The Best Tattoo Studios in New York

The Best Tattoo Studios in New York

The Best Tattoo Studios in New York

The city that never sleeps is not only famous for its tourist attractions. Some of the most reputable tattoo parlors in the world are located here. This is not surprising, because it was New York where body art became part of the urban aesthetics. Just walk the streets and see how people walk in front of you, whose bodies are decorated with masterpieces from the best American artists. So why not become a representative of a special class of artworks – a tattoo? To do this, you just need to visit the body art studio. If you want to know all about the best salons – continue reading.

L.O.V.E. Machine Studio

If you need not just a place where a drawing will be applied to the body, but a workshop of true artists who can skillfully embody various techniques, contact L.O.V.E. machine. This NYC tattoo studio has turned out to be one of the best thanks to a creative team that works in various directions. Founded in Ukraine in 2011, it became part of American culture in 2018 when it moved to Soho.

A combination of graffiti street art style and modern designs creates unique works with body art. The artists draw inspiration from the style of the metropolis. The studio is designed to provide comfort to them and customers. Here they will help you to develop the idea, choose a place for the drawing to be made at and to find a proper artist who will ideally lay out the tattoo on your body.

Bang Bang

A large number of celebrities who have been here attract people to this salon. Adele, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Gigi Hadid are just a few of the long list of famous personalities who are tattooed by Keith McCurdy, nicknamed Bang Bang. A person who first came here may be confused by the massive and strong bodies of the team of craftsmen. However, they are actually very friendly.

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The salon has a special atmosphere that attracts many visitors. The futuristic interior with cutting-edge design makes you feel like you’re on the set of a sci-fi movie. The artists specialize in illustrative realism, ornamental design, fine lines.

Sacred Tattoo Studio

This salon is visited by both people looking for uniqueness and fans of more traditional images. Sacred Tattoo Studio employs body art veterans. Clients are attracted not only by high-level professionalism, but also by the opportunity to touch history. For more than 20 years, a talented team has been assembled here, specializing in various styles. A rich collection of their works adorns the walls of the room. This is a real art gallery dedicated to the tattoo industry.

Masters are subject to any whims of their clients: from children’s portraits to images of superheroes. This outstanding studio is located at the intersection of two iconic areas: Soho and Chinatown.

Fun City Tattoo

Although the location in the basement may surprise some, this does not prevent the salon from being on the list of the best. Fun City Tattoo is one of the oldest places in New York. The rough design of bare brick walls will immerse you in the atmosphere of the past. Here they claim that they stood near the origins of the art of body art, when it was outlawed.

The start of the studio’s activity is associated with the 70s of the last century and the famous artist Jonathan Shaw. One of its owners began his journey into the world of tattoos, working for a famous master.

The talent of the team allows you to easily move you to the desired world of:

  • cartoon;
  • engravings;
  • architecture;
  • traditional images.

The legendary past does not prevent artists from being aware of modern trends. This allows the salon to be at the forefront of body art for many years.

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Grit N Glory

The founder of the salon was Megan Massacre, who added female power to the culture of rock and roll and embodied it in non-standard images. Colorful art has become a specialty of local artists.

If you love flowers, be sure to visit Joyce Wang. Such thin soft lines and realistic shades can only be found here. She firmly occupied this niche and became a recognized queen in it.

Grit N Glory also has masters of other styles. Their unique and bright illustrative pictures are created here in a special atmosphere of friendliness.

JonBoy Tattoo

This artist is approached by those who need a small, elegant drawing in a non-standard part of the body. Miniature images became his hallmark. Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Kylie and Kendall Jenner and other celebrities wear masterpieces from JonBoy near their eyes, on their fingers, feet and other places.

For 18 years, the master has been creating unique tattoos in a minimalist style. He manages to rid classic images of boring designs. The talent of the artist allows him to accurately draw the thinnest lines, whether it’s an important word or a portrait of your favorite pet. Because of this, tiny JonBoy tattoos have become a trend.

It does not matter whether you came to see the iconic places of this metropolis or live here. Body art is not only a great way to bring back a timeless souvenir from your trip. A work of art applied to the body will help to merge into a single whole with the culture of the city. Become part of the DNA of New York by getting a tattoo at one of the best salons.