Best Dhaka Bangladesh WhatsApp Group Links 2022

Best Dhaka Bangladesh WhatsApp Group Links 2022

Bangladesh Whatsapp Group Links List

Whatsapp is a well-known messaging app across the globe. It is used on iOS, Android, or as well as in Windows devices. You can create a Whatsapp Group with the help of the Whatsapp application. In addition, you can add up to 256 members at a time in one group. You can make many groups related to each topic. If you are interested in Bangladesh Whatsapp groups, you are in the right place. This article will give you a list of links from Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh is a South Asian country. It is the eighth-most populated country in the world. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka. Due to its beautiful tourist places, everyone wants to visit this country and make friends in Bangladesh. So, in this case, Whatsapp groups will help you a lot. Let’s look at the collection of Whatsapp group links that we have compiled for you in this article, so you can easily join the group you want.

How To Join Bangladesh Whatsapp Groups?

If you want to join Bangladesh Whatsapp groups, you should follow some simple rules mentioned below. But you should install the official Whatsapp application. 

  1. Go into the play store and install the official Whatsapp application.
  2. After this, you have to tap on the link attached with the group you want to join. It will guide you to the official App of Whatsapp.
  3. When you are on the Whatsapp official app, you will see the “JOIN” button on the screen.
  4. When you tap on the link to join, you become a Whatsapp group member. However, if you want to join any Whatsapp group on the internet, you must follow the above steps.
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Updated Features Of Whatsapp

Here we discuss some of the new features of Whatsapp. Let’s have a look at them.

Admin delete 

This feature allows the admin to remove any message from the chat that is a problem for the group members. If any group member sends an illegal, offensive, or abusive message, the admin has the right to delete his message from the group

File sharing size is increased 

Now, WhatsApp users will allow sending files up to 2GB at a time, which is a great conversion from the previous file limit of 100MB. 

Whatsapp reactions 

This new feature of Whatsapp allows users to react to a message with six different emojis; red heart, laughing face, thumbs up, surprised face, hands together, and teary face. To use this feature, you just have to long-press a message to which you want to react; this will display the emojis. Users can only give a single reaction per message. Like Instagram, you can change reactions to a different one by long-pressing the message, or you can also just click on it to remove the same one. These reaction emojis also disappear when the message disappears. In addition, users cannot hide the reaction or reaction count.  

Large voice calls 

This feature of WhatsApp allows one-tap voice calling with 32 people with new designs for the time when talking is better than chatting.

Why Are Turkish Messaging Apps Booming In Bangladesh?

Turkish messaging apps are booming in Bangladesh as BiP has on top users lists in Bangladesh due to privacy concerns on Whatsapp. BiP is the top messaging App in Bangladesh for android users, according to MobileAction, the world’s leading application store platform. This App places Whatsapp in the second number while Facebook, IMO, messenger, and Telegram are behind these. 

Users of South Asian countries are downloading BiP in massive numbers. Youth of Bangladesh claims that BiP is an amazing app developed by Turkey. One of the journalists stated that “I think the use of BiP application is very safe and secure compared to Whatsapp because the authorities of this app ensure that your information will remain secured in this app.” Many people switch to BiP App because of the privacy concerns of Whatsapp. As Whastapp changes of privacy policy so, many users will switch to other messaging applications. The increase in Turkish App downloading will rapidly gain momentum when WhatsApp recently introduces controversial changes in its safety and privacy policy. 

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Bip Gains Massive Response In Bangladesh

The response to this BiP app in Bangladesh is huge. Among the top countries of the world that are using this App. The youth in Muslim-majority countries have begun to download this App and call it “their app.” More than 110 million users in Bangladesh use mobile phones, and one-quarter of them use smartphones and enjoy internet facilities and various messaging applications. However, experts say that if BiP’s download trends increase in Bangladesh within a few weeks, BiP’s users will be in millions. 

Lucrative Offers Of Bip 

According to Google’s app store, BiP has crossed 50 million users across the globe. BiP is easy-to-use, secure, and allows free communication. These apps offer seamless connections and a huge range of features in 106 languages. This App allows its users on the web and mobile to make audio and video calls with more than ten people across the globe. 

You can share videos, images, and locations with your friends. BiP has attracted many people and filled the vacuum developed by controversial steps taken by Whatsapp has played a considerable role in the success of this App. Turkey is helping to further boost this App in South Asian countries. However, this App has become very popular due to its efficient security and privacy concerns.  

Advantages Of Joining Bangladesh Whatsapp Groups

If you want to join the Bangladesh Whatsapp groups, read these benefits.

  • You will get all the data about Bangladesh tourism and much useful information.
  • Furthermore, you will also get employment and educational news from Bangladesh.
  • You can also use this group as an opportunity to make new relationships with the people of Bangladesh. 

Best Dhaka Bangladesh Whatsapp Group Links 2022


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