. Their guest posting services are provided mainly through these pre-existing ties. 

This means that your SEO guest posting will be completed in a relatively short period for any piece of content. Heroic Search believes in providing guest post services that produce high-quality connections even in most topics. 

Heroic Search offers a purchase method that involves filling out a submission form with information such as your email address, name, backlinking strategies, and the number of links you want.


ReadWrite focuses on the latest information and helpful entrepreneur ideas. This website’s core areas include artificial intelligence, intelligent transportation, linked services, start-ups, and so on. Guest posting on ReadWrite is relatively easy; you can become a regular contributor if you deliver articles of good quality.

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Copy blogger

Copy blogger is the best place to learn about online content marketing. Their goal is to ensure that almost all articles and blogs on their website are well-written, relevant, and valuable. If you wish to post on their site, you must have excellent writing skills.

Web Design Ledger

Web Designer Ledger is a project management tool for web designers and developers. It has web developer and designer interviews. It covers articles about user interfaces and graphics. 

Web Design Ledger is an excellent guest post because it allows you to show your technical ability. Without a doubt, one of the top guest blogging platforms.

Benefits for Guest Posting

The apparent advantage of guest writing is increased traffic and users to your page. Every guest post you write will include links to the websites you want to promote. The more backlinks you have on the website, it is possible that you will increase the traffic and impressions on your website as well. 

As you guest post on other sites, your website will grow, allowing you to connect with hundreds or thousands of potential new followers. Your reach and overall visibility will grow more than expected as your guest posts are shared on social media.

Some guest posting services are paid, while others are not. If you choose Paid Guest Posts, your website traffic will climb by a factor of two to three, and your DA, PA will increase as well. 

On search engines, those sites will also rank your keyword rating. If you pick free guest posting, your website will receive less traffic for sure.

When you offer your skills as a guest writer, you must deliver an article that is both valuable and incredibly well written to pass past the standards of the website editor. 

You need to pay attention to every detail, including research, substance, and grammar, which will improve your writing.

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This article will discuss some of the best guest posting websites in Australia in 2022. As we know, webnews21.com is the best choice if you want to offer guest posting services.

As we have expanded exponentially in such a short period, we have a firm belief that in the future, guest posting services will bring benefits to both ends. If you want to offer guest posting services, email us at webnews2121@gmail.com or Contact Us directly.