How many Wives and Children did Jesus Christ have in the Bible?

How many Wives and Children did Jesus Christ have in the Bible?

How many wives and children did Jesus have in the Bible?

Many people wonder about the number of wives and children Jesus had. There had always been a controversy about the subject. We will discuss the family life of Jesus in this article. 

Popular culture has given a lot of attention to the idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. The Da Vinci Code, a 2003 mystery thriller by Dan Brown, featured a central plotline about a marital union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. You can also find many articles online that claim Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. It seems to be very popular.

Scholars previously debunked claims made by The Da Vinci Code. Christians refuted the notion that Constantine, let us see, chose the New Testament books. In reality, however, the New Testament canon was agreed upon well before Constantine I was born. The issues with Constantine’s canon were not resolved until after his death. This article will focus on the central contention of the novel, which is the assertion that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were a married couple and had children.

Did Jesus had a wife or child?

It is extremely unlikely that Jesus ever married and had any children historically. The canonical gospels do not imply that Jesus ever had a sexual relationship or had offspring. Even the later apocryphal gospels don’t suggest this. There are good reasons to believe Jesus didn’t marry or have a sexual partner and that he did have no offspring.

According to the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ didn’t have any children or wives. He was a man who wanted to save the world. He will return to save the world and bring back the people who have lived for him. The Church or group of people who have lived for him will become the bride. It is a symbolic language that Jesus used to express the intense love he had for us.

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You must read the book that claims it is the only authoritative source of information about Jesus. The Bible. It does not indicate that he ever got married or had children. Although this is an “argument of silence”, I believe it’s significant enough information to be mentioned if it were true. Suppose he was married or had children.

The controversy began when a new book claimed that Jesus Christ, Wife Mary Maddalene had two children.

A new book based on ancient text interpretations contains an astonishing claim: Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had two children.

Jacobovici & Barrie Wilson released “The Lost Gospel.” He argues that Jesus’ original Virgin Mary was his wife and not his mother and that there was an assassination attempt 13 years before Jesus’ death.

According to the writers, they worked on the book for six years. They base their arguments on an ancient manuscript that dates back almost 1,500 years. The text was translated from Aramaic into English by the British Library.

Mark Goodacre, a Duke University professor of religious studies, is sceptical about the book’s conclusions.

Goodacre stated, “I don’t believe that these claims are credible.” “This text and other sources do not support the claim that Jesus was married or had children with Mary Magdalene.

That is not the first time that Jesus was married. In 2012, a fragment of an Egyptian Papyrus, known as the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”, was revealed. It contained the phrase “Jesus spoke to them, ‘My spouse’,” even though the document was written many centuries after Jesus’s death.

Dan Brown’s 2003 novel, “The Da Vinci Code”, highlighted the possibility that Jesus could have been married to Mary Magdalene.

Is Mary Magdalene Jesus’s spouse?

Some early Christians tried to minimize Mary’s influence. Others sought to enhance it. The Gospel of Mary, an Egyptian text that dates back to the second century A.D., places Mary Magdalene ahead of Jesus’ male disciples in terms of knowledge and influence. It was first published in Egypt in 1896. The so-called Gnostic Gospels also featured her prominently. These texts were believed to be written by early Christians in the second century A.D. Still, they were not discovered until 1945 near Nag Hammadi, Egypt.

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One of these texts, the Gospel of Philip (or Philip), referred to Mary Magdalene, Jesus’s companion, and said that Jesus loved her more than the other disciples. The text claimed that Jesus used “often to kiss Mary ______.” However, due to damage to the text, some scholars have replaced the last word with “mouth.”

Dan Brown’s bestselling thriller The Da Vinci Code has been devoured by millions of readers since 2003. The plot revolved around the long-held theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had kids together. This idea was central to The Last Temptation of Christ (a 1955 novel by Nikos Kazantzakis and later a film version of the book, directed by Martin Scorsese).

In 2012, Karen King, a Harvard Divinity School professor, revealed a papyrus fragment she believed was a copy of a second-century gospel. Jesus called Mary Magdalene “my wife” in the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife.

Mary Magdalene is a trusted disciple.

The Bible, for its part, did not hint at Mary Magdalene being Jesus’s spouse. None of the four canonical gospels mentions such a relationship, even though they list women who travelled with Jesus and sometimes included their husbands.

The story of Mary Magdalene being a prostitute survived for centuries, even though it was not adopted by Orthodoxy or Protestantism when they split from the Catholic Church. In 1969, the Church finally admitted that the Bible‘s text does not support this interpretation. Mary Magdalene, a saint, is celebrated by the Anglican, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic churches.

Cargill concludes that Mary appears to have been an apostle of Jesus. “What’s most important is that Jesus had both male disciples and female disciples in his ministry, which was not necessarily common at that time.” He emphasizes that neither of these theories is rooted in the Bible.


There is no evidence to suggest that Jesus married Mary Magdalene or that he ever had children. We don’t have any evidence to suggest that Jesus is ever married or that he ever had children. Therefore, we can only conclude that Jesus married and likely never had children.

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The evidence that you read in this article here is not sufficient to prove that Jesus did not marry and that he never had children. There is always the possibility that Jesus could have married. All evidence suggests that Jesus was celibate and unmarried throughout his life.