How to prevent the Followers from un-following the Instagram Page?

How to prevent the Followers from un-following the Instagram Page?

How to prevent the Followers from un-following the Instagram Page

Followers are an essential measure to define success on Instagram. Losing followers on Instagram can cause a problem and deplete the popularity of your account. The followers, along with the engagement rate, portray how well an account is growing. Therefore, increasing Instagram followers is one of the most important priorities for any brand.

But retaining these followers is another challenge, and you must have a clear strategy to engage and retain the followers. Let us evaluate certain tricks that can help you retain your followers:

  1. Find your passion

While posting on Instagram, your content needs to reflect what you are good at. If you are passionate about cooking, then flaunt your breath-taking food images with recopies. If you are good at music, Instagram can provide your skills with the desired wings. Firstly, you need to identify your passion. It will help you plan your content on Instagram. You will be able to create connections with your followers; because if you indulge in something you are not passionate about, you will not feel motivated enough to create great content. When you are passionate about what you are doing, you will gain the trust of your followers on Instagram. It will aid in your organic growth as an influencer.

  1. Always buy real active Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers is a common practice to gain initial success. It is important to buy real Instagram followers from trusted sites. Fake bot accounts will provide no engagement in the long run and also unfollow your account. Be watchful while you buy Instagram followers, as fake accounts will also bring down your page’s reputation.

  1. Avoid excess posts

You can avoid the followers from un-following your account on Instagram by avoiding excess posts. People get bored seeing so many posts and do not wish to invest a lot of time on just one feed. Your post needs to be relevant and to the point. Many consecutive posts take a long time to scroll, and the older posts get lost as there is no chronological sorting of posts. It becomes challenging to track your latest posts. You must post one post for the day to gain attention. Posting more than that makes the feed look overcrowded. As a result, people may mute or unfollow you.

  1. Account must be engaging

The engagement of the followers is the critical parameter to keep them happy. The posts need to be interactive and relevant; otherwise, the followers may just unfollow the account. You need to be consistent with the posts as this helps the page to get noticed. You must appreciate the top followers of your page.

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The Instagram tracker can help you figure out about the top followers and the engagement of your page. Then, you can plan out the strategy accordingly. But, of course, you must also follow back and comment on your followers’ posts. Interaction is the key to getting more engagement.

  1. Always post quality content

It is one critical point. The followers on Instagram would stick to your profile or follow your account if the content is inspiring and relatable. Great content encourages people to like, share, and comment on your posts. Your outstanding work and the quality of your content is the key to becoming famous on Instagram. Minimal tricks like posting a high-resolution picture will always be more eye-catching than a blurred image. You must upload regular images that can attract your audience and increase your followers. While clicking pictures, you must make sure that the lights are perfect and that you are using appropriate filters to post stunning and exclusive photographs on your feed. You can also follow some renowned influencers and get inspired by their content.

  1. Follow the followers back

Your followers will always be appreciative if you interact with them and respond to their comments. When they see you commenting back, they feel connected and engage more with the brand. A solid and long-lasting relationship is always that of giving and take. Like and comment on their posts, too. The more you do so, and the more your followers will reciprocate! The Instagram algorithm also favors such an authentic relationship.

  1. Limit sponsored content

Everything seems to be a fit if done in the right amount. Too much sponsored content makes the audience feel detached from the brand. They also want a personal touch from time to time. They want to see the real you. Too much sponsored content doesn’t go well with the audience, and it might lower your followers. The feed must never give a feel that you run only after money. The level of trust must always prevail.

  1. Be regular with your posts

Posting content regularly is the key to gaining organic followers and increasing the page’s popularity quickly. Becoming Instagram famous can be challenging, but you can climb the ladder easily by posting at least one quality piece of content daily.

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Once you reach the targeted number of followers, you may decrease the frequency of posting content but you still need to maintain Instagram likes which you can get from here. Still, when you struggle to gain popularity and become famous, you must ensure that you consistently post relatable content. Posting regularly is directly proportional to getting more engagement, and soon you can become the top content creator with a huge follower base.


Losing followers on Instagram is disheartening. You can quickly stop people from doing so by following some of the tricks mentioned above. Just to recap, the main tricks that you can use to prevent people from unfollowing your page are to find your passion and create relevant content with high quality. You must not post too much and always try to engage the audience. The focus must be on the quality of the content, and do not forget to follow back your followers. Posting too little can also be a problem, so always maintain consistency. You must be wise enough to select the right audience and, most importantly, only buy real active Instagram followers that will enhance the page’s engagement.