Does Light Yagami become a Shinigami after death?

Does Light Yagami become a Shinigami after death?

Does Light Yagami become a Shinigami after death?

The ending of Death Note did leave a significant effect on everyone who had watched it. Still, some released content led the fans to make a theory about the Light’s fate. Therefore, this article will discuss whether Light Yagami becomes Shinigami after Death. 

Does Light Yagami Become A Shinigami After Death? What Happened?

After finishing the Death Note, the ending did bug me up. I kept trying to latch onto the straws to prove that the Light did become a Shinigami, but the primary flaw in that is just the whole concept of MU-nothingness. 

So after doing some research, and by that, I mean looking around on the internet forums and the wiki, I have come to a potential conclusion. Personally, I do believe that the Light is, in fact, the unnamed Shinigami in the Death Note Relight; other people have chronicled the evidence, and this post is too long as it is, so look to the other for that kind of evidence. 

As for Mu, the author said that Death is nothingness because he did not want the characters to come back since it would just be cheating. This statement is also present in the Death Note: How to read 13 and can also be found on the wiki, which I just linked for your research purposes. 

However, the essential part of looking at is how Death is nothingness because the people can not be brought back now; if someone died and then went to Heaven or Hell, or just the afterlife for that matter, then that would be dead to the human world and also unable to return. 

The wiki also compresses Mu to Hades or the Underworld since it’s a void of nothingness. Still, anyone who knows Greek mythology knows that Hades is composed of different areas, each occupied by different kinds of people.

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For example, the average Joe would end up in the Fields of the Asphodel. So if the Mu is analogous to the Hades, as the wiki suggests, it can be reasonably inferred that there are many different areas. 

And since the Greeks did not have any concept of Heaven or Hell, all souls, regardless of how they lived, ended up in Hades, just in the different areas. However, all of this is also analogous to Nirvana. Zen Buddhism, which, as the wiki states, is an empty plane of existence after they die, which means that they are no longer connected with the human world is also unable even to come back. 

And since there is this disconnect between the worlds, it can be viewed as existing in the nothingness, as being nothingness. 

It must also be noted that the Death Note does mention Heaven and Hell. Still, it mentions Mu as its final destination for all who died, which would conflict, unless they were on the same thing. 

If that is the case, then it would mean that all who die will end in this plane of existence divided into two separate areas. In Christianity, Heaven and Hell are both seen as not even existing in the same world that we know as humans, so it would be plausible that the Mu is supposed to represent this kind of disconnection between existence. 

It is also essential to note that Nirvana was not the vices of this world, something that is just present in both Hell and Heaven. Therefore, it can be logically said that Hell and Heaven exist as part of the Mu. 

But again, those who used a Death note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell, yet all the humans who die will end up in the Mu. So this other conflict leads to the one outcome. Light does not die. Still, instead, it will be taken to the Shinigami realm, where he will be forced to live as a god of Death to be able to face the threat of complete non-existence. 

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Those who can use the Death Note will know nothing but sadness and pain; the Shinigami Realm is just a bleak, dismal place, perfect for those who do not even deserve to enter the afterlife. 

Besides, how can someone who tried to play God and control life and Death reasonably be sentenced for eternity? So it would be reasonable to assume that those who will try to play God are forced to take up this ultimately boring mantle in a dismal world. Besides, Puk does mention that since the Shinigami Realm is not connected with the human world, it’s very dull interfering with it. 

Therefore, it would be a fitting punishment for all those who tried to change their world by living as a god to be forced to continue doing what they are doing minus the satisfaction. And since Shinigami can die, what is their base lifespan? 

If the Shinigami are those that did use the Death Notes while they were alive on the earth, it would be plausible that the Light would become a new shinigami. Shinigami are also related to fallen angels and are sometimes seen as the same thing. 

This would imply that the higher-ups, i.e., the king of Death, could be one of the original fallen angels. Like Satan, he is forced to monitor them, especially the newer ones. This would also explain why each Shinigami is the only permitted notebook: balance. 

 Think about it; people do not want to go to Hell. The people most certainly would not want to even live forever as Shinigami if they were given the choice of Heaven. So, by limiting the number of notebooks, the potential chaos and the resulting ramifications that they can cause is much greatly diminished. This is all speculation since it is never stated how Shinigami are created, so this is just my hypothesis. 

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Final Words 

In this article, we have explained that Light Yagami becomes a Shinigami after Death? Therefore, we recommend you do some research to get the best results.