Celestial warlock patron in Dnd 5E & Ki rin interaction

Celestial warlock patron

Celestial warlock patron and Ki rin interaction in dnd 5e

Is a Ki-rin a celestial warlock patron in Dungeons and Dragons 5E: Can it be? Ki-rin would make a great warlock patron, especially if they are of the ‘celestial sub-class. However, 5e does not offer any guidelines. No rules exist. They provide a small list of suggestions, but not enough to cover every subclass.

Your DM can make your Patron an intelligent thundercloud or something else. Or even a computer-operated machine if it is lucky enough to be struck by a lightning bolt. If the DM gives it their magic rubber stamp, anything will work for a patron.

Higher levels might require the Warlock to find additional patrons of greater power, but that doesn’t mean you can start patronizing weaker patrons.

You could allow an imp as your Patron at lvl1. They will likely need to summon a stronger demon around lvl3, but giving a mortal just a little bit of power shouldn’t be a problem. The ghosts of her ancestors could be used to control the warlocks lvl1-5. She should have run into something at lvl6 that would draw attention to something more substantial.

A ki-rin is a powerful and spellcasting-savvy patron.

Patrons of Celestial Warlocks

Celestial Patrons can be Solars or Devi’s, Empyrean Unicorns, and many other things. Celestial Warlocks Patrons can be gentle, strict, or forceful, but they are never really evil to their Warlock.

A Celestial Warlock can be described as someone who was chosen to fight for the Patron at death. A Valkyrie is a Valkyrie who takes a warrior to Valhalla. You could have been the wrong person, and you would be willing to work for a celestial being in return for your sins.

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Perhaps someone was suffering from a severe illness, and you couldn’t afford to go to the church. Instead, you asked for mercy on everyone, and every person and an angel heard you cry. You will heal others by giving your time and energy to a noble and holy cause.

Celestial warlock patrons are not gods. It’s more in line with angels and other powerful entities of the upper planes. They are the mirror to the fiend patron. They don’t get evil gods as patrons but rather powerful devils and demons. Hexblade is a powerful weapon and Patron. Although Unicorn and Kirin are examples of creatures that could be Celestial Patron, all patrons are deliberately vague. Create your own! I love Warlock because you can create the source of your power that is mechanically tied to your class.

What is a Ki Rin in dnd 5e?

In dnd 5e, Ki-rins were noble celestial creatures who worked for good-aligned gods or protected large areas of the mortal realm. They were believed to be harbingers for good fortune and were blessed when they were sighted.

Ki Rin 5e
Ki Rin 5e

In some ways, Ki-rins were very similar to unicorns. Both were noble equine creatures that had one horn. Although they had stag-like bodies and were covered in gold scales instead of fur, some were known to have velvety or golden fur. Their thick, golden manes gave them the appearance that they were enchanted by magical light. They were known for their deep violet eyes and melodious voices.
The appearance of ki-rins was different depending on their power. They could look like giant unicorns, while others looked more draconic. Their sizes varied, with some as big as elephants. Like their hooves, many had a spiral-shaped horn that was pinkish-copper, but others had two horns or deer-like antlers.

What Patron is the best for a celestial warlock in d&d?

It depends on the setting. 

  1. Empyreans or Deathpact Angels (either by bribing or worshipping them)
  2.  Fallen Idol
  3.  Archons in Theros
  4.  Ravnica
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 You can blur the thematic lines between celestial pact Unicorns and a fey by using pact Unicorns. Your Angelic Guide will work perfectly if your Aasimar is a good choice. Felidae’s ability of binding with others makes it an exciting option for a pact.

If you are a multiclass Paladin, your Pact can be made with your Find Steed Celestial Mount or Greater Steed Celestial mount. This works for both the Fey and Fiendish versions of Mounts and their respective Pacts. That is a great flavor, especially when you mix it with an unusual choice such as Fiend Pegasus.

How would D&D’s Celestial Warlock interact with its Ki-rin Patron?

Let’s begin with Ki-Rin communication. They can speak all languages and can also use telepathy. They have an intelligence of 19 and Wisdom plus Charisma of 20, respectively, so it won’t feel like talking to an animalistic but wise giant deer. Although they may speak to you mentally, their insanely high stats (as is the norm for celestials) make it feel like a superior being talking to a warlock. It will be a majestic creature with a lot of charisma rather than a lousy CGI joke.

The way they would interact would be the same for all warlocks and patrons, except that the DM may change it. You might do it all the time, in dreams, or during brief rest meditations to regain your spell slots.