E-bikes, a New Way of Travel


E-bikes, a New Way of Travel

Ever craved a midnight snack but walking to the store is just too tedious? And driving a few minutes to the grocery shop for some snacks just seems too inconvenient? This is where e-bikes come in handy for those too close to drive, too far to walk places. Cars are still valuable for longer-distance trips but for short-term trips, consider the following factors:

  • You don’t require a car to go You may get in stuck in traffic
  • You may not get a good parking spot
  • You are spending money on gas

We’re not saying that you need to get rid of your car but have you considered biking for short-term travel?

What exactly are e-bikes?

E-bikes are electronically-empowered bicycles that enable you to ride faster while expending less energy. E-bikes operate just like bicycles except for added components such as the motor, battery, and controller which allows you to ride your e-bikes for a simple grocery trip because most electric bikes can easily carry a load of over 40 lbs.

The main use for e-bikes is that they allow you to ride faster while expending less energy; as in, these are not motorcycles but rather vehicles that modify and augment your input while riding your e-bike. This enables you to ride faster and even farther without getting tired as fast. Great for sightseeing (more further) around the neighborhood and discovering new experiences to share with your family and your friends.

How can e-bikes Save You Money?

According to AAA Foundation, more than half of driving trips are less than 10 miles, some of which are just 5.95 miles. If half of the average trips are within 10 miles, the question becomes, is there a better way?

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This is where e-bikes come into play:

  • You don’t have to spend time securing a parking spot
  • You can carry cargo and even another person
  • You can reduce your environmental impact
  • You will be become more healthy by biking

Instead of just using your car for short trips around the neighborhood, you can keep your car inside and use your e-bikes to cover that distance. Just take a few moments to consider how much you can save with e-bikes altogether and save that money for other activities. You might say e-bikes cost money itself, but paying gas adds up. Using an e-bike really pays for itself as it covers the cost over time.

In short, you can use your e-bike to cover that short distance around the neighborhood while you can use your car to cover longer distances than an e-bike wouldn’t be able to make – without an extra charge, that is.

E-bikes, a New Way of Travel

Can e-bikes Replace Your Car?

No, e-bikes weren’t made to replace your car.

They’re just another option when cars aren’t the prime choice. e-bikes are best for traveling to nearby places where driving your car is just wasteful.

E-bikes are not just efficient at leveraging energy when it comes to peddling to get your further, they are also efficient (especially over time) at saving you money on gas and even potential maintenance fees with your car. You can grab an e-bike at Mokwheel right now with a $150 spring sale discount.