An In-depth Look at Terra Airdrops

An In-depth Look at Terra Airdrops

An In-depth Look at Terra Airdrops

Terra is quickly becoming one of the most popular blockchain networks despite only having been around for a relatively short time. Terra focuses on stablecoins to avoid price volatility, which is an issue that major cryptocurrencies have struggled with since the birth of crypto. Terra’s new and exciting projects along with the issue of Terra airdrops are some of the things that attract many crypto enthusiasts to Terra. 

Terra provides investors with several ways of earning from their investments. Instead of putting all their investment eggs in one cryptocurrency basket such as Bitcoin, you can trade in Terra, try out new projects, and stake Luna to earn airdrops. In fact, airdrops is now a household term in the Terra community and a major factor that is attracting new investors to the Terra ecosystem. 

While you might have heard of Terra airdrops, you might not know exactly what they are and how you can earn them. In this post, we discuss in detail what airdrops are, how to earn them, and the various pages where you can claim them from. Let’s get started. 

What are Airdrops?

You might wonder why airdrops are suddenly becoming very popular and a major factor in attracting new investors. This is because airdrops are just like free money distributed to investors for supporting a project. They are very similar to dividends that are issued by traditional financial investments although airdrops (as in the case of Terra) are frequent and earn investors high yields. 

What are the various Terra airdrops you can claim?

Weekly Terra airdrops

Just as the name suggests, weekly airdrops are rewards issued weekly to investors. They are usually small but since you receive them frequently, in the long run, they often turn out to be a high-yield investment. They are usually issued to those investors who buy and stake Luna at the Terra Station wallet or any other site that has partnered with Terra. 

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Terra has introduced several stable coins that are pegged to different fiat assets. In order to keep these stable coins pegged to their respective financial assets, investors must buy and delegate Luna to various validators. The Luna delegators will earn weekly airdrops in return as a reward for supporting the Terra projects. You can visit the Loop homepage to learn how you can stake and claim weekly airdrops on Terra. 

Genesis Terra airdrops

This is usually a one-time reward issued free to crypto investors for trying new Terra projects. Terra is behind several popular crypto protocols, but before these protocols gain popularity investors must first try them. In order to attract investors to the new protocols, Terra announces airdrops for a specific number of people who will venture into the new protocol first. 

Simply put, Genesis Terra airdrops are used to create awareness of the various protocols in the Terra ecosystem. To claim the airdrops, you will first have to engage in new projects. To minimize the risk, you can stake with Luna and will be earning guaranteed weekly airdrops. 

Terra airdrops inception

One thing that makes the Terra network stand out from other crypto networks is the constant release of new crypto projects. Every now and then, new projects are introduced which presents more opportunities for Luna stakers to earn more airdrops. 

Recently, several projects have been announced that will use the Pylon gateway, Pylon protocol’s start-up incubator for new Terra projects, as a means of raising funds. Investors in these new projects will receive Mine tokens as airdrops and some will be sent to Luna delegators. Luna HODLers have especially benefitted from the various airdrops issued by Terra as Luna plays a key role in maintaining the stability of Terra stablecoins.  

Where can I claim Terra airdrops?

The idea of earning free crypto tokens seems exciting but how can you claim them? First, you need to decide what kind of airdrops you want to earn. If you want to earn Genesis airdrops, you will first have to browse through the various Terra protocols, learn about them, and see if there is one that you might be interested in. You can also opt to buy and stake Luna for the weekly airdrops. Here are the top sites where you can claim the Terra airdrops. 

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The Terra Station

The Terra Station is the home wallet for the entire Terra blockchain network. Here you can buy, sell, as well as store all the crypto tokens available on the Terra network. The Terra Station wallet also allows you to do other things such as staking Luna. In the wallet, you will see various Luna validators listed. 

Once you have purchased your Luna tokens, you can delegate them to any validator of your choice and immediately begin earning weekly Terra airdrops. You can redeem these airdrops for cash or use them to grow your current crypto portfolio. 

Loop finance

Terra is a robust blockchain network that has been designed in such a way that its tokens can be traded in some of the blockchain networks that they have partnered with. The Loop finance marketplace is one of those pages where you can access the services offered by Terra. You can use the Loop finance page to register on the Terra platform and be able to claim both Genesis Terra airdrops and weekly airdrops. 


Binance is one of the world’s top crypto trading platforms and wallets. Here, you can trade in several digital currencies be they stablecoins or normal cryptocurrencies. If you browse through the Binance market page, you will see that Luna is one of the coins you can trade. If you choose to transact with Luna, you open the opportunities of earning weekly Luna airdrops. 


The Terra blockchain network was only introduced in 2018 but it is already one of the market leaders in terms of capitalization. Based on the number of projects they are introducing and the rewards that accompany them, it is not hard to see why Terra is one of the most popular blockchain networks. You can stake Luna to earn Terra airdrops or put your faith in new exciting projects. Either way, it is a win-win situation. Visit any of the above-listed pages and start earning Terra airdrops. 

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