How much damage does power word kill 5e do to a Wild Shape Druid dnd?

power word kill 5e

What does the power word kill 5e do damage in dnd?

It can kill any creature with up to 120 hit points. There is no saving throw. 5e Power Word Kill dnd is a 9th level Mage Spell that instantly kills the target creature. One creature within the spell range can be instantly killed when this spell is spoken. It can kill any creature with up to 120 hit points. There is no saving throw.

Is the Power Word Kill spell able to kill PC instantly?

Power Word Kill can kill a PC with less than 100 hit points. A quick calculation shows that many high-level PCs would have more than 100 hitpoints at total health. A level 18 Paladin would have an average hit point of 103.

This spell is also a little weak for a 9th-level spell. A monster could cast Meteor Swarm upon a group of PCs, and they could suffer 40d6 damage each. That could make it just as or more problematic than the instant death of one party member.

How good is the spell?

“Kill” means that they die. There are no saving throws or death saves. The target is killed. This spell can be helpful in damage a creature. This spell is 9th-level, so it is powerful. It instantly kills all shapeshifters with less than 100 horsepower. That does not cause them to return to their original form after dropping to 0. It bypasses both magic and damage resistances. The same applies to legendary feats or resistance (e.g. Lucky) or class features (e.g. The Divination Wizard’s Portent. That is why it’s a great spell.

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Level 9
School Enchantment
Casting Time 1 action
Range  60 feet
Component V
Duration  Instantaneous
Class Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

The spell death ward negates the effect and ends it. Alternately, power word kill targets “one animal you can see within range”, so you can avoid being hit by blinding or becoming invisible.

What happens if the Power Word Kill 5e magic is applied to a Polymorphed animal?

This insta-kill requires a 9th level slot, and the enemy must fail a WIS-based saving. PWK says that,”You can choose to have the creature die if it has less than 100 hit points. “Polymorph states are also available. The transformation lasts the duration or until the target drops below 0 Hit Points or dies as per the SRD. A creature that has been killed can’t gain hit points again until magic, such as the revivify spell, is applied to bring it back to life. The creature then returns to its original form but is dead and cannot gain any hit points.

Although it may sound like a broken combo, this will allow you to spend your 9th-level slot while the target’s legendary resistances are being burned. That is in case the target fails the WIS saving throw. Experience has shown that decent martial fighters can get a creature within 100hp range almost as quickly as a group casters and more efficiently. 

Is 5e Power Word Kill able to kill wild-shape druids in d&d?

The Druid 5e dies as per the rule of RAW. Wild Shape protects against a few things: You can revert to your standard Form, and you will get the same number of hit points as before you were transformed. You don’t become unconscious if you revert with dnd hit points still in caster form.

Power Word Kill allows you to bypass these restrictions and kill the Druid instead of dealing damage or reducing its hit points to zero. Wild Shape is not capable of restoring the Druid’s life or preventing its death.

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This argument is the same as that for massive damage. However, there is no sequence of events. Wild Shape does not protect you from death when the Druid is dead. It’s over. There are few options for house ruling. It is complicated to kill a druid because they are using a utility form. However, it is pretty difficult to “knock out a druid from wild shape once” by using a 9th-level spell.

Is it worth considering the combined HP of the druids and the HP of the wild-shapes?

Wild Shape: You transform into the beast to gain its hit point and Hit Dice.

Your old hit points total “go away”, just like most of your stats. Your hit points are the beast’s hit points.That being said, it may be helpful to use the Druid’s base hit point for spells like 5e Power Word Kill or add beast hit points to caster hits points.The Sage Advice Compendium confirms this ruling. It is the source for official WotC rulings:

What happens if I am polymorphed, Wild Shaped, or transformed into a creature with less than 100 hit points? Then I’m subject to power word kill. You die.

Jeremy Crawford

Jeremy Crawford confirmed it.

Is it possible for druids to revert alive or dead if they transform into wild wolves? Power word kill is when you have less than 100 horsepower. It doesn’t say that you can drop to 0 HP. PHB pg 66 “You automatically revert to …..drop down to 0hp or Die.” Tell us! Form dies, Druid reverts, yes? The Druid who dies ends the beast form; power word kill, which can reduce hit points but does not end the beast form, can cause you to lose your hit points.