7 Best Guest Posting Websites in United Kingdom in 2022 | Submit Guest Post in any Niche

7 Best Guest posting websites in United Kingdom in 2022 | Submit guest post in any niche

7 Best Guest Posting Websites in United Kingdom in 2022 | Submit Guest Post in any Niche

“Guest blogging,” usually known as “guest posting,” relates to creating and publishing an article on another person’s website or blog. Guest bloggers often write for other blogs in their field to drive attention back to their own.

A digital marketer is always looking for high-quality backlinks from several good referring sites, yet free guest posting annoys us all. This article will discuss some of the best guest posting websites in the United Kingdom in 2022. 

Types of Backlinks in Guest Posting website

A guest posting website provides you with two major types of backlinks, each of which has its benefits. It helps increase the Domain Authority (DA) for your website and divert some audience to the guest post website. If it’s Dofollow Backlink, let’s see the two types in detail:

Dofollow Backlink:

Dofollow Backlink is beneficial for increasing the Domain Authority (DA). A Dofollow backlink does not have a nofollow backlink in its attributes, as the links help grab the users’ attention and bring the audience to other websites as well. This link grabs the attention of the web crawler bot of google and increases the ranking of your website.

Nofollow Backlink:

Nofollow Backlink does not pass any external link from one website to another. This Backlink follows a “nofollow “attribute. Moreover, this link gives the information to the web crawler of Google Search Engine to not pass links from one website to another. These backlinks do not help your website get an audience from the link at all.

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Several free guest posting websites specialize in specific niches. You should choose the perfect website according to your expertise and the place the website is specialized in. You can find these websites in this article.


Webnews21.com has been emerging in website ranking recently. More than 400,000 users visit webnews21.com every month. Webnews21.com offers nofollow backlinks, and if you want to submit a guest post, the article should be a minimum of 2000 words. 

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine focuses on web development and design. It seeks guest blog posts full of valuable ideas, strategies, and recommendations for readers. 

It’s also a good idea to share your stories regarding errors and things you’ve learned through time that might have helped you earlier on. To fit in with Smashing Magazine’s style, include evidence for your claims and avoid descriptive words and over-the-top vocabulary.


This site offers articles, researchers, and research findings from Yourstory, the leading media firm for startups, entrepreneurs, and game-changers of all types. This website, founded by Shradha Sharma and has a global Alexa rating of 7,280, is viral among young people. Their eye-catching articles and web content entice them.

To be a guest poster on YourStory, you must submit polished posts similar to those currently on the platform.


If you’re into digital marketing, there’s a good chance you’re also familiar with marketing in general.

 CMO gives leaders, managers, and team members insight into the internet marketing environment so they can “provide exceptional experiences in a digital world.” If you’re into digital marketing, there’s a good chance you’re also familiar with a well-known website which is CMO.

It’s also one of the most significant platforms for guest posting since you can’t target people interested in your niche. This implies you’ll create quality leads and increase traffic to your website. Interviews, how-to tutorials, guidance from industry professionals, and helpful research are all part of the website’s content.

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Authors and publishers can use Miska.co. to submit guest posts with backlinks. The website has a Health, Technology, Business, and Education niche with significant worldwide traffic, which helps authors rank their keywords and traffic. 

Authors, businesses, and publishers can share their articles with a relevant niche in a single click. You are always welcome to publish your work on Miska.co if you are an author or publisher.

Marketing Profs

Since MarketingProfs is targeted at marketing executives, you’ll need a lot of industry knowledge to submit a guest post, and even more difficult if you want to work as a regular contributor.  

This site publishes both opinion pieces and “how-to” articles, as well as research summaries that condense the most significant facts from polls, studies, and surveys for readers to digest fast. As with most sites of this type, a focus on specific tools, advice, and practical takeaways is ideal.


PandaDoc is a website dedicated to supporting people in selling their items. It’s also one of the best platforms for guest posting in the United Kingdom that you’ll find on the internet.

The website’s target audience includes marketing, sales, human resources, and finance people. As a result, it’s an eclectic blend.

PandaDoc is searching for articles on sales & marketing, automation, and document management. If marketing is your area of expertise, you should consider guest blogging. 

Can you earn money from your website by Guest Posting?

You can monetize your website by incorporating a guest blogging function and inviting many well-known guest bloggers. Startups are interested in featuring on your website if you have a large audience base or a significant volume of organic traffic on your guest post site. 

As a result, you can charge for sponsored posts. For example, run a travel blog. Startup travel agencies may be interested in writing a guest post on your site because they have a comparable set of target audiences.

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Guest blogging is an excellent method to increase visitors. In addition, if you invite guest bloggers, they may ask you as well, which helps in exchanging traffic and audience to other websites. When the audience learns anything new from a guest blogger, they will promote it. 

Also, everyone has a distinct writing style. Therefore when a writer comes to write a blog, they are given the opportunity. Go ahead and invite an excellent guest writer you.