Why is Android 21 a majin? Is she a canon?

Android 21
Android 21

Android 21: Artificial Human No. 21

Her wisdom rivals that of Dr. Gero; however, she could be even smarter than he was. Android 21 is the creation of Akira Toriyama.


Toriyama’s artwork of Android 21 has no lab coat. She’s a golden ring on her left middle finger and black nails. She wears a pair of hoop earrings, sleeveless, blue and red shorts with opaque black tights, black arm sleeves, and blue and crimson heels.

Is Android 21 a canon?

In her proper form, Android 21 keeps her curvy body. Her skin turns pink. Hair turns to a much more pale shade of pink. Her nipples pointed, her eyes changing depending on whether her evil half takes, also gains a tail. Her attire looks beautiful in a black tube top. She keeps the black arm sleeves and gaining baggy white trousers. Sometimes she resembles a Majin in this form. Her look in her proper form results from her having all of the characteristics of the Z Fighters, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu rolled into one.

Android 21 reveals in a private talk with the player that while she may have the look of an adult. She’s less than ten years old and regrets not with adolescence, finding it awkward when little kids call her “ma’am.”


Due to her biology, Android 21 includes a natural, compulsive instinct to feed (which grew out of control due to cells in her body moving berserk). Much like Majin Buu, she prefers sweets and confectioneries, her favorite being macarons. However, she has no control over her desire. She continually fights to keep herself out of turning others into snacks and hammering them.

Her appetite is so great and painful that it has led to Android 21’s psyche being damaged and manifesting a split personality. The more she goes without feeding, the more the nasty side of her profits control. When her real character is in control, she behaves as a kind and motherly woman concerned about Android 18 and agrees to assist her.

When her evil name is accountable, yet, she’s a power-hungry sociopath, wanting to “devour” all the fighters, drawing into the point of near insanity. Her gluttonous lust for “devouring” mighty warriors are similar to the traits of the Majins. She inherited while obtaining Buu’s cells. Her good side is favorable towards Great Buu, presumably because of their shared biology and candy love.

Character transformation

Her characters afterward transferred to her two halves after her good self-managed. It is to utilize fission due to the emotional turmoil brought on by the death of her adoptive son, Android 16. Her evil side killed him as a consequence of her losing hands. Android 21’s great side is aware that her template was the mother of Android 16’s template.

Therefore it causes her to develop mother-like affection for him. She admits she’s little to no memory of her former life as a human. However, she enjoys considering what her template’s name and lifestyle could have been. She’s also apparently unaware that Dr. Gero was the daddy of Android 16’s template or his relationship with her human template. During one of her discussions with the participant, she notes that her creator was a superb scientist.

He was not the right person and admitted to understanding the reason for her creation. He might not answer her questions, or she might not want to know the truth if he did. Lately, she mentions Dr. Gero’s name right though it is obvious he’s the one she is referring to. Her understanding of him comes from what little memories she possesses and what she has learned through research of herself and Android 16.

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Is Android 21 good or bad?

Is Android 21 bad or good?

The good Android 21 shows her original self’s good side, the same way how Good Buu show the good aspects of the Innocent Buu. She retained her hunger and better at controlling it. It is due to the removal of  evil half. Also her link with the human soul as that had a bond with Android 18.

 Android 21’s backstory changes, and it sounds like she does not understand reality. In one instance, she asserts she was initially a Human-type Earthling, transformed by Doctor Gero into an Android. As a human, she had a boy with Dr. Gero, who became the model for the style of Android 16.

In another instance, Android 21 notes that she’s a brand new sort of Bio-Android. She was exceptional to Cell, assembled in the image of a human female with an adult’s IQ. Although she is not even ten years old – making her feel as though she missed out on her sin.

Over time, the cells of numerous mighty warriors and intelligent researchers were an addition to her. With even the likes of Buu’s cells inserted into her. She states she has no memory of her apparent life as a human. And she often found it fun to imagine what her original name was and what her life was different. She did not know why Gero made her a unique new type of Android.

Did she know her creator?

It is different from the mecha-types (such as 16) and the modified humans (like 17 and 18). Her good side didn’t know a lot about her creator. (only speaking to him as”the scientist”) Although she understood that he had been a wicked person who has great intelligence, though discussing him for a reason made her feel like crying.

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Is Android 21 good or bad?

On the other hand, her evil side knew about Gero to an extent yet cared little for him or the Android built within her son’s image.  Although this is likely because of her perspectives that Androids have zero demand for loved ones and family.

Because she expressed to Android 18 when her good personality lost control throughout the Android’s confrontation with 18’s husband in the Android 21 Arc. It was since she found the idea absurd. Her lack of caring might also be attributed to Frieza and King Cold’s cells. As both father and son really cared very little for each other beyond familial respect. And the standing of the clan as exhibited by Cold’s response to Frieza’s departure.

And Frieza’s rejected the idea of beating him after resurrected. It was in addition to his willingness to allow his family members’ souls to be erased supplied Universe 9’s Supreme Kai and Destroyer let him join his team.

Android 16

Sooner or later, Android 21 recalled the memory of her or her template – having a son when. When she realized she wanted so badly to see him and have him by her side. Mended Android 16 (the Android whose layout modeled after her son) later on and explained that she wanted to treat him like family. Android 21 is unaware that Dr. Gero was the dad of her evident human self’s kid. Therefore the exact nature of Dr. Gero’s connection with her apparent human self is unknown because they were the parents of 16’s, the human template.

When 21’s urges resurfaced, she activated the link system to utilize its functions to keep herself under control by curbing her growing need to feed and the persona that spawned from it. Finally, this led them to find Android 18 and Android 17 individually, together with the system triggered, hoping that they would be able to link them with another soul successfully.


Based on Android 16, at some point, the cells in 21 may have gone berserk. It led to her uncontrollable urges to feed. Majin Buu’s cells might likely have been responsible. Also, Android 21’s appetite may be a consequence of her distinctive combination of Majin and Saiyan cells, since equally Saiyans and Majins are known to have significant needs.

Her evil persona is influenced by the variety of cells she obtained from Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu. Her evil side is cold-hearted to Frieza and Cell. In contrast, she was showing signs of madness similar to Kid Buu. The evil 21 does not dismiss the idea of galactic conquest, which may also be influenced by Frieza’s cells.

Her wicked personality’s activation of the Wave Machine caused her original character to regain control only from the deadline of their Android 21 Arc. As her evil character in control, and uses her first personality as a hostage to force Android 16 to serve her, even though he rebels by connecting a human soul to Goku from the Super Warrior Arc timeline.

At the same time, it accidentally ends up joining with Frieza at the Enemy Warrior Arc deadline. From the Android 21 Arc deadline, her first personality works with Android 16 to get a means to curb her evil side and hunger.

Is Android 21 Gero's wife?
Android 16

Is Android 21 Gero’s wife?

Android 21 was married to Doctor Gero and Android 16 is their only son.

Fighter Z: Super Warrior Arc

 After giving a false history to Goku and Krillin, she claimed that she had been a researcher employed by the Red Ribbon Army. It was deserted using Android 18’s help, and Android 18 was injured, shielding her from Mobile. Just to be rescued by Goku and Krillin, whom she informs a false backstory to prevent fighting them. Her true colors were later shown when the Dragon Team defeat Android 16.

Goku attempts to chase her, but she blasts him out of the sky, causing the soul linked with him to accidentally become connected with Mobile, who Android 21 finds and battles. Cell collapses from his injuries, and the soul returns to Goku. To prevent destroying Earth, Goku teleports the team to the Holy Planet of the Kai, where she faces the Dragon Team. Much like Kid Buu, she lost against Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb. Yet queries seeing her and Android 16 remain.

The events of this arc stopped from occurring when the spirit travels back into the start of the events to possess someone else and find out more about the facts at Whis’ proposal.

Dokkan Battle

This story arc adapted into a Story Event in Dragon Ball Z. Dokkan Battle as part of a crossover event with FighterZ with the player having the ability to acquire the Conflicting Mind Android 21 card. That could be Transcended Dokkan Awakened into Good Versus Evil Android21 (Transformed, Good) card using Awakening Medals obtained from the same story event.

Some parts of the arc are omitted or altered, like the human spirit linked to Goku. It was when sharing the name of the unseen protagonist out of Quest Mode. And Gohan escaped before the confrontation with Android 16. It was at 21’s laboratory in FighterZ. However, Android 21’s function is virtually the same as her death by Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb.

She took the restored villains back to Earth, 21 clones them before linking artificial souls to Mobile, Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Android 17, and Android 18, enabling her to control them. She eventually discovers Andriod 16 had inadvertently linked an individual spirit to Frieza. (his first candidate being Goku like at the Super Warrior Arc.)

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They work together with the soul to spare himself of it freeing Nappa and the Ginyu Force by beating them and using them to reform a resurgent Frieza Force. Android 21 sends 18 to eliminate the villains, but 18 is defeated and freed. Android 21 faces the villains and notes she doesn’t dismiss the idea of seeking galactic conquest. Before they discover it had been a setup to deceive Krillin and Goku in thinking 18 hurt protecting her with 21 escaping.

Is Android 21 a canon?

The Dragon Ball FighterZ had its own canon for Android 21, though we cant verify as canon for the Dragon Ball franchise. The Dragon Ball FighterZ is a non-canon story, where as the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is more of a new canon backstories. Android 21 being an assistant of Bulma’s father, Dr. Brief. 

The fight with Goku

After defeating Goku and Krillin, Frieza and Cell realize 21 left and notify Goku and Krillin they were tricked. 21 decides to punish 16 for betraying her, sending him to kill her enemies. But she knew he lost. And after transforming into her real type, 21 feigns helplessness causing 16 to shield 21 out of Frieza and Cell’s attacks her just for her to destroy him herself cruelly.

Eventually, 21 is furious at the loss of her clones, forcing her to resort to consuming the originals, the result of a plan devised by Frieza to induce her to confront her enemies. Goku, Frieza, and Cell subsequently destroy her with a combined energy wave after utilizing Bulma’s machine at maximum output to recover enough power. After her death, the soul leaves Frieza. They connected with his minions, and ally Cell finishes their truce with the Dragon Team. However, the result of said confrontation hides somewhere,

The events of this arc stopped from occurring when the soul travels back to the occasion’s start. It to have someone else and discover more about the truth.

Android 21 Arc

Android 21 seems after the linking procedure of Android 18, and the other soul triumphed. 21 additionally tells the spirit to speak with 18. After this, 21 provides them with the clothes 18 wore while serving Gero.

As time progresses, however, 21 starts to shed more control over himself. Eventually, when Krillin comes in to rescue 18, 21 lashes out and tries to feed on Krillin. Fortunately, the team subdued her with the support of the soul inside 18. Though a mysterious entity inside 21 tells the spirit that, finally, 21 will devote in.

Why is Android 21 a Majin?
Why is Android 21 a Majin?

Why is Android 21 a Majin?

Is she A Majin? If yes, why? The 1st gameplay reveal for Android 21 shown an entirely different  role than fans were first introduced. It is because of her looking close to Majin Buu, the fans had really dubbed her as “Majin” Android 21.

They then proceed to defeat more clones, together with the spirit now interacting with 21. Throughout these times, 21 would reveal some things about herself. And the spirit would encourage her to keep on fighting to maintain away from her urges. However, because the entity promised, 21 began to eliminate control of her bliss to feed once more.


After the team struck Cell, she restored to his full power because of linking with an artificial soul and turning it to his will. Then 21 transforms to her real shape and struggles Cell alongside 18 and 17, much to 16’s chagrin. After the fight, 21 finally gives in to her urges and tries to eat Cell.

While the soul tried to link back in with her, the thing inside 21 rejected it. Having no other option, 16 attempts to prevent her, leading to his departure at her hand. 21, now devastated, she killed the Android modeled after her son, screams in disbelief and sorrow, eventually pushing out the thing that had given her nothing but fear for so long.

It is later shown in a conversation involving her great and evil halves at the lab where the Wave Machine remote is located. Her wicked personality activates the Wave Machine that caused her original personality to resurface and regain control over their body due to the waves weakening her evil half.

Earth Mission


In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, in the Arcade Mode Universe Mission Age Android 21 Saga: Activation gets the player to use the Link System to link their Avatar to either Goku or Frieza in an adaption of their Super Warrior and Enemy Warrior Arcs. Finally, Goku or Frieza confront Android 21 (Regular ) and 2 Clones.

Goku faces her in a Boss Mission after defeating New Model 16. In contrast, Frieza faces her in a Super Boss Mission after beating a Clone of himself, Mobile, and Kid Buu. In both missions, Android 21 cannot be captured with a Hero Robo Capture Module thus cannot be turned to some Summon Module. However, the Clones accompanying her could.


Being created from the tissues of countless warriors and scientists, Android 21 is one of the strongest Androids from the series and the most significant female Android generated by Dr. Gero’s research. Like Majin Buu and Cell, she can improve her power by minding other life forms, which she does by turning them into sweets and eating them, increasing her power.

She is in a position to defeat Cell without even using half her electricity easily. When inhibited by the waves, she can easily defeat Nappa, the Ginyu Force, and Frieza’s final form (who are all also inhibited by the waves). Vegeta states that when he had access to his full power, he’d have been in a position to defeat 21 alone.

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Even after having absorbed many clones, she’s annihilated by the combined attack of Final Form Frieza, Super Saiyan Goku, and Perfect Cell when his full powers were reawakened by Bulma overriding the waves.

When inhibited by the waves, teamed up with Androids 17, 18, and 16, 21 can defeat Cell – after he’s radically powered up by using the artificial soul he’s been planted.

How Android 16 describe her mom?

Android 16 describes her as having more potential than Mobile ever had and being much more powerful than him. He says she can endlessly force herself up by feeding on other animals and that her urge to feed is her most dangerous quality. She can compete with all the series’ strongest fighters. 

Abilities and weapons

Ki Blast is the most basic form of energy attack.

She can also push her tail into the ground, then have it erupt in the floor to provide a surprise attack, using her ability to expand her tail that can presumably be attributed to either her Frieza Hurry, Namekian, and Majin cells or a combination of those three.

Hungry Beam

Hungry Beam – A movement she utilizes to turn people into food.

Sweet Tooth: Among Android 21’s Meteor Attack (Level 3 Super), which is said to work like Majin Buu’s though is fired as a finger beam like Majuub’s version. Android 21 turns the opponent into a dessert (such as a donut, macaroon, or cupcake). It then requires a bite out of the opponent, regaining some health. If this attack ends off the enemy, she investigates the opponent thoroughly.

Absorption: In all situations, she absorbs many clones. Like Cell and Majin Buu, he was making her more powerful. Android 21’s absorption looks like a blend of Majin Buu’s Candy Beam and Cell’s absorption ability. She can increase her energy by turning others into food and eating them.


Connoisseur Cut: A movement that allows Android 21 to absorb an opponent’s energy and use up to four of her opponent’s moves. She can replicate a pool of eight moves with their accessibility depending on the enemy she took, ki. Notably, ki attacks copied with this move are black and red.

Solar Flare: Among the moves, Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. It is functionally identical to Krillin’s model. Still, it may be helpful in the air. She obtained it from enemies marginally connected to Goku.

Kamehameha: Among the moves, Android 21 can use after utilizing Connoisseur Cut. She obtained from enemies marginally connected to Goku.

Homing Energy Blast: One of those motions Android 21 can utilize after using Connoisseur Cut. It’s comparable to Piccolo’s version, but she can only conjure a single orb at one time. She obtained from alien or godly enemies.

Ki Blast Rush – Among the motions Android 21 may utilize after utilizing Connoisseur Cut. A series of rapid-fire blasts. She obtained from enemies attached to Vegeta.

The combat tools

Sticky Energy Blast: One of those motions Android 21 can use after utilizing Connoisseur Cut. It’s a command grab where she throws the opponent throughout the arena. She obtained from enemies attached to Vegeta.

Barrier Sphere: Among the motions, Android 21 can utilize after using Connoisseur Cut. She obtained from enemies attached to androids.

Explosive Energy Blast: Some of the motions Android 21 can utilize after using Connoisseur Cut. It is a set of energy burst fired at the ground. She Obtained from enemies connected to the Androids.


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Instant Transmission: It was one of the moves Android 21 can use after using Connoisseur Cut. She used to teleport them into the Sacred World of the Kai. She obtained from alien or godly enemies. From the Super Warriors Arc, Android 21 accomplishes it through mimicry after viewing it being used by Goku to Go to the Sacred World of the Kais.

Hors d’Oeuvre Stab

She flies down towards the opponent in the air and strikes them into the ground.

The heavy version of this movement will shed all her acquired moves in the market for additional power.

Total Release Ball – A larger version of Total Detonation Ball, utilized by Android 21 to perish Android 16. It is standard Android 21’s super assault in Dragon Ball Heroes. In Dokkan Battle, it is helpful in her form as her Super Attack, though with her great personality in control of her body.

Photon Wave: A movement where Android 21 produces a Departure Beam-like attack that explodes where it hits the floor.

Excellent Full Course: Android 21’s other Level 3 Super, where she flies into the competition, hitting them with a flurry of dash attacks, before striking them to the floor and fires a ki blast out on top of those.

Appetizing Rush – her move given to her only in Dragon Ball Xenoverse two from Ultra Bundle 2 DLC

Survivability: Thanks to owning cells from Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu, Android 21 possess great survivability and endurance.

Regeneration: Due to possessing cells in Piccolo, Cell, Kid Buu, and decent Buu, Android 21 has one of the most significant regenerative capacities in the series.

Fission: After destroying Android 16 in the Android 21 Arc, Android 21 releases her evil hunger character as a separate entity. Her Majin cells inherited this ability rather than her Namekian Cells.  As the good and evil halves are not life connected,  the good half shows during a unique conversation with Piccolo and Tien.