Hisoka Death | Who Killed Hisoka? Why Hisoka kills Phantom Troupe?

Hisoka Death | Who Killed Hisoka? Why Hisoka kills Phantom Troupe?

Hisoka Death | Who Killed Hisoka In The Manga? Why Why Hisoka kills Phantom Troupe?

Hunter x Hunter is a popular series in Japan and globally. Besides the fact that it continues after a long time, it remains popular. Fans are still crazy about this Hunter x Hunter series. One of the most anticipated battles of this series is the fight between Hisoka and Chrolla. The most anticipated question of the series is who won the fight between Hisoka and Chrolla? Did Hisoka die in the battle? Here we give all the answers to your question regarding Hisoka Morow.

Who Killed Hisoka?

Finally, Hisoka agrees to fight with Chrollo in a final match at Heaven’s Arena after unsealing his Nen. Now, Chrollo can use his two powers simultaneously, which proves difficult to defeat. Chrollo killed Hisoka with the help of multiple explosive puppets. Because with the broken leg, the victim cannot escape from the ceiling and dies in the blast. Later, Shalnark explained that Hisoka used many puppets to save himself from the blast but eventually surrendered to his injuries.

Why does Hisoka kill Phantom Troupe?

The hypothesis says that Hisoka is aware that they cheated and is killing the Troupe half out of vengeance and half out of a desire to manipulate Chrollo into the circumstances he wants.

Hisoka in HxH started to kill the troupe bc he discovered that Chrollo accepted help from other associates. Chrollo says that it took him long to plan a technique to beat Hisoka. And in the fight, Hisoka, you can see the difference in physical strength bc Hisoka hit Chrollo once and did damage that 100 punches from Chrollo couldn’t. Chrollo is well aware of Hisoka’s ability. At the same time, Hisoka doesn’t know what Chrollo will do because Chrollo got a literal dictionary not. 

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Only that Chrollo pushed himself farther than in the Zeno and Silva fight. It indicates Hisoka is more muscular, significantly if he determines to stop playing around. Suppose he is Gon’s rival. He will be way stronger now if he is more potent than Chrollo. We understand he is stronger than the troupe now ik. Some people won’t agree because there are Chrollo buffs but look at Swagkage’s video. When he got revived, he got a significant power-up. He repaired his body with bungee gum and texture surprise. It is like his average body, but extra strength allows him to use his differently, so now we surely know he can smash Chrollo.

Hisoka Death Episode

In the death episode of Hisoka, a large crowd of puppets that was trying to behead Hisoka ends up having a cushioning effect against the “bomb puppets.” Hisoka died by suffocation (due to a lack of oxygen). Oxygen level decreases due to the blast and the flesh around his body.

Kortopi, Shalnark, and Machi confirm this battle. They are watching the battle between Hisoka and Chrollo in Heaven’s Arena. Hisoka’s aura reappears from his dead body to Nen, which boosts after his death. Hisoka orders his Bungee Gum to pump his lungs and heart to revive himself after his death. After Hisoka’s revival, he again creates his missing limbs using his Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise. Chrollo will gather the Phantom Troupe on board the Black Whale to take the treasure of the Kakin Royal Family. Then Hisoka kills the Shalnark and Kortopi. Hisoka leaves a message with Machi. Hisoka writes that he plans to kill and hunt all the remaining Spiders.

How Does Hisoka Revive Himself?

In the fight against Chrollo, Hisoka dies but revives himself when Machi stitches his wounds. Hisoka’s aura reappears from his body when Machi tends to his injuries. Then a fact revealed that before Hisoka and Chrollo, Hisoka told his Nen that his lungs and heart could restart after his death by using Bungee Gum.

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Hisoka vs. Chrollo

It is one of the most confusing fights in all series of Hunter x Hunter. The TLDR version of the series is that Chrollo pulled a Batman on Hisoka.

Chrollo and Hisoka are the smartest fighters in the series. However, Hisoka’s Nen powers are quite simple. Hisoka just cunningly uses them. However, Chrollo’s Nen abilities are not. He spent many hours studying the best Nen and then making decisions. To complete his master plan, he used his five abilities. The five abilities are:

  1. Kortopi’s Gallery Fake ability
  2. Order Stamp
  3. Shalnark’s ability: Black Voice
  4. Convert hands
  5. Sun and Moon

Chrollo also reforms his spellbook. By bookmarking one of the pages, he now uses his two abilities simultaneously. The four abilities formed based on the fight’s basic assumption. Chrollo uses (1) to create puppets, (2) and (3) use to make Hisoka attack them, (4) to impersonate him. Chrollo knows that Hisoka can be a forbidding opponent or killer but cannot fight with multiple enemies at one time.

The Sun and Moon ability allow the target to explode if it reaches the opposite mark. It sounds simple, but it’s not. This Nen ability allows the original user by his will. He can use this ability even after death. This part is cheating the system. He can use these marks to spot the puppets until they explode.

Hisoka’s Abilities

Hisoka was not able to defeat the exploding puppets army. He is now trying to figure out the situation now. He figures out which combination of powers Chrollo uses and how to disrupt them. Hisoka did not know that Chrollo was sent him on the inaccurate path of thinking from the beginning. Hisoka believed that Chrollo could combine two of his powers.

It’s wrong. Chrollo uses three of his powers together. Chrollo tricked Hisoka into believing that this was 2D chess and 3D chess. As Chrollo stated, if this plan was in motion, Hisoka could not win, and so Hisoka died.

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Chrollo’s Abilities

Although, Chrollo can defeat Hisoka in the end because he had done a lot of preparation before the battle. He had planned a complete strategy before the battle and collected Nen’s skills to ensure victory. The actual fight took place according to the place and time that Chrollo had set up. It makes him control the crowd easily and use them during the fight. He declared later that he was fighting with Chrollo at the location of his choice the next time he revivifies. Hisoka was a forbidding opponent, besides all the disadvantages.

Hisoka Morow: Dead Or Alive?

He loves a good fight. He wanted to fight with someone who gave him tough competition. Therefore, Hisoka wanted to fight against Chrollo. However, the fight could not happen. The fight did not happen because Kurapika sealed the leader’s Nen. Hisoka determined to battle Chrollo at his peak. Therefore, he was finding a way to crack his seal. Eventually, Hisoka and Chrolla fight in the heaven Arena. Hisoka died in the series, but later, he awakens in the series.

Did Hisoka Die In Hisoka Vs Chrolla Episode

Yes, he died in battle.

Hisoka and Chrolla both fight in Heaven Arena, in which Hisoka died, but later, he awoke in the series. Hisoka orders his Bungee Gum to pump his lungs and heart to revive himself after his death. He again creates his missing limbs using his Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise.


Hisoka and Chrolla’s fight was the most anticipated battle of all time. The results were not what was expected. Hisoka, one of the most interesting characters, died in the series. But later, he awake by using his Bungee Gum and texture surprise, which pumps his lungs and heart, and Hisoka was back to his life.