Attack on Titan – Why Do Titans Eat Humans?

Attack on Titan - Why Do Titans Eat Humans?

Attack on Titan – Why Do Titans Eat Humans?

To escape their never-ending horror, they cannibalized others. Because they thought they were battling monsters rather than people after this horrible discovery, many cadets were horrified by the news.

Whenever we hear about titans, we usually think of the Marvel comics. But there is a lot more to them than that. They can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. It would help if you answered some fundamental questions before thinking about fighting a titan.

Pure Titans

Unlike humans, Titans are immortal and don’t need food to survive. They also have a high rate of regeneration. They can also survive decapitation and dismemberment. They also don’t have a digestive system like humans do. They are very light, which helps them maneuver around in their human-like shape.

Titans get their power from the sun, which is why they are so light. Their bodies absorb sunlight like plants. They also produce steam to regulate their body temperature. They do not have a digestive system or reproductive organs. However, their bodies are solid. They can survive dismemberment and can even swim.

Some Titans also have flat teeth. Some are even capable of functioning without sunlight. However, most Titans become dormant when they don’t have sunlight.

Pure Titans are humans that have been injected with Titan spinal fluid. They have limited awareness and don’t know that their target is humans. They also tend to go after only those glowing things in the dark. They are also interested in consuming humans.

They can be dangerous because of their size and strength. They are not afraid to kill as long as it is in an area that is more important to them. They are also not afraid of gunfire and can take out an entire squad of troops.

The best way to kill a titan is to use a Three Dimension Gear. This weapon targets the nape of the TitanTitan. The nape is where the TitanTitan can use its powers the most.

Pure Titans can also be seen as civilian casualties during the war. They are hunted for freedom. They are also easily deceived because they look human.

Abnormal Titans

There’s an explanation for why Titans eat humans. It’s the same reason they were created. Titans are creatures that get their energy from the sun. Therefore, they can only eat a certain number of humans before regurgitating. They’re just like other creatures that live in the same ecosystem.

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Titans are not the only creatures in the world that eat humans. There are other animals, like chimps and squirrels. Some titans even act on their subconscious desires.

Abnormal Titans are a little more dangerous than regular ones. They can speak human languages, run, speedwalk, and even perform incredible jumps. However, they also deviate from the norm and often have a masculine body type.

Some Titans are even capable of transforming into human form. These extraordinary titans can get power from eating other transforming titans. They also can create an impressive crystal-like structure.

In the Attack on Titan series, there’s no official confirmation of the existence of humans inside Titans. However, the series does show that Titans can’t tell the difference between humans and other organisms.

Attack on Titan - Why Do Titans Eat Humans?

It’s a little-known fact that Titans have an organ to regurgitate a sizeable sticky ball of stomach content. In the manga, there’s an episode where Ymir wandered as a Titan.

Fortunately, Eren has a Titan ability and uses it to his advantage. As a result, he can make two very different escape plans. The first is a trick that involves using shifting without resting. The other involves putting his fingers through an object that appears to be a spike.

The item mentioned above is a piece of equipment that helps Eren maintain his balance while he’s in a partially transformed Titan.

Colossal Titan

Unlike humans, Titans are a race of unnaturally large and powerful creatures. Their bodies are derived from sunlight energy. They can withstand dismemberment and decapitation. They are regenerative creatures that absorb sunlight like plants. They can regain their Titan form in just minutes.

They were shaped like human beings but without visible reproductive organs. In addition, they had no digestive tract or spinal fluid. Instead, they had large molar teeth that ground human flesh.

Some Titans had sharp teeth and flat teeth. Some Titans had long fingers and arms. Most Titans were dormant when there was no sunlight. Their bodies defied scientific laws. The Titans were used as cheap killing machines. They also hunted for Titan shifters.

Some Titans were used by Eren, Ymir, Reiner, Karl, and Frieda. They are very dangerous because of their size. They are a threat to anyone who has the strength to withstand their attacks. They deal tons of damage with each strike.

In the first season of the show, Titans were depicted as devils. They are docile once they have been deprived of sunlight for an hour. They also had giant mouths. Some Titans also had a spine-chilling look. During the Fall of the Shiganshina Arc, the Colossal Titan broke down the outermost wall of the Shiganshina city. It was the largest TitanTitan of its kind.

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A Titan is one of the most powerful creatures in the entire universe. It can release hot steam on command. This steam will burn anyone nearby. It can also destroy buildings. It can also eject steam from its body. It can be a defense mechanism. It costs a lot of muscle mass to use this ability.


During the third season of Attack on Titan, we discover the truth behind why titans eat humans question. In the series, the titans are giant man-eating beasts, but a little research and a lot of luck can help us find out why they eat sprees.

Fans do not know why titans eat humans, but the creators of the anime series have come up with two possible reasons. The first is that the Titans want to regain their humanity. The second is that the Titans can get energy from the sun.

In addition to eating humans to regain their humanity, Titans also eat them to gain the ability to shift between human and Titan forms. Some of them can even swim. The latest manga chapter shows that the titans can swim.

Those who watch Attack on Titan may know that Ymir Fritz, the first Titan Shifter, ate Marcel Galliard. But who exactly was that character? Luckily for us, we know he was Bertholdt’s buddy and about to be eaten. Then a Reiner appears and swoops in to save the day.

The biggest TitanTitan in the series is 120 meters tall. The other titans are all male, but the female titans are smaller than the males.

According to Ymir, the Titans eat humans to gain their shifter powers. To get their shifter powers, a Titan must eat a human and absorb the spinal fluid that the human has. The TitanTitan can then use this fluid to return to its original human form.

While Attack on Titan’s third season explains why titans eat humans, the manga series explains much better. The manga does not explicitly state that the titans eat humans, but the character of Ymir explains it all.

Creating a false Marleyan hero

Creating a false Marleyan hero when titans eat humans has become an increasingly common practice in Marley. While Marley’s leaders have always been Eldian nobles, they tend to use Eldians as a resource for war. They also use Eldians from internment zones as low-income weapons. But what happens if they exhaust their usefulness? And how can Marley protect its people from the Eldians?

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The Eldians’ tyranny lasted for hundreds of years, and Marley was the primary victim. Finally, the Marley nation revived itself as a formidable military power. They took control of the continent and created six of the nine titan powers. These titans were then used as ‘Warriors.’

Attack on Titan - Why Do Titans Eat Humans?

Eren’s father was swept up in a movement to overthrow the Marleyan government. The Tybur family, who had once sided with Marley, secretly collaborated with King Fritz. The 145th King greatly desired to end the war, but he was ashamed of his people’s legacy. During this time, he had a son named Zeke, who betrayed his parents to Marley’s government. Ymir Fritz then established a nation called Eldia.

When the Eldians were weakened, Marley attacked. The Eldians were devastated, and the 145th Eldian King left Eldia to be destroyed. However, the Tybur family was ready to reveal their solution to Titans.

The Tybur family is the inheritors of the Warhammer Titan, one of the nine Titan powers. They want to take bloody revenge on the world. They also have a fascist uniform sensibility. They want to restore the Eldian Empire.

Eren’s followers plan to awaken all of the Titans in the walls. They want to destroy every human being in the world. These people attack Marleyan soil in front of international dignitaries.

What occurs when a Titan consumes a human?

Titans devour humans in the hopes of recovering their humanity. They can reclaim their humanity by ingesting the spinal fluid of a Titan Shifter, one of the nine individuals who can transform into Titans at will.


Why do the Titans want to destroy humanity?

Spoilers: The titan shifters are attempting to destroy the inhabitants of the walls, not humanity. Most shifters serve Marley, who has been attempting to conquer the island known as Paradis Island, which is home to the walls.

What exactly does Eren want?

Although Eren wants to destroy the whole planet save for Paradis, he still values the lives of his fellow Paradisans, especially his close pals.

Who invented the Titans?

Initially, all Titans belonged to a race of people known as the Subjects of Ymir. The first Titan was Ymir Fritz, who merged with an odd spine-like creature in a tree to become one. Ymir’s subjects are tied to her on a remote level, which links them to the pathways that allow for change.

Are Titans able to age?

More specifically, Titan prisoners (like Ymir) do not experience aging. Instead, they usually age if they can enter and exit their TitanTitan, like Eren and most of the Titan shifting cast can.