Effective Ways to Forget Your Ex

Effective Ways to Forget Your Ex

Effective Ways to Forget Your Ex | Best tips to follow

Dealing with breakups and finding a way to move forward can be quite difficult, depending on how much invested you truly were in that relationship. If it was a casual hookup with no real expectations, breaking up would never take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. It is always difficult to burn your feelings deep inside you for more serious connections and forget your ex for good. You are likely to remember all the commitments you made in the past that would be no more than a pile of broken promises.

To avoid learning ways to forget about your ex, the best thing is to go online and try local hookup sites. Moving on gets easier in the absence of any real commitment. Nevertheless, there are ways to help you forget about your ex and live happily again.

Do Not Turn to Self-Destructive Practices

The biggest mistake most people make is that they indulge in self-destructive activities to overcome their past relationships. Some bury their feelings in alcohol, turn to substance abuse, waste time in aggressive partying, and even look for crazy makeovers in an effort to forget about how their ex has treated them. Never commit this mistake, and know that it is better to give yourself more time to heal. Do not push yourself to go out and start dating again. It is just fine to go slowly and even cry over it.

Give a Shot to Casual Dating

Instead of indulging in crazy makeovers and meaningless physical connections, you’d be much better off going online and trying casual dating. Even if you are not yet looking for a new local hookup, you can still join a dating platform and head straight to their chat rooms to interact with other members.

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Top dating platforms come with vibrant chat rooms where people are looking for everything from casual chatting and romantic messaging to something more naughty and sexual. And, if you truly like someone, it is okay going out on a date. But do not forget to follow all safe sex practices when it comes to making love.

Go to Multiple Dates to Stay Confident

Putting yourself out there on casual dating sites and finding so many people interested in you would be a confidence booster. Right after a breakup, you will be finding it hard to get a clear view of your life. Your goal should be to find the silver lining in those dark gray clouds.

Dating sites will come to your rescue by helping you plan new dates and making it evident that losing one person is never the end of the world. Be open to new friendship opportunities and try multiple dating partners to make new memories. You do not have to be in a physically intimate relationship but just spending time with someone new helps create new happy memories that make you forget about your ex.

Devote Time to Self-Improvement

Instead of isolating yourself or resorting to self-destructive activities, you should use your newfound “freedom” to improve yourself. After all, you are single after a long time, and you can pamper yourself in whatever way you like. Go to a spa and treat yourself. Learn something new – enroll in a culinary course or learn to play music.

Go shopping and buy yourself a new set of shoes, clothes, and makeup. A makeover would turn you into a strong, independent woman, and that is what you need to move on from your past relationship. Try other worthwhile activities such as swimming, yoga, biking, and, of course, the arts. Pay attention to your diet as well because what you eat helps cleanse and detox your body. Dealing with stress gets easier when you get your vitamins and minerals and learn ways to keep yourself occupied.

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Make Your Old Dream Come True

Take your breakup as an opportunity to explore life and try something you could never try because of your time split between your relationship and your work schedule. Set a new goal. Go after your old dream. Take a new course. Did your relationship keep you from completing your education? Enroll again and complete a degree. Plan a holiday with childhood friends and explore nature. Try skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, or go on another adventure to divert your attention and forget about your ex.


Getting over your past relationship and forgetting your ex can be a test of your nerves – it is not impossible, though. Make yourself realize that you have once lived without your partner, and you should never stop living just because they have decided to leave you stranded. Learn to love again and never close your heart to new possibilities of finding love. Dating sites can make it happen and help you find a love that is bolder, better, and greater than the one you had in the past.