EyeZy Vs mSpy – Which Phone Spy Software Should You Use?

EyeZy Vs mSpy

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EyeZy Vs mSpy – Which Phone Spy Software Should You Use?

If you want to spy on a person’s phone, you might be wondering which app to choose. This article will give you an overview of their features and price. You will also find out if they have hidden mode and if they offer a money-back guarantee.


EyeZy is a phone spy software that can monitor the activities of several mobile devices. Its control panel displays all the devices under your watch and you can switch between them as needed. It cannot record phone conversations, but it can show call logs and durations. EyeZy also has a separate feature for tracking deleted calls. They have special offers.

EyeZy also tracks WiFi connections and blocks suspicious connections. It can also send notifications if the target device is using certain keywords. The software also lets you add keyword phrases that you want to monitor, and you can even limit their use of specific applications. You can also set the software to send you notifications whenever your child is using specific keywords.

Another great feature of eyeZy is its ability to monitor websites. This feature is incredibly useful for parents who want to monitor their children’s activity. They can also keep an eye on their children’s location. It also has features to monitor calls, messages, emails, and social media. With eyeZy, you can control which websites your child visits and block apps that may contain harmful content.

EyeZy can monitor social media messages as well as text messages. It also allows you to view deleted messages, see passwords, and even monitor website visits. This software can even block sites, WiFi networks, and apps. All of these features allow you to spy on your child from anywhere, without them even knowing you are there.

EyeZy has a number of features that make it the better choice for monitoring a cell phone. For example, you can see the contents of text messages, photos, and Instagram messages on target devices. You can also view the time, location, and other data using eyeZy.


EyeZy is more affordable than mSpy, and it’s also a legitimate app, allowing you to use it on any phone that you own. It also features a shield of invisibility, so your child won’t know you’re watching him or her. As a parent, you have a right to know where your kids are, but you don’t want them to know that you’re watching them. Besides, eyeZy offers a free trial period and lower prices as you increase your subscription.

The two apps are similar in functionality, but eyeZy is easier to install and syncs over Wi-Fi. It also works with jailbroken devices. The app also promises to integrate iCloud sync soon. Both have similar features, but the mSpy app has a few interesting additions.

EyeZy does come with a money-back guarantee, but this does not cover the price of the software. If you are unhappy with the product, you can return it within 14 days. However, the refund policy applies only to the first payment and does not apply if the device does not meet the company’s compatibility policy. You can also use a special link to get a discount on eyeZy.

Both eyezy and mSpy allow you to track SMS and call records. The latter allows you to see caller details and the duration of the call. Both apps update their data after a few minutes, but you might have to wait half an hour or more before you can see new calls.

Hidden mode

Whether you are a parent who needs to monitor your child’s online activities or just want to know where they are, eyeZy has got the solution you need. Its hidden mode lets you monitor every activity on a mobile phone without the user knowing. The software records everything from keystrokes and downloaded files to websites visited and event planning. You can control what websites your child visits and also get an alert when your child types certain words.

EyeZy is easy to install and uses WIFI to sync with other devices. This means that it can work even on a jailbroken phone. The app will also soon support iCloud sync, which will be very convenient for users. Both EyeZy and mSpy have many features in common and offer similar functionality. However, eyeZy lacks some important features that other more expensive applications have.

Mspy can keep track of your child’s text messages, but eyeZy has the advantage of hiding in the background. While most spy parenting apps are highly visible, kids tend to delete them. However, eyeZy stays hidden in the target device and enables you to monitor the internet usage of your child without the child ever knowing. This spy software can even detect the language used on a target phone. It can even log usernames.

The other main advantage of Eyezy is that it is anonymous and can be installed on the targeted phone. However, it has some problems with its invisibility feature. Users have complained about being able to detect the app, but the management is working on fixing the problem.

Money-back guarantee

If you’re concerned about your child’s safety and want to keep track of where they are at all times, there are two good options available: eyeZy and mSpy. Both applications provide parents with the ability to monitor the location of their children’s phones. The difference between these two options lies in the price. However, eyeZy is less expensive than mSpy. It is also a legitimate app, which means you can use it on any phone that you own. Moreover, it provides a shield of invisibility, which prevents your child from knowing that you are tracking them. It also offers trial periods, which you can take advantage of to get the feel of the app for yourself before committing to a subscription.

Besides being able to monitor your child’s location, mSpy also records phone activity, including emails, social media, and even phone calls. The app also allows you to control websites your child visits and even block apps they might find inappropriate. This is a big benefit, since it can help you prevent your child from wasting time on sites that aren’t safe.

Another advantage of Eyezy is that it’s anonymous. Both apps can be installed on a target system without the user being aware of their presence. However, some users complained about the app being detected, so the company has been working to fix this problem.

Another important feature of eyeZy is its ability to sync over Wi-Fi. Additionally, the app supports jailbroken phones and will soon incorporate iCloud sync. While eyeZy is easy to install, mSpy has several interesting features.

Other parental control apps

Other parental control apps can help you keep an eye on your child’s online activity. Several of these programs are subscription-based, and many are free. Some also provide additional features like remote wiping of lost devices. Others can help you monitor web usage and set strict usage limits. The best parental control apps for teens have a combination of features that help you keep an eye on your child.

Some of these applications allow you to block inappropriate content from being seen by your child. You can also set time limits for when your child is allowed to use the internet. Some of these applications also help you find out where your child is located. You can also monitor how much time your child is using multiple apps at one time.

Parents can install parental control apps for iOS and Android devices. Some of them also work on computers and Kindles. These apps use artificial intelligence to monitor your child’s screen time and location. However, these programs can be ineffective if you do not communicate with your child regularly. It is best to discuss the risks and consequences of bad online behavior with your child and keep an open line of communication.

Some parental control apps are free while others are paid. Qustodio is one of the better ones, as it allows parents to monitor their children’s online activities in real time. This app allows parents to set screen time limits and restrict content based on age. In addition, it can monitor your child’s location and send texts. It also allows you to view their browser history.

The app protects your child from a range of online threats. It tracks a variety of platforms, including Gmail, Facebook, and WhatsApp. It can also monitor social media conversations and even protect them from bullying. Another feature of this app is that it offers parents an easy-to-read activity report. This makes it a great choice for busy parents.