Does unimation have Naruto Shippuden dubbed in the U.S?

Does Funimation have Naruto Shippuden dubbed in the US?

Does Funimation have Naruto Shippuden dubbed in the US?

Toei Animation has produced many anime series throughout the years, but few have reached the heights of Naruto Shippuden. Due to licensing issues, this television movie has been dubbed in certain countries such as the USA States, Canada, and Australia.

It means that fans of Naruto Shippuden in English will now have to wait years before seeing their favorite anime on TV or online subscription services like Funimation but instead Crunchyroll. Does Funimation have Naruto Shippuden dubbed in the US? Can it be watched dubbed through them?

How it Works

It has to pass through numerous licensing streams for a series to be considered for dubbing. These include but are not limited to Funimation, Viz Media, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. A string cannot be dubbed without these players coming together to agree on rights, subtitles, and release dates. So if you’re itching for anime dubbed like shows were back in 2006 or earlier—when Neon Alley was still called Funimation Channel—you can’t expect anything new to be hitting our screens soon. Your best bet is either sticking with what’s available now or importing discs from Japan until more licenses become available.

Popular Anime on Funimation

If you’re a fan of anime, you’ve likely heard of Naruto. (And if you haven’t, well, what are you doing here?) Luckily for Naruto fans across America, Funimation has dubbed nearly all of its content—including every season of Naruto.

If you’re wondering about another series that isn’t listed as dubbed, it likely means there are no plans to dub it just yet. Many factors can influence it, including licensing fees and a lack of interest from American viewers. Because when we might not want to raise your hopes too high, there’s still the possibility that an unlisted show will be picked up in future seasons!

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Which Regions Do They Serve?

This is an excellent question for a company like Funimation, which has specialized in the distribution of anime and related merchandise (manga and other products) since 1994. The answer is that they distribute worldwide to countries where anime is big business – Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan – and Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They already provide a wide variety of goods, including videos and pictures (DVDs), broadcast rights (Japanese animation for television), online streaming (subbed versions of some titles are now available), and merchandise. They plan to make all of about there stuff available to their fans simultaneously—and hopefully, create some new ones!

Are their Titles Dubbed or Subbed?

By looking at its DVD/streaming release information, you can tell whether a series is subtitled or dubbed by its DVD/streaming release information. If there are subtitles on DVD releases, that’s usually an indication that it will be available as a subtitled stream. If there are English dubs, they will most likely (but not always) be available on Blu-ray and DVD releases. Also, look out for English Dubbed Version in places like marketing blurbs; you won’t find subtitles if you see that phrase. To make sure, check with your streaming service of choice to see what options they offer.

What Devices Can I Use with Funimation Now?

The great news is that you might watch Funimation With this using your Android or iOS smartphone. The shocking news is if you’re using Windows Phone, like me, you’re out of luck. (Update: As of 11/16/2016, Windows phones are no longer excluded) There are also devices made by Sony and VIZIO that include apps for watching Funimation on Now. Currently, these devices support 720p video, but there are plans to make 1080p available soon—hopefully before Christmas.

Is This Available Worldwide?

Funimation licenses anime for release in North America, Europe, and South Africa. If you’re living elsewhere, you’re unfortunately out of luck. Unless you want to remember if it will be made available elsewhere, check Crunchyroll rather than Daisuki. Both sites maintain lists of what’s licensed where. They also occasionally post news about new titles they’ve picked up that are exclusively licensed elsewhere—which is to say they aren’t available anywhere else.

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Is this Safe and Legal?

Watching a show online can seem as harmless as reading a book or browsing your Facebook feed, but streaming copyrighted material is breaking the law. Have used a VPN (Virtual Private) to conceal your authenticity, whereas streaming is a violation of IP rights and may direct consequence in a lawsuit from an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Is There a Free Trial Period?

Usually, yes. Usually, most subscription-based anime streaming services offer a free trial period of 7 days to 1 month (but only if you use a debit card). If you don’t cancel by that time, you’ll be charged for your first month. However, with Crunchyroll and Hulu, there is no trial period; if you want to watch more than 1 episode of an anime series on these platforms, it’s cheaper to pay for a subscription upfront. There isn’t currently any free trial period on Aniplex Channel and Daisuki (released as Wakanim).


Funimation does not have Naruto Shippuden dubbed in the US. It’s not that they don’t have the episodes; they don’t have them dubbed. To watch Naruto Shippuden dubbed, you’d have to watch it on Crunchyroll or Hulu. Funimation has the spells you’d wish to, but the dub is on Hulu and Crunchyroll if you want to watch it subbed.

No, they don’t. The original Japanese version is on Hulu, and it has subtitles only. The above show has been managed to produce by a business called Aniplex of America, and they will not allow Funimation to purchase any rights to dub it in the United States. This doesn’t mean you can’t watch Shippuden, though. If you want to be able to hear all of your favorite characters talk (as I assume you do), then check out Crunchyroll instead! They have almost every new episode as soon as it airs and even a few older ones for free. Thanks for your time and reading!

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