Wildfire druid 5e Tasha build in dnd & Enhanced bond

5e Burning hands

Tasha’s personality build aid – the 5e Wildfire Druid

Concentrate on this subclass’s duality and realize that this is much more a service/healer subclass than the usual damage one. There’s a good deal of controversy over eliminating Fireball and Firebolt, a movement you can conceptualize and encourage. But at precisely the same time, there’s excellent worth. You can use your soul to teleport your allies as a bonus activity every twist and treat damage to individuals who are left behind. That synergizes amazingly with all the kinds of battle control the Druid uses. (spike growth, entangle, plant growth ) concerns are baiting enemies to resist your allies inside to teleport them out the radius. The very best multiclass is a dip to the Grave Cleric. The Wildfire Druid 5e level 6 feature is an Enhanced Bond.

Wildfire druid 5e Tasha

Circle of Mortality

At 1st level, you get the ability to control the line between death and life. Suppose you’d usually roll a couple of championships to restore hit things using a spell to some monster at 0 hit points. You instead use the maximum number possible for every die. Additionally, you understand that the Spare the Passing cantrip will not count against the number of cleric cantrips you know. For you, it’s a range of 30 ft, and you’ll be able to throw it as a bonus activity.

Enhanced Bond

Whenever you cast a spell which deals fire damage or restores hit points while you summon wildfire soul, then roll a d8. You also obtain a bonus equal to the amount rolled to a single damage or healing roster of this spell. Additionally, suppose you cast a spell with a variety aside from self. In that case, the spell may arise from you or your wildfire soul.

Therefore, if you wait till your ally falls unconscious, then you are in a position to heal them with the most outstanding possible amount wrapped for every die. With the Enhanced Bond in 5e, you receive an extra d8. It is also the ability to throw the spell via your soul, thus letting you remain in a safe space. Do this with Cure Wounds, and that’s a minimum of 16+ intelligence modifier at level 1. It might only get better since you update it.

It’s possible to take two levels into Grave Cleric because of their Route of the Grave station divinity and include exposure to an ally’s damage, but that is entirely optional.

Wildfire druid in 5e dnd

Wildfire druid in 5e is like a business leader in the group of existence; destruction of increasing. A Volcano can bring down a forest, but the soot left will develop into a giant tree. To establish their devotion for this cycle, they have partnered with a damaging soul and attracted creative power. So Circle of Wildfire 5E manual will teach one to bring the revolution to dungeons! Burning Hands is excellent early on but immediately gets outclassed. It is a great level 1 spell, at the least! Cure Wounds is a reasonably regular healing spell. I would favor Healing Word, but you get any healing that you have ready.

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Flaming Sphere is a relatively devastating level two spell, being among the first concentration spells which damage every turn. It is an excellent use of a spell slot to the possible damage it can cope with. Scorching Ray is a perfect ranged option that manages mad damage at level 3 and gradually falls off.

Wildfire druid 5e build

Plant Growth is the initial usefulness spell, and it is flexible enough to be hindering to enemies. Extremely tough terrain is bothersome to get through and may ultimately infect melee-based enemies. Revivify is the oldest you can rekindle creatures and is not readily available to druids usually. That alone makes you a reasonably stellar healer. Nonetheless, it may be useful when you have to pick up allies out of the floor if multiple obtained knocked unconscious and acceptable use of immersion. Fire Shield is fantastic for the two anti-fire and anti-cold. When a creature has numerous melee strikes, then it will be in a world of harm.

Flame Strike 5e

Eventually, Flame Strike is a reasonably fair field of effect spell, and also, you do not get Fireball. It copes with acceptable damage and may cope with sound problems in a battle. Mass Cure Wounds is perfect for picking up a slew of animals from unconsciousness, but once more, it had been Mass Healing Word.

Overall, fantastic spell record. A lot of damage and great healing spells, but with a fair bit of usefulness sprinkled in there. You summon a soul for one hour. On the flip side, which you throw it, creatures within 10 feet of it (besides you) get a dexterity rescue to prevent taking 2d6. You’ve got to shell out bonus activities to control it, or it will merely dodge (unless you are knocked out, at which case it will shield you and your allies).

The true creature has 13 AC, extra attack points can fly, and contains excellent immunities generally. It is a fundamental assault, Flame Seed, spits in a monster within 60 feet for 1d6 + Skill incentive. Besides, it can teleport any animal that’s prepared 15 feet, dealing damage to any animal the Spirit left. The soul itself is friendly. It is not precisely the tackiest bugger about, but nor does it perform crazy damage.

Happily, the soul is the conduit to the spells (and to get a 1d6+PB bonus actions attack). And should you require a teleport, your Wild Form enables you to teleport your complete party for one hour. It simply does not fill the same function as a conventional dip.

Circle of Wildfire 5E druid guide

The Bond with your Druid 5e wildfire spirit enhances your harmful and curative spells. Suppose you cast a spell that deals with fire damage or restore hit points while your summoning wildfire soul, then rolls a d8. You also obtain a bonus equal to the amount rolled to a single injury or healing roster of this spell.

Additionally, suppose you throw a spell with a variety aside from self. In that case, the spell may arise from you or your wildfire soul. Now, curiously, this does not appear to fret about area-of-effect magic, as you traditionally roll damage to that after. Meaning your area-of-effect magic only got a massive boost! Druids do not have an excellent fire-based field of impact, but the Flame strike acquired a bit better, right? And Burning Hands is only a bit better. And remember, most DMs would concur that Cantrips are Spells for the aim of this ability!

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The healing enthusiast is not as significant, but it is beautiful to get that excess increase in healing occasionally. Regrettably, not many DMs will allow you to incorporate this d8 to each berry from good berry in 5e. 

The following blessing is multi-faceted but incredible. There are not many spells that will not have sufficient variety to cover a whole battlefield. If you end up needing to, then send out your Spirit to the middle of a struggle, lob a seed, then use them to cast your spell.

When a Little or enormous monster dies within 30 ft of your druid 5e wildfire spirit, a benign spectral fire springs forth in the dead animal’s distance and flickers there for 1 minute. When a monster you may see enters that space, you may use your response to extinguish the fire there and heal the monster or treat fire damage for it.

You can take advantage of this response several times equal to a proficiency incentive, and you recover all of your uses when you complete a very long break.

Thus, there is an issue here in Wildfire Druid 5e. This bargains damage to animals who walk to the spectral fire pit. It will be uncommon for a monster to see that tiny fire. If they do, coping a mean of 17 or so damage is lovely! Plus, it does not state that there is any rescue for this, so that is a great deal of ensured damage! Particularly if your Fighter can push them into that area.


The healing is not as significant. However, about Lvl 17 is essential. That is almost a complete hit for the majority of creatures. Suppose you do not have a lot of synergy for compelling monsters around your group’s battle. In that case, you could also take the additional healing. However, if your frontlines or you’ll be able to move animals around like mad, then the ensured damage is worth it!

The Bond with your 5e druid wildfire spirit can help save you from passing. If the soul is within 120 ft of you once you’re reduced to 0 hit points and therefore fall unconscious, then you can create the soul to fall to 0 hit points. Then you recover half of your hit points and instantly increase to your toes. As soon as you utilize this attribute, you can not use it until you complete a very long break. That has been competitive of me personally. That is good.

Generally, this can heal you for approximately 40 health at level 14, more if you’ve got a great Constitution. The scope is not a problem; 120 ft is gigantic. Thus, you’re forfeiting your soul for someplace around 50 points of healing and preventing you from moving down before using your response. That is worthwhile. Dependent on the Circumstance.

If you are the only healer that the celebration has, you must keep yourself healed up. You are the one who saves others from dying, and that means you have to stay conscious. Destroy your soul to guarantee you survive!

Regrettably, this does little for your bad heaps of Wild Shape, as you most likely have to resummon your Spirit later. Just be sure that you take a brief rest shortly after you pop up this ability, and begin playing things safe if you’re able to!

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Enhanced bond 5e
Enhanced bond 5e

Best races for Wildfire Druid 5e Circle

You’re so desperate for flame damage. For the own feat, take Elemental Adept to make sure that you are not likely to have entirely bodied by whatever with Fire Resistance. To keep things secure, since your most essential mechanisms around coping with Fire damage. If you would prefer to concentrate on healing, any race together with the Mark of Healing is a fantastic consideration. Additionally, the Healing Touch capability is remarkably excellent for a healer, allowing for diverse casts of critical spells.

 If this was not good enough, then you can prepare fantastic spells such as 5e Mass Healing Word and Aura of Vitality, in case you desire. That is in addition to a Halfling’s leading +2 Dex, +1 Wisdom, Halfling’s Lucky talent, and Brave! Being split between healing and damage may appear debatable, but it is such a great combo to get a druid! Utilize your cantrips and spells wisely, and you’re going to bring significant discomfort and just the contrary!


Circle Spells Druid Level
Burning Hands, Cure Wounds 2
Flaming Sphere, Scorching Ray 3
Plant Growth, Revivify 5
Aura of Life, Fire Shield 7
Flame Strike, Mass Cure Wounds 9

Though the course’s idea and storyline potential are exceptional, it seems like there’s space for those mechanisms to capitalize on these further. You may love to find the higher-level skills join more explicitly using the Druid 5e Wildfire Spirit because nothing develops it following the 6th level. You may rework the 10th and 14th level skills comparable in theory but attached somehow to the Spirit.

Most importantly, there’ll be some minor balance problems at reduced levels. Still, people prefer the gamers. The exception is that the friendly fire possible of this Summon Wildfire ability. There is nothing worse than choosing a fellow low-level party member to zero HP. It is since you miscalculated when summoning the Spirit or forgot the complete breadth of its consequences. But overall, this can be good playtest material, and I am eager to see how it evolves to a polished subclass. It is something I would be interested in playing with.

Possible Mechanics Fixes for Wildfire druid 5e Tasha build

  • Change the accession of the firebolt cantrip with something yummier.
  • Insert a mechanic to dismiss that the soul and eliminate the limitation that it disappears if you utilize Wild Shape again.
  • Explain the character of Wildfire Spirit controls: Why are they mental? Routine?
  • Possess the Spirit to use your spell strike bonus for strikes along with your Wisdom modifier for a damage modifier.
  • Eliminate the Soul Bond attribute.
  • Produce more intriguing activities for the Wildfire soul, such as granting it further actions at greater levels.
  • Add variety limitation to the Druid 5e Wildfire Spirit to decrease “split party” scenarios.

Druid is the most minor played class, but it’s great because of its versatility. Once fully realized, this subclass can bridge the difference between two diverse play fashions. It raises potential damage output using a pyromancer magician feel. Besides, it enhances healing skills, enabling this Druid to be effective at a healer role without entirely devoting themselves to it. That keeps present druid fans happy when luring other play styles to try something new.