Drow magic 5e half elf, dark elves & variants dnd

Drow magic 5e half elf

A half-elf of drow descent can choose the Drow Magic in 5e dnd. So how does Drow use Magic? According to the Player’s Handbook, Drow can use Magic. It allows them to cast cantrip Dancing Lights and Faerie Fire at levels three and five, respectively. These spells can be cast using Charisma, which is your ability to cast spells. Both on a personal and societal level, Magic is an integral part of drow society. Priestesses of Lolth are often feared for their divine Magic. They use to bully people and cause havoc on others. There is wizardly solid Magic in drow society that should be respected.

Drow Magic 5e feat for half elf in dnd

The primary aspects of Magic within drow society are discussed below. This page will first discuss the spell-like abilities all Drow have. Next, a look at the many items of Magic that Drow has created over the millennia will be provided. Then, some of the most common spells that drow use and have created will also be reviewed.

All civilized Drow are trained in wizardly Magic. It tests their ability to cast spells and teaches them mental concentration to control their natural spell-like abilities. These natural powers are called “innate” because all Drow have them and can use them without formal schooling. They include the ability to summon Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire, and Darkness.

These powers can vary from one place to another depending on lineage, natural differences among individuals, differences in long-term favor of drow gods, and variations in the local intensity of natural radiation of Underdark (or lack thereof in the case for surface-dwelling Drow). The control of a dark elf over them can be affected by mental state, sickness, training level, age, and other factors. A dying drow might knowingly give up their life to allow these powers to be exercised, doubling, or even trebling the area of effect, duration, or damage, if desired.

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These powers can only be used once per day in game terms. A drow who invokes Darkness, for example, may not be able to regain its natural strength after 24 hours. 

How to determine the numerical effects of the spell, such as area and duration?

The abilities should be considered the spells of the same name with a caster level equal to the total character level of the employing Drow. These spell-like capabilities follow the core rules for maintaining and using them.

Dark elves are not limited to “offensive” magic abilities. They also have magically defensive skills. Drow is naturally resistant to Magic. It means that they have Spell Resistance equal 11 + 1 for each character level. Drow is immune to all magic Sleep spells or effects. Drow also has a +2 bonus racial against Enchantment spells and effects due to their elven blood. Combining these innate defenses with a drow’s strength of Will grants an additional +2 to all Will saves against spells or spell-like abilities.

As the drow age, they gain more power. (i.e., they grow in power)A drow can gain Levitate, Detect Good and Detect Magic once they reach the fourth character level.

Divine favor 5e

Divine favor also grants priestesses and priests of Lolth additional spell-like abilities. These include Clairaudience/Clairvoyance 5e, Discern Lie, Dispel Magic and Suggestion. They can be used once daily, just like all spell-like abilities.

  1. Highborn Drow
  2. You are now able to tap into the magical abilities of your noble drow ancestors.
  3. PRE: Drow, base Save +2.
  4. As spell-like abilities, Levitate, Detect Good and Detect Magic can be used once per day with a level equal to your character’s level.
  5. Lolth’s blessing
  6. The Spider-Queen has blessed you with extra magical abilities.
  7. PRE: Drow, WIS 15 patron deity Lolth can cast 3rd-level divine spells.
  8. You may use Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Discern Lie, Dispel Magic, and Suggestion once per day as spell-like abilities with a caster level equal to your character level.

Drow Magic 5e

Prerequisite: Elf (Drow). You can learn the Detect Magic spell, and you can cast it at your Will without spending a spell slot. You can also learn Levitate Magic and Dispel Magic. Each of these spells can be cast once without needing to expend a spell slot. After a long rest, you can regain your ability to cast these two spells. Charisma is your ability to cast spells for all three.

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Half-elves can choose to have a racial attribute in place of the Skill Versatility. Your DM may allow your half-elf character to forgo Skill Versatility in favor of the elf trait Keen Senses or a feature-based upon your elf parentage.

  • Half wood elf can choose from the Elf Weapon Training, Fleet of Foot, or Mask of the Wild.
  • Half-elves of moon elf, sun elf descent may choose to train or cantrip in high elf weapon training or cantrip.
  • Half-elves of drow descent may choose to use the Drow Magic.
  • Half-elves with underwater heritage can swim at a speed of 30 feet.

Can you trade the spells granted to you by 5e Drow High Magic as a Sorcerer?

They can be swapped, but you will lose the castings if you trade other spells with Drow magic 5e as a sorcerer.. 

The feat’s “cast at will” or “without expending a spell slot” is directly tied to the spells. If you swap them, you will make the feat redundant (aside from adding three spells on your spell list).

The Drow High Magic 5e racial feat

 The Drow High Magic racial feat (XGtE, p. 74) states:

You will learn more about the Magic of dark elves. You can learn how to detect magic spells and cast them at Will without spending a spell slot. You can also learn to levitate or dispel Magic. Each of these spells can be cast once without needing to pay a spell slot. After a long rest, you can regain your ability to cast these two spells. Charisma is your ability to cast all three spells. They can be replaced if they are RAW. You accurately identify the requirements for the to-be-replaced spelling. It is a sorcerer’s spell

Because dispel Magic, detect Magic, and levitate are all spells that sorcerers can use, they satisfy the first condition. However, it is advisable not to allow them to tell the story. This feat states that you “learn more magic typical of dark-elves.” I will let them replace the spell if it can be justified as a “magic characteristic of dark elves.”

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Draw Magic 5e: Weapons and Armors

Over the millennia, Drow has crafted weapons and armor using the properties of the Underdark radiation known as Faerzress. That gave such items quasi-magical powers and bonuses. However, this practice is now out of favor in some drow towns. Some drow is unwilling to accept that they must be within the zone of the effect of an Earth Node (the source for Faerzress) because it is a restriction.

Drowcraft weapon

A drowcraft weapon 5e, or armor, gains enhanced properties while within an Earth Node or its surrounding zone of Faerzress. These items work at their regular base abilities outside of Faerzress.

A drowcraft weapon or armor that is susceptible to sunlight should also be considered. If such an item is exposed, it must make a DC 8 Fortitude Save or disintegrate completely. Each day of exposure requires a new DC save. Items covered or exposed to indirect sunlight (such as indoors) still have the same vulnerability. However, a drowcraft item sealed in a lead-lined container can be kept safe for as long as it’s not damaged. Dark oil is helpful to treat drowcraft things.

  • The unique ability for Drowcraft Weapon
  • This ability grants a weapon with this ability a +2 Luck bonus for attack and damage rolls as long as it remains within an Earth Node or zone of Faerzress. The weapon doesn’t grant luck bonuses if it isn’t in a Faerzress area (for example, aboveground).
  • Strong Evocation; CL12th; Craft Magic Arms & Armor; Price +1 Bonus
  • Drowcraft Armor Special Ability
  • Suppose the wearer is within an Earth Node, zone of Faerzress, or other designated areas. In that case, Drowcraft armor gives a +2 bonus to Armor Class. The deflection bonus disappears outside these zones, but the armor still usually functions.
  • CL 12th; Strong Abjuration; Craft Magic Arms, Arms, and Armor; Price +1 Bonus
  • Dark oil
  • Dark oil, a rare mineral oil that has been specially prepared using various alchemical reagents, is scarce. Dark oil protects drow craft armor and weapons from the damaging effects of sunlight. One vial of Darkoil will protect a weapon for three days and an armor suit for one day. Dark oil can be applied to any item in one minute.
  • Cost per vial 25 gp; Weight: negligible.