Age of Kurapika, Leorio, Alicia Freecss, and Killua in HxH

Age of Kurapika, Leorio, Alicia Freecss, and Killua in HxH

Age of Kurapika, Leorio, Alicia Freecss, and Killua in HxH

In the anime “HxH”, the characters are given ages, as well as their birthdays. You might wonder, who is Kurapika? In this article, we will discuss the ages of Kurapika, Leorio, Alicia Freecss, and Gon. The characters’ birthdays are revealed later in the anime, so keep reading!


Hisoka Morrow  28
Kurapika Kurta  17
Killua Zoldyck  12
Meruem  40
Gon Freecss  12
Leorio Paradinight  19
Biscuit Kreuger  57
Alicia Freecss 35


Character traits

The action-packed shonen anime series Hunter x Hunter was released in the early 2010s. The main characters are Kurapika and Gon. Kurapika is a childhood friend of Pairo, who is a human with weak legs and a gradually worsening vision. They became friends after Pairo falls off a cliff to save Kurapika. Gon and Killua are lovers. Killua’s mother, Alicia Freecss, was killed while exploring the dark continent.

Kurapika is an inexperienced hunter and lacks the skills to compete with Gon. The series also features Leorio and Pairo as spies, which is a plot device for a storyline. Gon, however, is a very powerful shape-shifter, and Leorio is a great hunter.

Kurapika belongs to the Kurta Clan. He has a dark blue eye, spiky pure white hair, and is always wearing baggy clothing. He is a loyal friend, but has a dark past that keeps him grounded. Despite his fierce loyalty, he is a good friend, and is the best hunter Gon has.

The characters in the Hunter x Hunter series are diverse and complex. There are complex personalities, backstories, and goals, but they can all be summarized with basic details. Here is a comprehensive list of the main characters and their stats. You can find their ages, heights, birthdays, and other important information about them.


The Age of Kurapika leorio and killua is a fictional character from the Japanese anime series HxH. This character is an emission-type Nen user and is able to project force/energy blasts. She is an ally of Gon, and they both share an age of nearly twelve. However, Kurapika and Leorio did not make many appearances in the anime series until the Election Arc.

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Leorio began the series as a Rookie Hunter. He had big monetary goals. Although he was only 19 at the time of the Hunter Exam, his appearance would give him the appearance of an old man. Although he values wealth shamelessly, he has a good heart underneath his narcissistic exterior. He wants to be a doctor and to save people.

Hisoka’s mother is Alicia Freecss. She died while exploring the dark continent. Gon will eventually marry Ant Kite, and killua will continue to beta orbit Gon. Both characters will be married and have children. It is unclear which one of them will die first, but they are both important.

Phantom Rouge is the latest anime starring the characters from Phantom. It was a hit in Japan, where it opened at number one. The story revolves around the relationships between the characters, and the game’s plotline is a twist on a YA novel. In this anime, the main characters have the same emotions and are often related. Unlike the manga, this anime relies heavily on adolescent friendship tropes. This relationship between the characters is more realistic and believable.


Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon are four characters in the Heroes X Hunters manga. Each character was born on the same day of the year. Kurapika is a Rookie Hunter, while Leorio is a Senior Hunter. They are all born in the year 1980. The characters have very similar characteristics, except for their age. Kurapika was twelve years old when the series began, while Gon was fourteen when the series ended.

Kurapika is a Gemini and was born on April 4th. He is quick-witted, loyal, and dependable, but he also has odd fetishes. His eyes are red and his hand is chained. Killua, meanwhile, is in beta orbit of Gon. The anime has several episodes dedicated to each character’s birthday.

Gon is the most popular character. His birth date was May 5, 1987, which is the same as Kurapika’s. Gon is a Taurus and is born on a Monday. While Gon is a strong, dedicated character, he also enjoys having fun. His childlike personality is a trait that makes him very popular, as his ferocious personality can be viewed as a bit crazy.

While the characters are very similar, Gon has more personality than Killua. The two characters are friends and have a close relationship, which means that they are similar to one another. While both are strong fighters, Gon is the better Hunter and has more skill with Nen. In addition to being compatible, Gon and Killua are also close in age.

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Among the main characters of Hunter X Hunter, Gon Freecss is the youngest at twelve years old, despite his powerful appearance. His height is about average for his age, at five feet, six inches. His height also remains fairly static through the series, as the series follows him into his early adolescence. In the final series, Gon is approximately fourteen years old, but he doesn’t physically grow.

While Gon’s life span is reduced by his vow, his powers are not. He will marry an Ant Kite and be beta orbited by Killua. Killua, meanwhile, has a god as a sibling. His mother, Alicia Freecss, was a hunter who died while exploring the dark continent.

Hunter x Hunter’s main characters are very diverse. Each character has a complex backstory, goals, and personality. Nevertheless, some basic information can help you understand their motivations and characteristics. This comprehensive list of Hunter x Hunter character heights, birthdays, and ages will help you determine the age of each character.

At age twelve, Kurapika began training to become a professional Hunter. She wanted to restore the scarlet eyes of her clan. While her Hunting intelligence is unmatched, she does not have the social skills to be a good Hunter. Kurapika prioritizes the safety of her friends over her own interests. Leorio Paradinight was a teenager when the series began, but he grows up to be a fully grown adult by the end. He is the tallest character in the series.

Relationship with family

In the manga and anime series, the characters Kurapika and Gon are close friends. Killua introduces Alluka to Gon as his sister. They have similar personalities, but Killua is very jealous of Gon’s white hair. Killua also inherited his father’s power and has the potential to become a great leader.

While Kurapika and Gon’s friendship is built on platonic bonds, Leorio’s ties with his family seem to be more complicated. Although he lacks the analytical mind of his friends, Leorio has the heart to fight for what’s right and protect his friends from harm. Leorio once thought Kurapika irritating, but over time he has come to understand and appreciate her personality.

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While Gon’s relationship with his family is complicated, Kurapika’s is not. The two characters have moments of self-reflection. Kurapika is entering her late teens and hasn’t had many opportunities to be encouraged by adults. Her motivations have shaped her character. However, Gon is able to find happiness in spite of his family. He even finds the motivation to forgive his family after the death of Hisoka.

In addition to his father, his mother, and sisters are his other closest friends. Their relationship is very similar and they share the same birthday, but Killua is also a Cancer. He values family more than his friends. He is also concerned about his legacy. The two are related to each other’s family and have a special bond.


In Hunter X Hunter, birthdays of characters have often been a source of great interest. Kurapika’s is July 7, while Killua’s is July 7. Both texts and facts have been cited in support of their birthdays. The characters’ backgrounds, goals, and personalities have largely remained a mystery, but basic statistics have been updated. The following table provides details regarding the ages, heights, and birthdays of each character.

Kurapika and Leorio are members of the Kurta clan, who wish to be Hunters in order to avenge their family. Leorio, a physician by trade, wants the financial benefits that come with becoming a Hunter. Then, there is Killua Zoldyck, a former member of the world’s most infamous assassin family. Hisoka, a mysterious transmuter, is another member of the Phantom Troupe.

Kurapika and Gon have a close bond in the game. The two were childhood friends, and they were both in the process of growing up. But after their parents were killed, the two remained friends. However, Gon’s fate was more precarious. He is the son of a notorious assassin and he was trained to kill. This caused Killua to seek the help of the Dark Continent.

After the death of his family, Kurapika begins wearing dark contact lenses to conceal his Scarlet Eyes. While this makes Kurapika seem more like Gon, his heart is broken and he is resistant to new acquaintances. However, when he is with friends, Kurapika is warm and benevolent.