Can a dog get a cat pregnant? Is cat and dog breeding and mating a good idea?

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Can a dog get a cat pregnant? Is cat and dog breeding and mating a good idea?

Cats and dogs were considered enemies for centuries. However, in recent years, this concept has been debunked. Unfortunately, this has progressed to the point where many owners wonder if a dog can mate with a cat and if such offspring are feasible.

In this post, we will see how a dog can mate with a cat and become pregnant and if it is possible or not.

Can Dog and Cat Mate? 

No, dogs and cats cannot mate because the DNA of both cats and dogs is very different. The DNA of these two are not found together, so they cannot produce a child after mating, but you must have wondered how the lion and the tiger mate. After children are born, their DNA is matched with each other.

Why can’t dogs get cats pregnant?

Dogs can’t get cats pregnant because they are two different species. After all, the chromosomes of these two don’t match.

Because cats has 19 pairs of chromosomes and dogs have 39 chromosomes, dogs cannot get cats pregnant.

If Dogs take a Mating with Cats, what will the Babies look like after Birth? 

Babies won’t be born because dogs can’t get cats pregnant. In addition, cats and dogs cannot breed since they are two distinct species. As discussed before, cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes, whereas dogs have 39 pairs. This makes dogs and cats impossible for them to reproduce.

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Can Male Cats Make a Female Dog Pregnant? 

Cats and dogs are two distinct species. A dog egg cell cannot be unlocked by cat sperm. Sperm and egg cells are quite selective; only the same cells of the same species will enter an egg cell of the same species. 

Therefore, cats cannot impregnate dogs. Dogs cannot also impregnate cats. It is simply not biologically viable.

Unless scientists discover a way to make the egg cell accept the sperm, which would almost certainly have to be done in a lab, I doubt it’s conceivable or that they’d strive to make it happen. The end effect would most likely be dead.

Also, because dogs and cats have different chromosomes, the cells would not function because the DNA would not function—that sort of thing.

Is Cat and Dog Breeding and Mating a Good idea?

As discussed several times, Cats and dogs cannot mate, even if it appears like they are attempting to do so.

Their breeding habits, heat cycles, and genetic differences prevent them from producing healthy, viable progeny. However, hybrid species can be developed when two animals share similar DNA, such as lions and tigers.

This is not the right idea because a dog is more than a cat in terms of height, weight, and strength, so if a dog has intercourse with a cat, then that cat can get hurt a lot. Moreover, it’s also not a good idea because dogs can’t get cats pregnant.

Delaying Spaying for your dog

Delaying a spay for your cat or dog might also be expensive. Non-productive heat cycles are connected with pyometra, a deadly uterine infection that can ultimately be fatal to cats and dogs. 

In addition to the benefits of preventing mammary tumors and behavioral problems with Spaying before the first heat cycle. 

Although pyometra may usually be treated by spaying the dog or cat, pyometra makes the spay more complicated because the uterus can become friable (easily torn or burst, resulting in bleeding). The animal must usually be kept on antibiotics afterward. 

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We do not perform emergency procedures on animals with pyometra and encourage that you see your usual veterinarian as soon as possible.

What to do if your dog is mounting a cat?

So, why does a dog hump a cat, and is it safe?

There can be many reasons why your dog is mounting the cat. Some of the reasons can be:

  • Showing dominance
  • Play
  • Stress
  • Masturbation

They do this not just to masturbate but also to show their authority. Aggressive dogs are more likely to mount other animals. Moreover, more obvious aggressive behaviors. This involves threatening, direct eye contact, standing over things, and keeping a high attitude from other animals.

During playfulness, some dogs will mount cats and other animals. This can result in an erection, so it is sometimes confused with mating or other forms of sexual activity.


In this article, we discussed the possibility of mating dogs and cats. We discussed the mating of dogs and cats and if their offspring were possible or not.

It is technically and biologically impossible to get offspring from these two species due to biological differences. For the latest updates, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.