What is the cost of Ring of Spell Turning 5e in dnd?

Ring of Spell Turning 5e

Cost of Ring of Spell Turning 5e in dnd

The price of Ring of Spell Turning 5e is 98,280 gp.

Does the Ring of Spell Turning work on 5e spells cast to attack another creature?

Ring of Spell Turning in DND 5e is an eminent piece of jewellery that requires tuning. Wearing this ring, you can save the throw against spells that are only targeted at you (not within the area of effects). Furthermore, if you make a roll of 20 for the save, the Spell is lower than the 7th level. The Spell does not have any impact on you. Still, it is instead targeted at the spellcaster by using the level of the slot: the Spell Save DC attack bonus and spellcasting abilities of the caster.

It’s not true. The Ring of Spell Turning does not apply to spells that target more than one creature, for whatever reason. You have an advantage when you from spells that are only targeted at you (not within the area that is of impact). Therefore, the ring grants you an advantage when saving from spells that are only targeted at you. However, it isn’t a zone of impact. A typical spell requires you to choose the target that will get affected by the Spell’s power. The Spell’s description will inform you if the Spell is directed at objects, creatures or even a point that is the source of an area of impact.

A lot of spells affect multiple creatures with their effects. They aren’t considered to be targeting an entire area. Suppose a spell such as a hold person that targets creatures but does not target an entire area is cast in a way that allows for an additional target. In that case, the Spell targets multiple people. Therefore, it is not a Ring of Spell Turning that will be unable to grant an advantage against it. When casting this Spell in a slot that is 3rd or higher, you can choose to target an additional humanoid for every slot above 2nd

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Jeremy Crawford has confirmed that casting a spell will increase the number of creatures affected by the Spell:

Can a spell of its current level affect multiple creatures? If so, it’s not possible to duplicate it.

This is a reference to the twinned-spell restriction, which states:

Suppose you cast a spell that targets only one creature and doesn’t have any self-reflex.

Crawford declares that spells that are upcast targeted at more than one person cannot be combined. Spells that upcast have more than one target are considered to be one Spell targeting several creatures. Concerning the issue to be answered, this implies that any spell cast targeted at several creatures isn’t one where the ring can benefit you.

Concerning twinned spells: you can spend the number of points equal to the spell level to take on a second creature within the same Range.

The untwinned or updated versions might only affect one creature; however, upcasting or twinning them causes the Spell to be targeted at multiple creatures. Therefore, regardless of why the Spell doesn’t target only one creature, the rings will not affect it. It is valid for the hold person, both in twinned and upcast forms.

Which specific rule is more enforceable than General Rule?

The general rules are modified or are rewritten during the game based on specific rules. This is explicit within the PHB under “Specific Beats General.”

Many racial attributes, character traits, class features, spells, magic items, spells, monster abilities, and other elements of the game violate the general rules. Magic is the most common reason for the rules not being followed. (PHB 7). 7, 7).

The ring functions as it is advertised for the wearer

  1. You’re dealing with two rules at odds: one that is the specific rule for magic items while the other one is or is it is the Twin specific rule or upcast specific. It means that a decision must be based on some judgment to come up with a decision.
  2. Negating a magical item creates an archaic field that can be described as an eighth level magic ability (magical effects).
  3. Spells produce magic effects.
  4. Changes made to spells, for example, twin or upcasting, are changes to a distinct effect.
  5. Spells are the precise magic result (see What a spell? PHB, p. 200 is).
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A decision is made that the wearer benefits from the ring. The other party is not.

Why? The ring of spell turning’s magical protection features apply its magic effect on a single target. There is only one magical effect that affects the target in the hold spell. That effects are not a specific zone of effect. The person who is targeted is the wearer of the ring. The other person who is the target of the Spell is not granted protection as the victim isn’t a wearer of the ring. (And should it be wearing the ring, it would too receive its protection).

This query is answered by looking at those who are the target(s) and not the point of view of the spellcaster.

Why? Since you have to deal with numerous “specifics” to deal with the Hold, the person’s “general.” The person who does not wear the ring is no protection.

What is the caster adding sources (be they meta magical points or slots for spells) on the one target spell cast? Whether twining or upcasting to choose a different goal or upcasting to select an additional target is creating an additional instance of a distinct spell effect. The upcast isn’t creating the area-of-effect Spell, nor does the twin. The only issue is the circle of the spell turning does not concern giving an advantage to the Spell, is that it does not apply the zone of effect spell.

At Higher Levels. When casting this Spell by using the slot for spells of 3rd or greater, it is possible to target an extra humanoid at each slot level that is higher than 2nd. The humanoids have to remain within 30 yards of one another when you aim them. (Basic Rules, p. 3.93)

Note the phrase “at higher levels” does not include all creatures within the area. It allows multiple creatures within Range to be held in a position of having to be saved or held.

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The main feature of the ring’s protective function is:

You have an advantage in saving the chance to defend against spells that are only directed at you (not in the zone that has an effect.)

Twinned is the most straightforward case to deal with.

A twinned people will only be able to attack you. It takes the magic effect (and used resources) of the twinning to apply the hold person’s magical impact to an additional person. In the point of reference for the ring, only a single attack is made on the wearer. The other target is not given protection.

How good is Ring of Spell Turning 5e? Does the cost justify?

The cost of Ring of Spell Turning 5e is very high, standing at 98,280 gp. Advantage vs Spell saves (which only works on spells that single target you) is not that amazing an ability. It practically grants magic immunity to any spell with a save, but aoe’s, and how many enemies get aoe spells? Plus, a save that you’re already making and have to use no action whatsoever for any spell (7th or lower) has a 1/20 chance to bounce the Spell back at the caster. That isn’t just for damage, either. If a spellcaster casts hold person or charm on you, then right. It doesn’t work on all spells. There are player races you can get at level 1, which do better than that for free.

Then on top of that, it only turns the Spell if you roll a Natural 20 on the save? Good luck with that. And you’re giving up an attunement slot for that? One of the more worthless magic items in the game at any rarity, Uncommons are better than that.

This magic item used to be a lot better in earlier editions. It worked more often and reflected at least part I’d say the Spell back regardless of your saving throw. In some editions, it worked automatically on any spell cast at you. And there were no attunement limitations back then. The ring of spell turning 5e has been downgraded so severely in 5E that it’s not even worth using up a precious attunement slot for.

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