Weapon of warning 5e cost in dnd | Is it overpowered?

Weapon of warning 5e cost

Weapon of warning 5e & cost explained.

Weapon of Warning 5e is a generic version, major tier, rare, and it needs attunement. While the weapon is in your person, you’ve got benefit on initiative rolls. Besides, you and your partners in 30 ft of you can not be surprised. Except if incapacitated by something aside from nonmagical sleep. The weapon calms you and your partners inside range if one of you is sleeping naturally when combat begins. This item version applies to the following base things. Let us discuss that before we understand the Weapon of Warning 5e cost/ price and how it works.

weapon of warning 5e

Magic Item Table (DMG, page 213)

  • Automatic Pistol (Automatic Pistol of Caution )
  • Automatic Rifle (Automatic Rifle of Warning)
  • Blowgun (Blowgun of Caution )
  • Club (Club of Caution )
  • Double-Bladed Scimitar (Double-Bladed Scimitar of Warning)
  • Flail (Flail of Caution )
  • Glaive (Glaive of Warning)
  • Greataxe (Greataxe of Warning)
  • Great club (Greatclub of Caution )
  • Greatsword (Greatsword of Warning)
  • Halberd (Halberd of Warning)
  • H Crossbow (Hand Crossbow of Caution )
  • Handaxe (Handaxe of Warning)
  • Hooked Shortspear (Hooked Shortspear of Caution )
  • Javelin (Javelin of Warning)
  • Lance (Lance of Warning)
  • Lighting Hammer (Light Hammer of Caution )
  • Light Repeating Crossbow (Light Repeating Crossbow of Warning)
  • Longbow (Longbow of Warning)
  • Longsword (Longsword of Caution )
  • Mace (Mace of Warning)
  • Maul (Maul of Caution )
  • Morningstar (Morningstar of Caution )
  • Musket (Musket of Caution )
  • Web (Net of Caution )
  • Pike (Pike of Warning)
  • Pistol (Pistol of Caution )
  • Quarterstaff (Quarterstaff of Caution )
  • Rapier (Rapier of Warning)
  • Revolver (Revolver of Caution )
  • Scimitar (Scimitar of Caution )
  • Shortbow (Shortbow of Caution )
  • Shortsword (Shortsword of Warning)
  • Shotgun (Shotgun of Warning)
  • Sickle (Sickle of Warning)
  • Sling (Sling of Caution )
  • Spear (Spear of Warning)
  • Trident (Trident of Caution )
  • War Select (War Pick of Warning)
  • Warhammer (Warhammer of Warning)
  • Whip (Whip of Caution )
  • Yklwa (Yklwa of Caution )
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How do you calculate Weapon of warning 5e cost & price of other magic items?

Is it a surprise why 5e weapon of warning’ costs around 50,000 GP? It’s beneficial to roll initiative with advantage. Being surprise proof sounds excellent in theory. However, the DM starts compensating for it to keep the battle challenge. It is like Curse of Strahd wasn’t brutal enough, so it’s not much of a profit’. By the identical token, a +1 weapon ought to be worth more than 1000 gp given how much-bounded accuracy’ gets advertised among the edition’s virtues. Suppose a warhorse is 80 golden, and a peasant makes perhaps five gold each year. It doesn’t make sense to me to ever have a standard magical sword at that area cost more than 100-500 gold, as well as that, might be pushing it.

Simultaneously, 10,000 miles to the east, there simply magic around it from clerics/priests, and it helps for healing. Here it is logical for a very simple +1 sword to be approximately 1000+ gold. There will be a disconnect between “realism” and balance in your game. I prefer a game that is realistic and like players to feel badass. It will never make sense to cost a +3 super sword in 24000g when a ship in the kingdom’s navy might price 10,000gram, and yearly kingdom income does not top 100,000.

At some point, those items are really “priceless,” and making them into golden costs doesn’t make much sense. A short sword could be substituted for a specific favor or inherited or won in conflict, maybe an incredibly mundane battle where the ideal sort of person happened to shed.

Weapon of warning 5e cost
Weapon of warning 5e cost

Is the 5e weapon of warning overpowered?

The weapon of warning 5e makes it so that the celebration is never surprised in a fight. That is the only game definition of shock. It doesn’t let them mechanically make any understanding checks. That merely negates the surprise” condition” for the party. It is like one of those bullet points of the awake effort. Most likely, it is one of the best advantages of the feat. That said, have you been long of the opinion that electricity alone makes it more effective than “uncommon.” Still, it is hard to carry out there. It is overpowered when a battle begins, and one side is oblivious of another, which depends on perception checks.

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Weapon of warning 5e overpowered

So although the item does not explicitly refer to Perception, having a Weapon of Warning is functionally equivalent to auto-passing every Perception test made to avoid a surprise around. That’s hugely powerful. One weapon of caution means the bad men will never get the drop on the PCs.

How does the dnd weapon of warning 5e perform with the pact of the blade warlock?

According to the rules, not if dismissed currently. However, if you keep it “on your person,” as the text states, it functions absolutely. But of course, all rules in D&D are subject to the whims of the DM. If the DM says that your extradimensional area is the equivalent of being on your person, then hold it. There are extremely few places where it would make any variance.

One model will be if you access an area where weapons are not allowed and then enter combat. If you are the DM, select whether you want the 5e warlock to hide his weapon to enter the area but still gain its effects. Do you want the warlock to have an advantage on initiative always? Do you want the party to be still immune to surprise? It’s your decision, not the rules’.

Weapon of Warning 5e cost table

Name Price in GP
Vicious Weapon 400
+1 Weapon 1,000
+2 Weapon 5,000
+3 Weapon 10,000
Weapon of Warning 5e 50,000