Cost & uses of Circlet of human Perfection in 5e dnd

Circlet of human Perfection 5e

What is the price of Circlet of Human Perfection 5e dnd?

The cost of Circlet of human Perfection in 5e dnd is 6300 gp.

  1. Faint Transmutation and Illusion
  2. CL 5th
  3. Craft Wondrous Item
  4. alter self
  5. eagle’s splendor
  6. Price 6,300 gp

Can I attune a Circlet of Human Perfection in dnd 5e to animated skeletons?

The Circlet of Human Perfection in dnd 5etransforms its attuned wearer into a charming human of average height and weight. The circlet determines the physical characteristics of the form, such as age, gender, skin color, hair color, and voice.

The skeleton in dnd 5e would still lack the intelligence to mingle in, so even if they could attune to an item, they would be a feeble-minded person who looks handsome. With intelligence of 6, they are bestial in intelligence at best. Instead of being untamed, they are extra likely automation in intelligence but experience using bows and running.

Whether they could attune to an item is unlikely, though it could be allowed. They have to spend a short rest on it, and while the Undead doesn’t need to sleep and rest, it is not as if they cannot. So mechanically, they could attune to it simply by being very accountable for ‘focussing on the magical item for the duration’ if commanded to be so. When commanded, it’s impossible to distract them and break the attunement unless you destroy the skeleton or overtake their original command with f.e., Turn Undead.

 But the specifics such as sword practice or meditating would be harder. If told to practice a weapon, they would swing without gaining muscle memory and a sense of the weapon’s balance. Tell them to consider would yield nothing. So in that, the same mechanics can just as easily say it’s impossible to do.

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Ask your DM

In the end, it’s all up to your DM and why you’d want to do it. Considering we’re not talking about you being limited to the Animate Dead spell 5e, you could get a sentient undead, and they’d be able to attune to it. Not a flame skull because the circlet of Human Perfection in dnd 5e requires a humanoid. Or once you get Create Undead, a ghoul may be able to do it, as int 7 is enough to be intelligent enough to be a sentient race. Lizardfolk are Int 7 on average. And they are a player race worthy of attuning to items. The ghasts and wights would be better but reached later.

As an approach, this could make an impressive not-skeleton-why-would-you-think-that? For a necromancer to use as their personal harem apparent. A hat of disguise 5e or if the DM allows homebrew the cloak as it doesn’t require attunement. That would serve a human-looking minion like a bodyguard or retainer that ignores everyone and strives to be a statue when not needed. The circlet would make for servants or a harem that allows for interaction.

They would be looking emotive yet bland in their perfection. In place of their tone being monotone and their expression bland, it breaks the illusion eventually.

Hat of disguise 5e

A hat of disguise 5e would result in the people standing still and rigid like the skeletons do. At the same time, the circlet would give them a false yet natural-seeming body language in the finer details. Not in general, as they’d never do things like scratch an inch or turn their head to look, but their nonexisting eyes could follow someone. Their mouth could have a well-sculpted smile even if they’d never react to something that should yield emotion.

A disguise will have anything they say be without tone and pitch and instead be perfectly or pronounced but soulless speech. At the same time, the circlet will decide upon and add an accent and personality of speech. Because of the perfection, their voice could even be almost like a song or poet in their words. It would still be soulless because the circlet doesn’t control what is said and has to work with what the necromancer mentally commands the skeleton to say. Still, it will be as if the person was well-trained to mask their emotions because of intrigue or culture yet trying to be as appealing and intriguing despite it.

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But they’d still be awkward and unnatural in this, standing awkwardly still or not following people unless explicitly told to by their necromancer. Not even their smile will be without a command. However, a disguised self skeleton wouldn’t be able to do it because skeletons have no lips to move. Their lips are cosmetic) or faked without the necromancer taking a lot of time fine-tuning it.

How good is Circlet of human Perfection in 5e dnd, and how does it work?

A circlet of human perfection was a magical circlet that transformed its wearer into an attractive human. 

Upon wearing a circlet of human perfection, and attuned humanoid instantly transformed into an attractive human. The wearer had no control over the gender or physical appearance of the human form, so attributes such as age, skin and hair color, and the circlet determined voice. The height and weight of the human form were not far from the human average.

  1. When it says the item chooses, it just means the DM chooses.
  2. Up to the DM. I would say it’s always based on who is wearing it, and they have a default appearance. For example, a dwarf with orange hair would turn into a human with orange hair.
  3. No, in my opinion. Same answer as number 2.
  4. “the wearer’s statistics and racial traits don’t change” The character is still the race they were before. The only thing that has changed is how they look.

The transformation had no effects on any traits other than its wearer’s appearance. It reversed as soon as the wearer removed the circlet.

Notable Owners: The goblin Yek wore a circlet of human perfection that he found in Undermountain sometime in 1492 DR. The other goblins in Yek’s group resented him and believed the item to be a curse.