Is Hisoka A Perv To Gon? Who Is Hisoka In Love With Or Showed Love Interest?

Is Hisoka A Perv To Gon? Who Is Hisoka In Love With Or Showed Love Interest?

Is Hisoka A Perv To Gon? Who Is Hisoka In Love With Or Showed Love Interest?

Over the years, Hunter x Hunter has become a staple in the animation community, gaining popularity for its complex yet engaging storyline. A wealth of memorable characters enhances it. A character that stands out among the colorful cast of Hunter X Hunter is Hisoka Morow. Hisoka is a boastful, cocky, indulgent, and selfish person. He has a mad thirst for blood and enjoys fighting strong enemies. He likes Gon, Killua, and many others. Still, he reveals that what’s valuable today can easily become garbage the next day. Additionally, he won’t hesitate to kill anyone if he doesn’t live up to his standards.

Is Hisoka a Perv?

Hisoka is a strange person. He likes power and powerful opponents and looks like a perv. But in reality, he is sexually famous and attracted among other animes. Certainly, Morow Hisoka is unpredictable because of his extreme dedication to personal affairs. He can appear anywhere and do anything. Hisoka is the real Hunter x Hunter trick with flashy writing and iconic design.

Why Is Hisoka Obsessed With Gon?

Hisoka Morrow was strong and fast after hunting and fishing in the forest to survive. Additionally, he was interested in Gon because of his sheer potential and innocence in the real world. Hisoka is quite powerful and attracted by many characters due to sexual attraction. Therefore, he is looking for a strong opponent to fight against. Certainly, he has an obsession with Gon due to his horrific power.

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Is Hisoka Really a Perv to Gon?

Hisoka is a weird friend whose only purpose in life is to have fun. There’s nothing wrong with that, in my opinion, but things get weird because you seem to enjoy fighting strong enemies. What Hisoka wants from Gon is very simple. He wants to fight Gon, but there is a trap here. Hisoka saw that Gon had an incredible talent for NEN skills and combat, so he was willing to let Gon grow into a capable warrior. Instead of killing him in his current state, he is obsessed with him. Also, he enjoys fighting with people but just thinking about fighting a strong person makes me physically excited—a cute character created by Togashi.

Who Is Hisoka In Love With?

Hisoka’s fascination with Gon became his motivation several times throughout the series. He is excited by Gon and sexually attracted to him, as shown in his match at Heaven’s Arena. In comparison, Killua is introvert, cold-hearted, and confident in her abilities. Hisoka will probably find it boring because it’s so easy to predict. Gon is unpredictable, serious, humble, and above all, decisive. It will please Hisoka, who is also an adrenaline junkie.

What Are Hisoka’s Love Interests?

Hisoka’s motives are deceptively simple. He has an obsession with the physiological need to find strong opponents to challenge and defeat. Hisoka becomes a hunter, becoming a slightly obscure title in the series, giving its bearers complete freedom to pursue their dreams to fight and kill without penalty. He joins the organized crime troupe ‘Fantasy Troupe’ and eventually confronts the leader.

He kept Gon and his friends alive when he could have easily killed them in many cases. Because they believe they will become more of a problem if they continue to grow. Everything else is secondary to Hisoka’s need to fight the most powerful people in the world, including the positive relationships of his few and his own mortal life. Logically, it would be easy to predict a character with a single intrinsic motive. It’s reasonable to assume that Hisoka will do whatever it takes to get him into a good fight. Still, surprisingly he’s more complicated than it looks.

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Are Illumi and Hisoka Friends or Something Else?

It is one of the great mysteries of this century. In the latest Hunter x Hunter volume, Illumi talks about the rewards of killing Hisoka with a “wedding ring.” Can these two even feel something related to love? They seem to be friends, but they don’t even realize it. They don’t see each other as friends, just friends with a give and take relationship.

Perhaps Togashisama wanted to make some sense of humor before his masterpiece was interrupted again, or maybe it was a misinterpretation of the translation, or maybe it was more than just a metaphor. to explain the concept of rewarding an assassin for killing someone. However, it still doesn’t clarify why Illumi is talking about the engagement ring.

Does Hisoka Love Machi or Illumi?

Hisoka loves no one. He invited Machi to dinner, but she turned him down. He later saved her life to warn the rest of the troupe. Then he immediately killed two of them. “Oh yes, baby, I love you so much I’m going to kill all your friends.”

What about Illumi? It is a beneficial partnership among them. Hisoka directly told Ilumi to stay away from Gon. “Gon is my prey.” He was ready to kill Ilumi instead of Gon. Later, he intentionally aroused Ilumi’s bloody desires, making Killua aware of their existence. People either serve a purpose to Hisoka or not. He can’t love. Lust is certain, but even his erotic triggers are skewed towards death.


Hisoka Morrow is a licensed hunter, international criminal, and Sky Arena floor master who loves court clown fashion and magical aesthetics. In his second attempt, his introduction to both the hero and the crowd is mainly to obtain a hunter license. He is incredibly strong, brutal, egotistical, and impulsive. His role in the franchise changes constantly, but he regularly joins the protagonist’s antics when appropriate. Hisoka doesn’t appear in every issue of the series and often appears unannounced, allowing viewers to discover their role in the story alongside the characters. It makes him unpredictable and attractive. Viewers are always nervous when Hisoka is around, making him attractive and making him a fan favorite.

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