Gravel Driveway Snow Removal

Gravel Driveway Snow Removal

Gravel Driveway Snow Removal

Removing snow from your gravel driveway can be pretty easy when you have the right tools. To effectively remove snow, you must possess tools that get the job done in a few minutes. Different snow removal tools take different durations to work and hence choose wisely.

While snow can be a source of fun, it can also be a source of great danger. Considering that you can slide on the snow, you should also realize that snow can collapse rooftops and old buildings. After a snowfall, make sure you make your environment safer by removing it.


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Snow Removal Methods

There are several methods of snow removal that you can use. They can range from using snow blowers to melting the snow, and these methods will make your gravel driveway passable again.

A Regular Shovel

When the snow is wet, it requires a regular shovel and not a snow one. Using a regular shovel is effective because you can remove the snow in layers. As you scoop up, be sure to leave a thin layer of snow to avoid messing with the gravel bed.


Though used as a flavoring in the kitchen, salt can be quite valuable if you want to keep snow at bay. It works by not allowing snow to rest and accumulate on the driveway. It will prevent ice formation, and therefore, you should sprinkle it before it begins to snow.

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Sprinkling salt on already fallen snow is not effective, and the snow will not melt away as it should.

A Rake

Dense and compacted snow can prove challenging to work with. Considering that you have to break it apart for easier removal, you will need a method to deliver results. A solid garden rake will do the trick.

Make sure that the rake’s tines are one inch apart for easier removal. The rake base will help break apart the snow, and the tines will help with the snow’s movement.

Snow Melting Process

Other than using the typical tools of snow removal you can turn to other removal solutions like snow melting. These methods involve melting the snow, preventing accumulation and keeping your driveways free from snow all winter.

Radiant Flooring

If you feel that you cannot withstand the physical aspects of snow removal, radiant flooring might be the solution for you. Working through an in-ground heating mechanism, it will keep snow from accumulating on your gravel driveway.  

Although an effective snow removal mechanism, this method can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, it provides an aesthetic appeal to driveways that have not yet been laid.

Snow-Melting Mats

Another option that uses heat to remove snow is a snow-melting mat. You can purchase these mats at designated stores, and they will help you keep snow out of your gravel driveway.

There are two types of these heated mats. There are industrial mats meant for driving on and can be laid on the driveway. The other type is a residential mat that is only meant for walkways, and you should not dive on them.

Snow Blowers

A snow blower is a mechanical tool that collects and throws snow away from driveways and walkways. The pull and throw mechanism can support snow removal between 12 inches to 16 inches. They can be manual or electric.

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Types of Snow Blowers

  • Single-stage snow blowers
  • Two-stage snow blowers
  • Three-stage snow blowers

Features of Snow Blowers

  • Airless tires
  • Varied speed control
  • Power steering
  • Headlights
  • Heated handlebars
  • Chute controls

How Do They Work?

Snow blowers work by pulling in snow and throwing it at a distance. The paddle mechanism pulls in snow and directs it through a discharge chute. When using a two-stage snow blower, the snow is directed to a high-speed impeller and then to the discharge chute.

Advantages of Using a Snow Blower


Snow blowers will help you save time because they are efficient and will get the job done in a fraction of time. Comparing snow blowers to tools like shovels, you will find that a shovel is time consuming when you have to scoop the snow and throw it away from the driveway.

Easy to use

You can use a snow blower as you get it home from the store. It doesn’t come with complicated manuals, but it is pretty straightforward to learn how to use it.

Safe to use

While most people complain about back pain when removing snow, you will not be among them. Snow blowers come with strategic handles that will ensure your body stays in good posture throughout the blowing process.

The machine is efficient

A snow blower can throw snow up to 30 feet away, and that is great when removing snow from your driveway.

If after all the useful information we have provided, you are still uncertain what to look for here’s a great list of electric snow blowers. Some other links that will be helpful: 

What to Consider When Buying a Snow Blower

When buying a snow blower, there are certain factors you should keep in mind to buy a machine that fits your needs.

Snowfall depth and type of snow you experience

The depth and type of snow you experience will determine which snow blower you will buy.

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Slope and construction of your driveway

The type of driveway will dictate the kind of snow blower to buy.

Power steering

If you want to keep your back safe, power steering is the go-to feature. You want to get back pain after removing the snow.

Airless tires

With airless tires, you will not experience the hassle of refilling your tires. Having airless tires will not lead to pressure problems.

Auto chute rotation

Consider removing your snow with automatic movements since manual manipulation of the snow blower might require a lot of strength, leading to injuries.

Availability of headlights with your snow blower

Headlights with your snow blower will ensure that you can remove gravel from your driveway at any time.  

Final Thoughts

Investing in a suitable snow blower will efficiently help you use your finances and time. On the other hand, your gravel driveway will be free from snow.