Hell’s Kitchen Season 18, Hell’s Kitchen season 19 & 20

Hell's Kitchen Season 18
Hell's Kitchen Season 18

Hell’s Kitchen Season 18

Hell’s Kitchen season 18: The opening episode

The episode started with a recap of the previous 17 seasons before demonstrating a teaser of that year’s events. The narrator stated that eight returning chefs would face up against eight of their very talented newcomers in the culinary sector.

Two buses arrived at Hell’s Kitchen, with Marino awaiting them at the front entry, and welcomed them to the restaurant before escorting them inside. In the restaurant, Sous Chefs Christina and Jocky introduced themselves. They informed them that they were preparing them a butternut squash risotto from the menu for lunch. 

How things went

On the other hand, the eight rookies from the red team had no idea that the eight from the blue team were the veterans disguised as Trev, disguised as “Aaron,” knew that the competition’s expectations, while the rookies did not. Chris complimented “Aaron’s” mustache, while Mia called the eight across from her ugly. Shortly after, the chefs received their lunch and very much appreciated it. However, when Gizzy believed that it could use some more salt, Ariel, disguised as “Maria,” acknowledged the former’s powerful presence out of the gate wasn’t a strong move.

Hell's Kitchen Season 18
Hell’s Kitchen Season 18

The Veteran & Rookie war in Hell’s Kitchen season 18

Later, Ramsay disclosed himself from his workplace and revealed that the season winner would eventually become the Executive Chef at Hell’s Kitchen at Caesar’s Palace. Scotley explained that Las Vegas defines what he likes, food, and sex, and drink. Ramsay requested the red team to introduce themselves. 

And Motto said he was the Executive Chef in a French-Creo restaurant for five years despite not going to culinary school, and was not intimidated by his contest. Gizzy was next, but everyone had difficulty pronouncing her name. When Scotley was next to explain himself, he disclosed that he and Gizzy worked with each other earlier and took on her place when she left. However, Gizzy claimed that people from that occupation missed her.


When Chris stood up, Ramsay poked pleasure over his small stature. After Kanae and Jose explained his credentials, Ariel was amazed by their resumes and felt likely to be a powerful competitor. After Scott disclosed that he already owned his restaurant, Ramsay inquiring what he was doing here in Hell’s Kitchen season 18. And the prior recorded off many companies he worked with in the past, boring everybody in the procedure. Mia was the final woman in the red team to explain herself. Revealed, she was originally from Puerto Rico. She also felt that while folks were planning to dismiss her looks, she declared that she would kick butt.

The red & the blue teams

Later, the blue team’s turn to introduce themselves with “Maria,” describing how she had been the Executive Chef managing many restaurants. However, Ariel chose to drop the act and took her disguise off, shocking the rookies. Ramsay explained he encouraged Ariel back to the competition because he believed she deserved another chance. She disclosed that she pushed herself following rival ten years before. Afterward, Ariel reported that people thought that she was out because of a lack of confidence. 

Recalling a moment back in Hell’s Kitchen Season 6, Ramsay berated her for sending up poor lamb during the second black coats service. But he knew that she had all it took to win. Jen was the next veteran to show herself and told Ramsay she had dropped her attitude because of Season 4. 

 Recalling a moment during this season, Ramsay chewed her out for her attitude throughout the seventh dinner service. Heather was the third veteran to reveal herself, explained that she was the runner-up back in Season 16, where she lost to Ryan at the finals. Also, Ramsay educated Heather on how close she had been.

The sequences Hell’s Kitchen season 18

While the rookies were receiving the concept of what was happening, Gizzy was not intimidated by the specialists. Considered that they were has-beens, and their food would be outdated. Kevin was the fourth blessed to show himself, followed by Trev and T, and Chris had been weirded out by these picking off their disguises. 

Bret was the veteran to reveal himself, and afterward, Ramsay asked him how his back was, recalling how he left Season 14 because of a slipped disc. Bret told Ramsay that his spine was and called his death disgusting. Roe was the final veteran to show herself and commented on how difficult it was not to win Hell’s Kitchen Season 13.

The season

 Before recalling minutes on her season where she was inconsistent and cautioned the rookies, referring to them as Bambi’s, they had no idea what they were. Following that, Ramsay revealed that for the very first time, it had been Rookies vs. Veterans. Still, Mia was not worried as she competed against losers rather than winners because she feared earlier. 

Then, Ramsay told the two teams to line up behind their domes in their kitchens, and while T knew that rookies were just a name, she knew that if they could not function online, they deserved to go home.

Signature Dish Challenge in Hell’s kitchen season 18

Whether it is season 18 or upcoming Hell’s kitchen season 19 or Hell’s Kitchen season 20, I presume the signature dish challenge will be the same.

Ahead of the challenge started. Ramsay asked Scotley what his signature dish could be. The latter clarified he was creating a pan-seared snapper using a coconut curry sauce predicated on his Jamaican background. Then, Jen disclosed she would be creating a Thai curry king crab leg with sticky rice and a banana leaf. However, Ramsay took note of her custom made chef coat. 

When Jen offered you to Ramsay, he stated that he would call her up the next time he visited the jungle. After, Ramsay told both teams to lift their domes. Still, while the rookies obtained their components, the veterans had nothing beneath their domes, much to their confusion.

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Rookie’s signature dishes

 Later, Ramsay told the specialists that they’d instead be cooking the rookie’s signature dishes rather than cooking their signature dishes. Then, Gizzy explained that her dish was seared scallops with a cucumber gazpacho. And she wished to compete against Heather, together with the latter complementing the set of balls Gizzy had before accepting her challenge. 

Kanae showed her Louisiana styled fish stew with plantains. Still, none of the veterans were interested in the dish before Kevin volunteered. When Ramsay commented to Kevin that he loved a challenge, the latter recalled how he twisted his ankles back in Hell’s Kitchen Season 6.

 Along with losing to Dave in the finals, before commenting that he had a processor he could not get rid of for ten years. After, Scott explained his roasted black bass root veggies, and while Roe remarked his dish was not what she desired, she hailed as she wished to beat Scott following his intro earlier. 

Hell's Kitchen Season 18
Hell’s Kitchen Season 18


Subsequently, Mia showed her grilled pork tenderloin with chorizo chimichurri, and Jen automatically received it was the only veteran left. While Mia was convinced she could shoot down Jen, the latter did not think so.

Both teams had 45 minutes to cook their meals, and Bret and Trev complained about how they were looking forward to making their original signature dishes. Though the red team was working confidently in the red kitchen, Sous Chef Jocky asked Heather how it felt to be back.

Hell’s Kitchen season 18 mystery continues.

The latter commented that it was like she never abandoned. Afterward, Heather said that she felt convinced to cook Gizzy’s dish. Still, if she couldn’t cook scallops by now, there wasn’t any reason for her to be back before warning Gizzy that she was planning to create her dish ten times better. 

Thirty minutes left, Sous Chef Christina noticed many ingredients near Mia’s station. She explained her signature dish would reflect her upbringing based on her grandma. Six minutes left, Kevin commented that everything from his previous season was coming back to him. If there were 90 seconds left, Jen found her pork was overcooked and made to plate it no matter what. Eventually, both teams got their dishes cooked and plated in time. T and Motto proved up with their shrimp and grits and earlier tasting her dish on the first round.


Ramsay recalled how T was among the very competitive chefs he had worked with, with some clips of Season 14 backing his claim. After, T stated that she had the passion but had a conclusion with it. Motto was not happy with the sauce. However, while Motto claimed the sauce was bland, Ramsay cried and felt that it tasted delicious. 

On the other hand, Gordon criticized the shrimps for being overcooked, and T scored three points. Afterward, Motto’s shrimp and grits with Louisiana barbecue sauce got praised for its shrimps being beautiful together with the sauce. Still, T and Ramsay agreed that the grits wanted salt. So, Motto scored three points, and the score was a 3-point tie.

Kanae in Hell’s kitchen season 18

On the fish stew round, Kanae wished to observe how badass Kevin was with components that were not his and presented her coconut broth fish stew with mashed plantain. However, Ramsay was disgusted with the plantain’s demonstration, comparing it to a camel’s turd, and Kanae scored three points.

 After, Kevin presented his chowder edition of a fish stew. Trev commented on how scared he was of the former. He understood how cutthroat Kevin was before cautioning others to fear him. After, Ramsay awarded Kevin together with the first perfect 5, and the score was 8-6 for its veterans. 

On the herbed crusted black bass around, Roe’s dish got 3 points as she scorched her black bass. Simultaneously, Scott’s dish got overcooked. So, Scott scored 2 points, and the score was 11-8 for its veterans. About the duck breast around, Chris’s duck breast with mango-blackberry puree scored 4 points for nailing the duck. 

Still, Bret also scored 4 points for determining the duck even, leaving the score 15-12 for the blue team. Ariel’s dish was praised for using a rich sip and received four things on the scallops with parsnip round. In contrast, Jose’s dish tasted 4 points for using a flavorful puree, and the score was 19-16 for its veterans.

Snapper round in Hell’s Kitchen season 18

On the snapper round, Scotley presented his pan-seared snapper with jasmine rice and curry. Before tasting his dish, Ramsay requested Scotley what his claim to fame was. The latter said that he got votes for the hottest chefs at Atlanta entire. 

T sarcastically congratulated him, and Roe educated Scotley that it was not a beauty contest. Following Scotley’s dish has been praised for having an on-point seasoning but criticized for having a slightly scorched fish. He also scored 3 points. Before tasting Trev’s dish, Ramsay recalled how the former got picked on a lot during Hell’s Kitchen Season 8. Trev remembered he got yelled at by everyone but Ramsay before hoping that he received respect from his teammates that season.

Then, Trev’s curry dusted snapper fish is delicious. Still, Ramsay commented the lemon twist reminds him of his grandfather’s 90th birthday celebration. So, Trev scored three points, and the score was 22-19 for the veterans, but Trev argued that his dish was marginally better than a 3.

What about Mia Castro

I supported Miss. Mia Castro from the first day. I liked her style of cooking. But mia Castro ended up as a runner up in Hell’s kitchen season 18. On the grilled pork loin, Jen was worried as she wanted to make a dish that Ramsay wouldn’t spit out and hoped for the best. Jen’s grilled pork loin with potato puree got criticism for looking ragged and dry. She scored 2 points, which Bret deemed unacceptable after mia Castro commented that the chefs underestimated her before. 

Mia Castro was a force to be reckoned with now. Heather cautioned Gizzy. She was here to win in the final round, and nobody was going to stop her from opening the door. Before tasting her dish, Ramsay asked Heather if she and Andrew were still dating, referring to the affair that the two had back in Season 16. 

Always, she disclosed that they were not on speaking terms. Later, Gizzy’s dish got praised for tasting yummy, but Ramsay chose not to score it just yet as he wanted to taste the two dishes. Then, Heather’s dish was praised for being delicious, delivered them back in line, and gave the two each perfect 5’s, tying the score at 29 each.

 Ramsay called up Kevin and Mia Castro as the best dishes to break the tie and tasted them again. Following a tough decision, Ramsay deemed Mia’s dish because it had a small edge, and the rookies won the struggle. Even though Mia was doing a happy dance to celebrate, Kevin was frustrated that the veterans dropped the first challenge.

Reward in Hell’s kitchen season 18

The rookies got rewarded with supper at Josiah Citrin’s Charcoal, and Ramsay was joining them along with Citrin. While being disregarded into the dorms, Scotley felt that they took a bit of their veteran’s heart by winning the battle.

 During the benefit, Ramsay introduced to Citrin that Mia was grinning over sitting next to him. Jose explained that he would never forget that dinner. After Citrin told the red team to keep their eye on the prize, Kanae said she had a difficult upbringing as she climbed up in an area with Gang Bangers.


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The pros were punished by prepping both kitchens for the next service, shelling sunflower seeds, and trapping the mushroom duxelles. While being dismissed into the dorms, Bret blamed Jen for breaking them the challenge as she had been the only veteran who scored a two. However, she deemed Bret a few as the two bickered over the outcomes.

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During the punishment, T called it the most extended sentence she had ever done. Kevin and Roe felt they were cleaning mushrooms for quite a while before the latter complained that she would be washing mushroom gunk off her hands. 

Then, Sous Chef Jocky captured Jen pureeing the mushrooms without washing them. At the same time, she arrogantly felt that there was no problem doing that. Bret reported that washing mushrooms weren’t a difficult job do. When Jen complained that her teammates were getting on her nerves, Sous Chef Jocky overheard her.

 After that night, Trev said that he wanted to turn the tide and make it about the All-Stars and not the rookies. At the same time, Bret knew they were planning to return from their reward excited before T, and he mocked them cheering. Afterward, the veterans agreed that the results could have been different if they left their signature dishes.

But Jen was annoyed by Bret’s mindset and called his boastfulness a distraction.

Afterward, the rookies came back from their reward. When they came back to the dorms, they discovered their knife kits waiting for them, and Kanae, known for her Henkel knives, amazing. After that night, Jen noticed that Bret had a Hell’s Kitchen on his arm, and despite her annoyance of this latter, she chose to try and get along with it.

 After Jen asked him about the garlic and asparagus tattoos, Bret clarified they were in remembrance of his parents. They passed away five weeks apart from the past year and deemed them his essential inspiration for his passion. Following Bret left for bed, Jen wondered what she got herself.

The following day in Hell’s kitchen season 18

The following day, Ramsay was known as the dorms and told Kevin to attract everybody downstairs. As they arrived downstairs, the chefs observed bagpipes, with T hoping that they were not catering for a funeral, and Heather asking who died. Then, Ramsay said they would say farewell to someone near and dear to them, and the incident ended as a cliffhanger.

What are the Hell’s Kitchen season 18 contestants doing these days?

What a lovely introduction to Hell’s kitchen season 18 it was. We would love to watch similar contestants in Hell’s kitchen season 19. Though Hell’s kitchen season 20 is not yet announced by FOX, we hope to see the same charisma in the kitchen.

Within this year, Gordon Ramsay judged, Marino Monferrato was Maître d’. Christina Wilson was a sous chef to the red team, and James”Jocky” Petrie was a sous chef to the blue group. Learn What the Hell’s Kitchen season 18 contestants did after looking at Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. Ariel Contreras-FoxAriel Contreras-Fox was from Brooklyn, New York, a veteran contestant and competed in the year. She finished in 3rd position.

Ariel Contreras-Fox

Ariel Contreras-Fox has been the Hells Kitchen Season 18 winner due to her enormous growth since her first look at Hell’s Kitchen. She established her ability, leadership, and decision throughout and provided runner-up Mia Castro a position. Following Hell’s Kitchen, Ariel didn’t take the Executive chef standing in Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, and became Executive Chef of Dos Caminos at NYC.


Bret Hauser: Bret Hauser was from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a veteran contestant and competed in year 14 but abandoned Hell’s Kitchen because of an injury. He was out in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18. However, Gordon commended him for his fire and enabled him to maintain his coat. Following Hell’s Kitchen, Bret got detained in November 2018 for trafficking of manufactured goods, marijuana possession, and drug equipment possession.

Hell’s Kitchen season 18 to Palm Beach Cannabis

 He featured in a post on lifestyle magazine Palm Beach Cannabis. As a Cannabis urge, that is hardly surprising he’d have these products. Bret is a personal chef. Chris Mendonca is an Executive Chef from Boston, Massachusetts, and was a rookie contestant. Chris withdrew from the contest at Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 after few episodes, realizing his psychological health was suffering at the procedure. 

Following Hell’s Kitchen season 18, Chris had been Chef de Cuisine in Ward 8. In February 2019 proceeded to Be a Chef in The Automatic Food & Drink.

 He willingly left the series at Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 Episode 14 to take the culinary skills he’d learned back into his home city.

Motto: One of my favorites

 Following Hell’s Kitchen, Motto returned to his role as Executive Chef in Mansurs On The Boulevard in Baton Rouge and has raised money for several local charities using cookery occasions. She had been removed in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 incident seven because of leaving the scales on her bass, her option to sit from this job, and her newfound confidence.


Following Hell’s Kitchen, Gizzy returned to her previous function as Sous Chef in Ecco before beginning her meal program enterprise. She does cookery demonstrations and events online. She was out in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 from episode 13 because of her penalizing performances. Her explanations rather than as powerful as her previous year. Following Hell’s Kitchen season 18, Heather has been Executive Chef in Leaf Cigar Bar and is now Executive Chef in Lehigh Valley IronPigs. 

Jen Gavin was from Chicago, Illinois. She was a veteran contestant, and she competed in the year, where she arrived in the 4th position. She was out during the 3rd episode in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 after she burst at Gordon and accused him of sabotaging her. 

What is Jen doing?

Following Hell’s Kitchen, Jen returned to Edible Passport, where she provides cookery courses, catering, and personal chef services. She’s expressed her sorrow for returning into the series as she consented to it after she dropped a great deal of cash when a food truck investment dropped through. 

Jose was a Chef de Cuisine out of Bronx, New York, and was a rookie contestant. He had been removed in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 episode ten because of letting raw veal served along with his wrong direction. Following Hell’s Kitchen, Jose returned to his pop-up dining experience Breaking Bread Kitchen and underground dining adventures. Jose is presently a private chef offering personal chef services, catering services, and consulting services. However, he is eyeing Hell’s kitchen season 19.

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Kanae has been a Lead Line Cook in Los Angeles, California, and was a rookie contestant. She had been removed in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 Episode 12 as she neglected to find the final black coat. She had been commended by Gordon, who thought she’d have fantastic potential in the business. Following Hell’s Kitchen season 18, Kanae is a private chef offering sip and cook adventures and provides cooking courses through her business “Always Homemade.” He had been removed in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 episode five following several nominations.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon praised his accomplishments but thought he did not seem to possess the identical fire as in year 6. Following Hell’s Kitchen season 18, Kevin returned to his past role as the Executive Chef at Fire in the Ridge in Powder Ridge Ski Resort. In March 2019, he became Corporate Executive Chef in American Cruise Lines. 

Mia Castro

Mia Castro was a Personal Chef in Miami Beach, Florida, and was a rookie contestant. Mia took her defeat with grace and was joyful for Ariel since they had developed close. Following Hell’s Kitchen, Mia Castro is a personal chef and a food photographer. She might want to fulfill her broken dreams in Hell’s kitchen season 20.

Roe DiLeo was from Dallas, Texas. She was a veteran contestant and competed in year 13, in which she arrived in the 5th position. She had been removed in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 episode eight because of her lousy performance on meat after serving uncooked steaks. Following Hell’s Kitchen season 18, Roe is an Executive Chef at City Tavern and seemed on Chopped in August 2019. He had been removed in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 incident nine because of his performances that were falling.

 In 2019 he turned into a Private Chef offering food, cooking courses, catering/events and has also done quite a few cookery events. He had been removed in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 incident two because of his lack of attention. He watched him cooking the shrimp, which was presumed to be cooked tableside.


Following Hell’s Kitchen season 18, Scott is a Chef teacher at Polaris Career Center schooling culinary arts. She was removed in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 episode six because of her weak performances and failure to speak with Heather. She started her first restaurant ina+forbes in August 2019, and testimonials are excellent. 

 Trev McGrath

Trevor, aka Trev McGrath, was from NYC. He is a veteran contestant and competed in the year, where he arrived in 4th location. He had been removed in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 incident 11 to reduce his group’s esteem, failing to take the blame along with his penalizing performances. Following Hell’s Kitchen, Trev is a chef/owner in YooNeke, a catering firm, and started a Skinny Chef food delivery service in May 2020.

Are you eyeing Hell’s kitchen season 19 and Hell’s kitchen season 20?

Hell’s Kitchen Season 19

 COVID-19 wreak havoc on the entire world in 2020. Fox decided to offer a reheated second portion of” Hell’s Kitchen All-Stars.” The show’s 17 th season that originally premiered in September 2017, over the summer. While some fans may be happy with these kinds of leftovers, many wonder if a brand new competition will soon arrive. Here is what we know thus far.

The two Seasons, i.e., Hell’s Kitchen season 19 and Hell’s Kitchen season 20, will be back,

Fox handed a dual renewal for a 19th and 20th year in February 2019. It’s moved to the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas strip that opened its doors in 2018. In an event celebrating the Sin City eatery in 2019, Ramsay toasted the VIP-filled crowd. 

He triumphed on how the change of venue would surpass the cooking challenge. “We are very much looking forward to getting the series here,” he explained. “We are going to be creative with the challenges, rewards, the punishments, and the way to present the show in this atmosphere.”

Will we see familiar faces in Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 and Hell’s Kitchen season 20?

Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 winner Ariel Fox, the New York City resident formerly came in third on Season 6. She turned down the chance to become the executive chef at Ramsay’s Vegas restaurant. But she may be an occasional guest chef and likely will take part at some point in the series. One of the celebs emerging as judges is Olympic speed skating champ Apolo Ohno, French chef Laurent Tourondel of this BLT restaurant group, and”Bosch” actress Justene Alpert.

When will Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 finally get cooking?

No company premiere date yet, but Fox has scheduled it for midseason, so it’ll be early 2021. The decoration is a head chef position in Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe, along with a cast of 16. 

What’s different will we see for Hell’s Kitchen Seasons 19 and Hell’s kitchen season 20?

Hell's Kitchen Season 19
Hell’s Kitchen Season 19

Season 7 runner-up Jay Santos will replace Jocky since the blue group’s sous chef for Hell’s Kitchen Seasons 19 and Hell’s kitchen season 20. At the same time, Christina Wilson will return as the red group’s sous chef — the first time two former contestants are group helpers. It is also the first line-up of all-new art since Season 16.

What’s the same will we see for Hell’s Kitchen Seasons 19 and Hell’s kitchen season 20?

The devil — you understand, fiery-tempered, dish-smashing, bleep-worthy host Gordon Ramsay, of course. You have seen Ramsay in Hells Kitchen season 18. Well, he is the primary main. We will surely see him again in Hell’s Kitchen Seasons 19 and Hell’s kitchen season 20. He will carry on to berate sub-par chefs while pitching their overdone scallops and undercook beef Wellingtons from the wall or on the ground. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is the latest News about Hell’s Kitchen season 19 & Hell’s Kitchen season 20?

Season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen (stylized Hell’s Kitchen: Las Vegas) got announced on February 26, 2019. FOX revived it along with Hell’s Kitchen Season 20.

Both seasons will take place at the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The decoration is a mind chef’s place at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe. This year it may be on air in January 2021.

The participant’s list for Hell’s kitchen season 19 is as follows.

  • Cody Candelario,26, Executive Sous Chef Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Nikki Hanna, 25, Line Cook Wolfeboro, NH
  • Amber Lancaster, 30, Executive Chef Chicago, IL
  • Lauren Lawless, 30, Personal Chef San Diego, CA
  • Kenneth McDuffie, 35, Private Chef Philadelphia, PA
  • Brittani Ratcliff, 30, Executive Sous Chef, KY
  • Eliott Sanchez, 23, Private Chef Jersey City, NJ
  • Drew Tingley, 31, Line Cook Millmont, PA
  • Kori, 37, Executive Chef Los Angeles, CA

When will Hell’s Kitchen season 20 come out?

Hell's Kitchen Season 20
Hell’s Kitchen Season 20

Hell’s Kitchen season 20 may launch in February 2021 February. The trailer is not available yet, and we might need to wait a bit because season 19 came out only recently. The show so far has got positive reviews from both critics and people. The yummy dishes and cuisines are popular among the fans. Though Covid 19 is causing some hindrances, Hell’s Kitchen season 20 is in the pipeline.