What is the cost and use of pathfinder mithral breastplate?

What is the cost and use of pathfinder mithral breastplate

What is the cost and use of pathfinder mithral breastplate?

The cost and use of pathfinder mithral breastplate is a very interesting topic to be discussed. This is because this armour can serve you well against all kinds of attacks. Although there are many armours which can do the job, still missive breastplate stands out on its own. This is because it can provide a lot of advantages to its user. It is a light armor costing 4200 GP.

  • AC: +6
  • Max Dex: +5
  • Movement: 30 ft, 20 ft
  • Weight: 15 lbs

Uses of pathfinder mithral breastplate

The benefit that mithral breastplate gives you will really depend on the material from which it is made from. The lighter the armour, the more benefits you’ll get from it. In this case, missive breastplate made from mithral provides very good defense ability to its users. For instance, if someone armed with a light weapon attacks you and misses his attack against you, he will be hit by your response attack automatically due to high dexterity points in your character! This armor can also make your character to have a very high speed when attacking others or dodging their response move. It’s speed bonus affects both offensive and defensive moves so basically, whomever who wears this armour can make a very effective response move against your opponent. These are the reasons why many people like to wear mithral breastplate.

Another benefit of wearing this armor is that it can boost your character’s charisma score by +2 and his/her perception ability will be doubled as well! This means that you’ll have a better chance in succeeding in different kinds of social skills. Furthermore, this kind of material provides good protection against energy attacks such as fire and electric type spells or weapons too. You should know that enchanters like to use these kinds of armours so if you plan on enchanting other items for your group, missive breastplate made from mithral should be one of your options when choosing an item to be enchanted.

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To make the most out of your missive breastplate, you should enchant it too so that its defense ability will be boosted even higher. It is also very important that you wear this armour at all times especially when attacking opponents armed with light weapons since they are the most likely to miss their weapon attacks against you! Just keep in mind that potions are not allowed inside Oblivion Gate dungeons so you have to rely on armours and weapons during any encounters with monsters there. Although missive mithral breastplate has a lot of benefits for players using it, still one shortcoming of this armour is that it decreases your charisma points by -1 after wearing it but trust me, this is a small price to pay if you want to make your character more effective in terms of speed, defense and offensive power!

An in-depth look at the cost and use of pathfinder Mithral Breastplate:

The price of a mithral breastplate is unchanged from that in the Core Rulebook.

This entry doubles as both armor and a shield, granting the wearer a +4 armor bonus to AC rather than the +2 bonus granted by a breastplate. The wearer can use a tower shield-sized mithral breastplate just as if it were a standard heavy armor and switching between being able to serve as either is a free action. In addition, when wielded by a character with panoply mastery, the spell failure chance increases only 75% while using this item (rounded up; 100% becomes 75%, 200% becomes 112.5%, and so on). If you’re wearing other magic armor with this property—such as a mithral full plate—the percentage chance increases by only 25% (50% becomes 62.5%).

A Mithral Breastplate has a $1,000 dollar price tag and weighs about 50 lbs. A large sized male human with panoply mastery would need 18 strength to be able to wear it like a normal heavy armor which requires no check penalty, but my female human fighter with 14 strength cannot.

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The maximum Dexterity bonus granted by the Heavy Armor Mastery feat is increased from +4 to +6 when a character is wearing heavy armor or using a shield in addition to Mithral Breastplate (increasing his AC from 18 to 20).

Uses of pathfinder mithral breastplate:

The pathfinder mithral breastplate is a heavy armor which has the same statistics as a normal breastplate, except that it weighs only 1.5 pounds more. It provides its wearer an armor bonus of +8 and no max dex bonus, but also imposes disadvantage on stealth checks due to its sheer weight.

The adventuring use of the mithral breastplate: many players are unsure if there are any benefits for their characters wearing this particular type of armor. Although it may not be advantageous in terms of defense, “passing off” the item as non-mithral could prove useful for tricking your foes into thinking you are weaker than you actually are. A character will become much deadlier after being unsuspectingly attacked by their foes, as a result of their sudden advantage during a surprise attack.

This article will attempt to conclude the benefits and detriments of the mithral breastplate with a multitude of practical examples, not limited.

  • -its usefulness in social interactions
  • -its use with heavy armor
  • -its use with medium armor
  • -the best way to pass it off as non-mithral armor.

It is logical that if players are unsure about whether wearing this type of armor would be beneficial or not for their character’s class/build, then surely the pathfinder mithral breastplate could be used as an unwilling decoy for adventurers who have yet to find a breastplate suits them well. As far as a character’s dex build is concerned, it is very common for players to choose a split-armor type consisting of half chainmail and the other heavy armor. The mithral breastplate does not provide any magical enhancements that one would expect from advanced armors, but nevertheless it could be used as a substitute for chainmails if one doesn’t have enough gold available to buy heavier armor. In other words, this may be an excellent alternative pathfinder mithral breastplate for adventurers who are unable or unwilling to spend their own money on buying heavier armors.

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