A List of Fallen Angels


A List of Fallen Angels

Throughout the Abrahamic tradition, there is a belief in fallen angels. Their names are often discussed in light of their appearance, ability to conjure the dead, and connection to God. This list of fallen angels has been compiled from various sources. If you’re curious about which angels you might meet in heaven or are attempting to avoid, this article is for you.

Names of fallen angels

Fallen angels are celestial beings that have fallen from heaven. They are usually beautiful and unique, but sometimes their appearance is spooky or even evil. Others take the form of monsters, have multiple faces, or are connected to the deep sea. Whatever their appearance, their names are beautiful and unique.

Many of these fallen angels were able to communicate with humans through their appearances. Here are some of their names. Balam, the fallen angel, associated with the phoenix, is a one-winged creature with a serpent tail. Another name for him is Balberith, the pagan high priest of Hell. The demon Vine is another fallen angel, resembling a lion riding a black horse. In addition, Vual and Wormwood are fallen angels. The former teaches human astrology. The latter two are also demons, though they are not exactly comparable.

Besides the names of the fallen angels, there are also names associated with good angels. Names of good angels include ‘el,’ which is a suffix word that means ‘Lord.’ Some believe that these names have special powers. Others believe that these names have an astrological significance.

Some female fallen angels have feminine names, like Lillith, who was Adam’s first wife before Eve. Other female fallen angels are Marchosias and Obyzouth. Some of these angels are associated with the number six, which is related to astrology.

Names of fallen angels are often derived from different religions, mythologies, and folklore. The names of these fallen angels have a mystical significance. They are often invoked in prayer, magic, or a religious ritual. Therefore, it is important to understand the origin of these names. They can vary greatly but are commonly found in many religions.

The names of fallen angels are derived from several sources, including the Bible and the Prophets of the Old Testament. Some of these names are ascribed to fallen angels that have strayed from God’s will or are fighting with Him. While they are not physically harmful, their main purpose is to corrupt mankind.

The Book of Enoch includes several names of fallen angels. Azazel, or “the Watcher,” is most closely associated with sin. This being allegedly taught the most wicked things in the Book of Enoch. Archangel Raphael was then commanded to arrest him and cover his face with darkness.

Abaddon – Death’s fallen angel who has the means “to destroy” in its name. 

Abezethibou – Red Sea fallen angel with one wing.

Allocen – Duked in Hell, the fallen angel.

Amduscias – the name of the unicorn-like fallen angel.

Amon – a fallen angel with 40 legions and a powerful marquis.

Amy – a fallen angel who rules over Hell.

Andras –marquis fallen angel who resembles a raven.

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Andrealphus – a fallen angel with the ability to turn people into birds.

Andromalius – a fallen angel in human form carrying a serpent.

Apollyon – Abaddon-like fallen angel of death.

Armaros – teaching the “resolving of enchantments,” a fallen angel.

Asmoday –Three-headed fallen angel monarch consisting of a bull, a ram, and a man.

Asmodeus – archdemon, one of the evilest of fallen angels.

Astaroth – Grand Duke in Hell and fallen angel.

Azael – a vicious fallen angel who lived with women.

Azazel – Named after a fallen angel, “God strengthens.”

Azza – Named after a fallen angel who is “the strong.”

Baal – the name of a fallen angel means “the lord.”

Balam – An Asmoday-like fallen angel with a serpent tail.

Balberith – Grand pontiff of Hell who is a fallen angel.

Baraqijal – Angel who has fallen and teaches astrology.

Barbatos – a fallen angel who holds the titles of the great count, earl, and duke of Hell.

Bathin – a pale horse that is riding a fallen angel.

Beelzebub – the “prince of demons,” a fallen angel.

Behemoth – the “devil of the deep,” a fallen angel.

Beleth – a fallen angel who rules over 85 legions.

Belial – a lovely fallen angel whose name means “without value.”

Belphegor – The name of this fallen angel means “lord of openness.”

Bernael – a fallen angel of wickedness and darkness.

Bifrons – a fallen angel who teaches mathematical skills and appears horrible.

Botis – a fallen angel who takes the form of a viper.

Buer – a fallen angel who instructs in philosophy, logic, and ethics.

Bune – a fallen angel that appears as a three-headed dragon.

Caim – a fallen angel who takes the form of a thrush or a man wielding a sword.

Dantanian – a fallen angel who appears as a multi-faced guy.

Decarabia – a fallen angel who appears as a star in the shape of a pentacle.

Eligor – a fallen angel who disguises himself as a virtuous knight with a lance.

Enepsigos – a fallen angel who takes on the form of a woman.

Flauros – a fallen angel who takes on the form of a leopard.

Focalor – a fallen angel who takes the form of a man with gryphon wings.

Forcas – a fallen angel who instructs in logic and ethics.

Forneus – a fallen angel marquis who takes on the form of a sea monster.

Furcas – a fallen angel who looks like a harsh man with a long beard.

Furfur – a fallen angel with the appearance of a hart and a fiery tail.

Gaap – a fallen angel that takes the form of a man with bat wings.

Gadreel – the name of a fallen angel whose name means “God is my helper.”

Gamygyn – a fallen angel that takes the form of a tiny horse.

Glasyalabolas – a fallen angel who takes the form of a winged dog.

Gomory – a fallen angel who appears as a beautiful woman riding a camel.

Gusion – a fallen angel that can see into the past, present, and future.

Hagenti – a fallen angel that takes the form of a bull with gryphon wings.

Halpas – a fallen angel who takes the form of a stork.

Imamiah – a fallen angel who rules over journeys.

Ipos – a fallen angel who appears as a lion-headed angel.

Kokabiel – a fallen angel whose name means “God’s star.”

Kunopegos – a fallen angel who takes the form of a sea horse and wrecks ships.

Lahash – a fallen angel who disrupts heavenly will.

Lerajie – a fallen angel that appears as a green archer.

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Leviathon – a fallen angel who is associated with the deep oceans.

Lillith – a fallen female angel who goes around looking for children to kidnap or kill.

Lix Tetrax – a fallen wind angel.

Lucifer – a Babylonian monarch whose name translates as “carrier of light.”

Malpas – a fallen angel who takes the form of a crow.

Marbas – a fallen angel who takes on the form of a lion.

Marchosias – a fallen angel who takes the form of a she-wolf with gryphon wings.

Mastema – a fallen angel with the name “hostility.”

Mephistopheles – a fallen angel whose name means “one who does not love the light.”

Morax – a fallen angel who takes on the form of a bull.

Naamah – a fallen angel of prostitution with the name “pleasing.”

Naberius – a fallen angel who takes the form of a crowing cock.

Obyzouth – a fallen angel female who murders newborns and causes stillbirths.

Onoskelis is a female fallen angel living in caves and sexually abuses mankind.

Orias – a fallen angel who takes the form of a lion with a serpent’s tail.

Ornias – a fallen angel that can shape-shift and is irritating.

Orobas – a fallen angel who takes the form of a horse.

Ose – a fallen angel that looks like a leopard and serves as Hell’s president.

Paimon – a fallen angel who takes the form of a crowned man riding a camel.

Penemuel – a fallen angel who corrupts humanity via writing.

Pharzuph – a fallen angel of passion and immorality.

Phoenix – a fallen angel who takes on the form of a phoenix bird.

Procel – a fallen angel who can communicate about hidden and secret things.

Purah – a fallen angel associated with forgetting and conjuring the dead.

Purson – a fallen angel who takes the form of a lion-headed man riding a bear.

Qemuel – a fallen angel who God annihilated.

Rahab – a fallen angel of pride with the name “violence.”

Raum – a fallen angel who takes the form of a crow.

Ronobe is a fallen angel who has turned into a demon who teaches eloquence and art.

Ruax  -a fallen angel with a headache.

Sabnack – a fallen angel who takes the form of a soldier with a lion’s head.

Saleos – a fallen angel that appears as a crocodile soldier.

Samael – an evil fallen angel whose name translates as “the blind God.”

Satan – a fallen angel in Christianity whose name means “adversary.”

Seere – a fallen angel who takes the form of a man riding a winged horse.

Semyaza – a fallen angel leader and one of God’s Sons.

Shax – a fallen angel who appears as a stork and steals money.

Solas – a fallen angel that takes the form of a raven and teaches astronomy.

Sorath – a fallen angel whose number is 666.

Sytry – a fallen angel that takes the form of a man with gryphon wings and a leopard head.

Uzza – a fallen angel with the name “strength.”

Valac – a fallen angel who appears as a tiny kid with dragon wings.

Valefor – a fallen angel who takes the form of a multi-headed lion.

Vual – an angel who takes the form of a massive camel.

Wormwood – an angel who brings plagues to Earth.

Xaphan – an angel who creates hellfire.

Zagan is an angel able to change things; he resembles a bull with wings.

Zepar – an angel who makes women fall in love with males.

Their appearance

According to Christian tradition, angels have two classes: holy and fallen. Holy angels are the ones in view throughout Scripture, while fallen angels have lost their holiness and are less visible. The Bible describes Satan as the leader of the fallen angels. He is a murderer, thief, and liar, and is constantly on the prowl.

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Some biblical accounts depict angels in human form, with wings and human faces. However, other accounts show them to be a mixture of man and beast or even bird. In addition, angels are rarely portrayed as old men. Instead, they usually appear as young men. One important thing to remember about fallen angels is that their grammatical gender does not determine their gender.

The Bible also mentions a special angel order called cherubim. Cherubim serve as the guardians of God’s holiness and protection. In the Garden of Eden, these angels guarded the way to the tree of life. They also guarded the temple and tabernacle. In Ezekiel’s vision, they bore a throne chariot. Some also consider the four living angels of Revelation 4:6 to be cherubim.

Abaddon is one of the lesser-known angels, only appearing in the Bible once. He rules over locusts and is associated with a form of judgment on Earth. He is also considered one of the fallen angels. If you’re wondering how to spot a fallen angel, here’s a list of fallen angels and their appearance:

Jude also mentions fallen angels in his writings. According to this passage, angels who sinned before the Flood were not immediately judged by God, but later in life, they were relegated to a place of darkness. As a result, some of them have fallen into bonds, and others are active as demons.

While some believe fallen angels are spirits, the Bible doesn’t mention angels hearing the gospel. Yet, these creatures are still active in our world, and you may have even met one without realizing it. While they don’t have the power to save us, they are faithful to God and will help us when we need them.

Their ability to conjure the dead

Necromancers possess the ability to communicate with the dead and manipulate their souls. This ability allows them to communicate with the deceased, summon them as apparitions, and even raise the dead’s body. They can also use the dead’s spirit to perform divinations and impart knowledge. While this ability is useful for necromancers, it is not applicable to mechanical or robot beings, which do not possess souls or life force.

Their connection to God

There are many different ways to improve a person’s connection to God. One way is to serve others, especially those who don’t practice religion. This way, you are showing the love and compassion of God to the people around you. You can serve others in many different ways, including by using your God-given gifts. These methods are beneficial not only to you but also to others around you. These methods may even be more effective than prayer or meditation.

The way people connect to God will vary throughout their lifetime. At times, people will experience testing in their faith, but they will also experience growing experiences that will strengthen their connection to God. As such, it is important to acknowledge the different ways in which people connect with God. In addition, understanding how your connection to God has changed over the years can be helpful.