Best free and paid sites accepting guest posts | 2022 Opportunities

Best free and paid sites accepting guest posts | 2022 Opportunities

How to find guest posting opportunities? Best free and paid sites accepting guest posts.

Well, guest posting is not a new term. Every business needs to get traffic to its sales page. However, the challenge is it is not easy as a new or non-established website. Every keyword will end up a big and established site in SERP. Therefore the best way for a new website is to get a list of the best free and paid guest posting sites in 2022. But before that, let us analyze how Google treats Guest Posts.

Google Warning on Guest Posting For Links

In the year 2017, Google warned webmasters about the harmful effects for the blog. It applies in the event of publishing content from other websites to increase the volume of links in its blog. The company’s representatives, including its senior analyst John Mueller, have always been vocal about the practice of using guest blog posts. However, many SEO professionals continue to misuse this technique, leading to negative rankings.

In 2020, John Mueller stated that Google is not just hostile to linking posts but also devalues them completely. Even the user puts in a lot of work and does not follow the algorithm used by the Google search engine (which is not likely), and the result might be zero.

What Is Guest Posting and How It Affected Promotion in 2022

Guest post is content published on a different site to increase backlinks back to the site. In 2014, the director of Google’s web-based spam group, Matt Cutts, said that this method of promotion results in an upsurge in the quantity of spam being pushed through the network.

Guest Post opportunities 2022

How Does Google Identify Guest Posts?

Google is actively combating spam. In 2014, after Matt Cutts strongly commented on guest posts on a blog, Google began to create an algorithm for linking posts on search engines and tracking spammy URLs. Updates are conducted annually, and the system gets more sensible. It is doubtful that you will be able to evade the Google algorithm of the search engines, and it is a waste of your time and money.

There is no official method for identifying guest posts. So, for many SEO experts, this type of promotion is appealing. Suppose you permit webmasters to put hyperlinks on your site following the guidelines. In that case, the links must be labeled as nofollow. Search engines do not notice this type of link mass, so it’s not adequate to promote your site.

We want to remind ourselves that things aren’t always easy. Quality links from good websites are the solution to avoid the Google penalty. Many experts claim guest posting is still effective. The algorithms of search engines may continue to consider them valuable, thereby helping to improve the site’s rankings. It isn’t easy to prove this on the ground.

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How To Do Guest Blogging Without Getting Penalised By Google?

Guest blogging occurs when you submit an article for another blog as an external contributor. The majority of guest blogs are created for free. Guest blogs should be high-quality, well-written, and beneficial to the readers.

Guest blogging is beneficial to both the owner of the site as well as the guest blogger because:

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The website owner receives the latest article, which is relevant to their audience, providing the site’s visitors with fresh and engaging articles to go through.

That improves the site’s rank on new subjects via Google search, and that helps bring in new users.

It gives the site’s owner something new to talk about on social media platforms, increasing the website’s visitors and helping Google improve its ranking.

The writer of the article will benefit from their credibility because the guest article could be linked on the Google Authorship profile of the author. It helps build your Google Author profile.

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Guest bloggers can include links to their website in their blog posts. That will drive traffic to their website and increase the rank of their website for the keywords they have chosen.

Why should Google decide to penalize bloggers who guest blog?

Link building refers to the procedure of obtaining sites to hyperlink to your site to boost your SEO. You can learn more about link building here.

SEO professionals are constantly seeking ways to build links that will improve the rankings of their sites. However, Google is trying to stop these loopholes and penalize websites that attempt to manipulate rankings and reward those with natural hyperlinks.

To build links that look natural, numerous SEO spammers have started making low-quality posts specifically for link building. The low-quality spam blogs are precisely the type of content Google dislikes.

What do I do to ensure my guest blogs don’t be disqualified?

The phrase “guest blogging” isn’t an unsettling or ad-hoc term. Still, thanks to Google’s Penguin update, it’s doing internet users a great favor. A quality blog with high-quality content can benefit your business and better for your customers, But how can we maximize the value from our blog posts without being penalized?

Do Not Allow Guest Bloggers to Put Unnatural Links in Their Articles

Google’s algorithm is continuously changed to cut down on online spam. A growing number of websites are being penalized by Google for links that do not appear natural. These links redirect users to websites that have nothing to do with the article’s content.

Suppose a link is hidden in an article or added to the author’s bio. If you’re looking over guest blog posts, Keep these guidelines in your head:

Use only links that provide value for the reader.

When the author of guest posts supplies you with content and links, ensure they’re genuine. Be sure to include a link that is their site and other sources that can provide value to the content (for instance, Wikipedia).

Suppose you’re unsure about any link you are uncertain. In that case, you should either eliminate the link or employ the rel=nofollow tag instead of risking a fine. Learn the details about these tags on this page.

Use Copyscape To Make Sure the Content Is 100% Unique

It is essential to make sure that all submitted content is entirely original. Google does not want duplicate content. And you could get into trouble for using plagiarized material as your own even if you’re not aware of the fact that it’s copied.

Various free online services verify that the information you provide is original. We suggest Copyscape, which will check websites for duplicate content.

What shall you do as a Guest Blogger to avoid Google penalty?

Create original and high-quality content

Many high-quality websites need content regularly, and new sites are continually created. In the end, the demand for top-quality content is growing. If you are an SME, you must strive to publish your content on top-quality sites with committed and massive followers. It is not worth the time and effort to create a great blog if it is posted by a site with little or no traffic, and it’s a waste of your time.

High-quality content is in line with the background of the website it’s written on and the tone of the articles recently published.

Your guest blog must solve a reader’s problem or provide them with an advantage in another way. You must motivate them to come back to your blog and start following your site.

Suppose you’re considering publishing your blog on the top-rated blog or website. It is essential to look at their guest blogging guidelines and editorial rules, should the website has any.

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Suppose your guest blog does not satisfy the editorial requirements of the website you’re referring to. In that case, it is recommended to revisit and revise your post.

Guest blogging is a possibility

It isn’t easy to find quality blogs to post your content, and it can be much more difficult to find high-quality writers. If you adhere only to natural links, make unique content, and follow the other suggestions we’ve given. You’ll be well on the way to becoming a pro at guest blogging and won’t need to worry about being in Google’s crosshairs ever again.

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10 point checklist for guest post opportunities without google penalty

  1. Ensure your article is 1000-2000 words.
  2. Ensure the article is original. Do not use spun content.
  3. Ensure there are no grammar/ spelling mistakes.
  4. Do not put a link in the first paragraph.
  5. Ensure that you choose a website that already has articles on similar links. Don’t put more than one link back to your website.
  6. Write an article as good as you would like to write on your own website. If you do not know to write an article, use an essay writing service or an SEO writer.
  7. Use Copyright-free images.
  8. Websites that allow guest posts prefer ” How to” articles rather than ” Buy xyz” type articles.
  9. Always end your article with a ” CONCLUSION.”
  10. When submitting guest posts, prefer to send them in Google docs or MS. Word file.

5 Best websites accepting free Guest Posts in 2022

5 Best websites accepting free Guest Posts in 2022


Though the name sounds new, we are into every niche. We love to write and rank. Google loves us. We have more than 400,000 readers a month. We believe in quality. However, to submit a free guest post, here are the rules.

  1. Minimum 2000 words article
  2. We only provide no-follow backlink in the free guest post

You may reach us through Contact Us form.

2. Vocal Media

Vocal Media is touted as an alternative for users looking for other options to Medium or the self-hosted websites they have (i.e., WordPress, Squarespace, Wix). It can be helpful for a vast range of topics divided into categories such as Beat, Blush, Lifehack, Journal, etc. Fiction and nonfiction material are allowed in Vocal Media.

The site and all its stories are available for free. However, Vocal Media also offers a one-time $10 to join Vocal+. The primary benefit of being a member is that it allows access to all contests provided on the website. They are called “Challenges.” It increases the amount you earn profits when people browse your content.

The interface is clean and straightforward. It’s similar to Medium and has easy learning curves. You can publish as much as you like. After each post, there’s the Twitter button and an option for Facebook that allows you to share your work via social media.

Vocal Media also allows you to access free images on Unsplash. Unsplash to enhance aesthetic appeal to your blog posts. Embed features are permitted to YouTube videos, gifs, and embeds to other sites within your posts.

It’s also evident that an editorial staff reviews every article before it goes live on the site. So there’s some degree of quality control for the content available on Vocal Media.

3. Medium

Medium is another fantastic platform to get a tremendous link from websites that get millions of views per month. Medium is the ideal blog since you don’t require the services of an outside company. There is no need for servers, and it doesn’t require any updates or even upgrades. It is simple to write your articles on it. It is also possible to have articles shared easily across multiple social platforms. In the end, we have found it to be easy to use and a simple platform that has helped us to replace our previous reliance on WordPress.

4. The Huffington Post

It covers all areas of news, politics, satire blogs, technology, women’s issues, and much more. The site was established in 2005, and it even received the Pulitzer Prize award and enjoyed a worldwide Alexa rank of 152.

The guest posts they offer are a comprehensive range of topics and are available to everyone from small independent bloggers to award-winning celebrities and journalists.

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5. Thought Catalog

The magazine is an online magazine for youth with many stories about love loss, self-improvement, success and failure, and everything else in life. Their overall ranking is at 2,525, and they accept Republished content too. Everyone has their own story, and there’s no better place than ThoughtCatalog to let your perspective out.

5 Best websites accepting paid Guest Posts in 2022

5 Best websites accepting paid Guest Posts in 2022

Paid guest posts mean that you write for a blog, and the blogger will pay you by allowing you to contribute content to their websites. Paid guest posts are not a form of link-buying. You will pay money for guest posting to help bloggers drive additional traffic to your sales page/ website. You also establish themselves in their niche to establish credibility and authority within the community, market products and increase brands to the forefront.

Paid guest posting focuses on bringing the most effective results for businesses through guest posting. It manages all aspects of guest posts, from outreach writing to publishing and even writing guest posts. Many sites provide guest posts for sale on Google by typing in footprints such as “paid guest post” + “your topic” or “paid guest post submission” + “your topic.” Instead of pitching websites, it is better to choose those that have these characteristics:

  • A massive traffic flow
  • Excellent engagement of the audience
  • High-quality content and quality posts
  • Social media presence
  • Trust and authority flow from high authority

Suppose you are looking to inquire about paid guest posting. It is essential to find out high-quality guest posting sites. It will establish credibility, build authority, develop a strong readership, and also give the boost you need to kickstart your writing skills.


Paid guest post is a great way to increase your reach to 400,000 readers. We have traffic from all around the globe, and the process is straightforward. You may reach us through Contact Us form or email us at The minimum requirement is 1000 words, and the link should not be placed in the first paragraph. We discourage articles on No CBD, Gambling, and Casino. We also provide banner ad services on a monthly basis.

The requirements of banner ads

1. We only accept banner ads on our website

2. The client must give the banner ads. we need 48 hours to fix it

3. Home Page ads monthly charges: Minimum commitment six months. 

  • 336×280: $ 160 for the homepage $100 for article page
  • 300×250: $ 160 for the homepage, $100 for article page
  • 300×600-pixel half-page ads: $ 230 for homepage and $140 for article page
  • 728×90: $ 190 for Home page & $120 for article page
  • 320×110-pixel banners: $120 for home page & $70 for article page






Summary: Is Guest posting dead or does it still work in 2022?

Guest blogging has some inherent advantages that continue to be relevant in 2022. Whatever content you create, the most extraordinary measure of success is its importance to the audience. If this stays the critical focus even when you are guest blogging, you are in a good place. Both Do follow and No-follow links works, and we have to be careful about crazy link building. Google is watching us 24/7. Write great content. Don’t let the quality drop because it’s a guest blog. Instead, pay more attention. Use the same rules as you would use to your internal content. Conversion should be your key goal. Please find a way to include keywords and other SEO requirements and ensure that it is contextual and appropriate. Add contextual CTAs that drive the audience to explore more.
Guest blogging still retains 2022 its relevance in content marketing, and the demand for content is only increasing. Today, having an expansive digital existence is the surest way to take your business to greater heights. Guest blogs help you here irrespective of free or paid.
While we have spoken primarily about blogs, guest blogging could be seen with a broader lens. You can also include other forms of content attention like videos, courses, and guest lecturers in podcasts, all of which fall under the same category. Guest blogging is still relevant in 2022. And we can safely presume that this remains the tale for a few years to come.