Fixing your Xbox one when it keeps turning itself on

Fixing your Xbox one when it keeps turning itself on

Fixing your Xbox one when it keeps turning itself on

Xbox one console are a great device for gamers to put their time in and play all kinds of games during boys’ hang outs and in their alone time. However, good things come with disadvantages and Xbox one consoles have their fair share in this aspect. For this article, we are going to talk about an issue being faced by many gamers. It’s the console turning itself on. It’s an issue that can get you thinking your console is possessed. What kind of device turns itself on when you just switched it or hours later. It’s crazy, right? But not to worry, it can be fixed. Let’s look at what could be the problem and find solutions so that you don’t get anymore spooked up in the night.

Possible causes.

  • Damaged controller or expired batteries
  • Power button sensitivity
  • Automatic system updates.
  • Voice commands issues
  • Power connection issues
  • Instant- on mode

After looking at those causes, try to see if any of those is what your Xbox one console is facing and then look at the solutions that will be discussed down. It won’t be long enough and your console will be fixed.

Damaged controller or expired batteries.

As simple as it may sound, it could be the reason your device is misbehaving. Just like the Xbox one console having a power button, the controller too has a power button which can be used to turn the console on. There are two issues here that might need checking, the first one is maybe that power button is stuck or the batteries are expired need changing. Try to check the button and see if it’s not stuck in any way and if the batteries are expired.

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Power button sensitivity.

One cool thing about the Xbox one console is the sensitive power button. Instead of a physical one, it’s a touch screen and this means it reacts to any kind of thing that touches it including dust or debris. The fact that it automatically turns on with sense, gives you meaning that it has something to do with that whatever you have on your console. Let’s look at what could possibly be the problem, one is you touch it by accident, two, the Xbox is dusty or debris that any this case. Another thing is that. The solution here is to clean with a soft cloth so that it doesn’t have any extra issues.

Automatic system update

There are times when devices need to update to a safe version and this means that there options that include you changing the settings to automatic update. When the Xbox one console detects an update and when this happens, the console will turn itself on. Make sure to check if all the systems have updated and one more  thing for future purposes, disable settings for automatic update and stick to manual updates where you receive notifications that ask for permission to allow updates.

Voice commands issues.

Voice commands help you use a device without actually touching it. We have virtual assistants helping us with doing tasks on our devices and in this aspect, we have both Kinect and Cortana. When you  say “hey cortana” and “xbox on” it automatically  powers on. You might be in conversations with friends and accidentally say something that could trigger the console to turn on. You will need to disable the settings. And you do that by following the steps below;

The first thing you do is to open the Xbox Settings and click on Power and startup.

Then for the final  step, go to the power mode to disable the wake up option by saying hey Cortana and things will be back to normal

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Power connection issues.

Yet again, we have another issue to with power. Try to check where your Xbox one console is being connected. You can start by looking at the power outlet first, change it to the main socket to check if the problem lies between both of them.


This usually happens with people that own Samsung television and this should be your number red flag for why your Xbox one console seems to be turning itself on. What happens here is that when you power your television on, the Xbox one console will automatically turn on because it comes with the HDMI-CEC. Just make sure to check if it’s where the problem is.When this happens, disable the HDMI-CEC option on the TV. It will stop the game console from turning on by itself. When you buy a new television, you could go through the instructions and learn how to turn off the HDMI- CEC. Use the manual and follow the instructions.

 Instant- on mode.

Xbox One comes with an instant-on feature that makes it enter a low power mode, which allows it  to power on more quickly. It also enables you to perform automatic updates or turn on with your voice. This advanced feature, however, this will be a problem this  turning itself often.

  • Check and see if the instant on mode is the problem, after, Follow the steps below to turn off the instant-on feature:
  • Check for the Guide button on your controller and press.
  • And then choose System, then navigate to Settings.
  • On the settings, Select Power & startup and then click Power mode & startup.
  • Navigate to Power mode, then select Energy saving.
  • Reboot your console.
  • Once your console is rebooted, check if the Xbox One remains turning on randomly.

Seek Professional help.

You are here because all possible solutions have failed and there is nothing you can do on your own. You can report and submit a claim to Microsoft for either repair or possible replacement in case you have a warranty and In case don’t own a warranty, go to your local electronic shop for the fix up.

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Once you get to the last bit of this article, there is a bit of information you have received and you have at least an idea that could help you in the near future or at present. So it is time to fix your Xbox one when it keeps turning itself on.