How powerful is Adult Gon compared to Killua, Hisoka, Meruem & Netero?


Is Adult Gon stronger than Killua?

Adult Gon is very powerful. With time, Gon will only get stronger at a faster rate. However, the power war may be different when fighting against Killua. Killua is arguably stronger than Gon right now and holds an equal amount of potential. As an adult, it is a certainty that Killua will rival Gon in terms of strength. At the moment, raged Adult Gon is way stronger than Godspeed Killua. I’d say Godspeed Killua could defeat Uvogin, and he even held his own against Youpi.

How Powerful is Adult Gon?

Adult Gon would be the power level of Gon if he had continuously trained without doing anything else. Therefore, he had devoted all his Nen to transforming himself into what Gon’s prime form would be. However, Killua has a massive potential to develop. Killua had the power to go up against a Royal Guard, even if it was just for some time. With both of them training together, Killua’s training potential is much higher. However, as an adult form, Killua would undoubtedly win.

Can Adult Gon beat Hisoka?

Adult Gon would obliterate Hisoka. Hisoka is undoubtedly powerful, but the strength he, Chrollo, Zeno, or Silva have demonstrated is nowhere near the levels of power Meruem has. And Gon was considered to be on par with him. Also, irrespective of Nen’s mastery, no one will be able to kill Pitou. Either, at least not very quickly, and especially Hisoka. Powerful Pitou is a specialist with significant control over Nen, especially En. It will be unfair to compare with Hisoka. And Gon demolished Pitou. Even when Pitou, who had already been killed, ripped of Gon’s arm, he still created a giant Jajanken. 

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So even if Hisoka were to restart his heart and get a good blow of Gon, Gon would still be fine and be capable of killing him. Also, the powers Hisoka has been lacking in raw power, and he uses them incredibly well. Most of the opponents he has faced did not have the monstrous levels of strength Adult Gon, Meruem, or any of the royal guards have. Also, Gon can easily blow of Hisoka’s tiny head with one strike. And one proper kick from Gon is enough to send Hisoka flying, or worse since his body is not built like the Chimera Ants. 

Also, Gon knows a lot of what Hisoka is capable of and has dealt with him before, and it means a lot of the same tricks will not work. Any attack sent at Gon by Hisoka will be nothing to him in this state. With incredible physical strength, Gon can block or dodge all of Hisoka’s attacks.

In Hunter X Hunter, how well would Adult Gon do against Meruem? Who is more powerful?

Meruem seems to know pressure points (or a rough approximation of something similar). He physically pressed down on the neck of Knuckle and Meleron and seemed to knock them out cold. They weren’t physically harmed, so it’s most likely a technique.

Let’s see what we know for Pre Rose Meruem vs. Adult Gon.

  • Strength is likely the closest category here. That is also the only category where Gon can be remotely argued to surpass Meruem. Pitou considered him a threat to the King after one Rock. With his whole aura output, he should be capable of causing significant damage to Meruem. However, Meruem should also have no trouble damaging Gon for his part.
  • Speed could go either way, but Meruem has better-striking feats. The fact that Meruem can seemingly kick off surfaces and walls to generate much broader and more complex attacks than Gon has ever shown.
  • In terms of Skill, it is Meruem who is stronger. Going toe to toe with Netero while holding back and finding a weak spot amongst tens of thousands of attacks is far beyond Gon’s relatively childish technique.
  • Intelligence goes to Meruem by a considerable margin.
  • Gon has a time limit. The Adult form is a kamikaze, and Gon cannot use it indefinitely. We do not have an exact time limit for it, but we know that eventually, Gon will die simply from his backlash, let alone Meruem.
  • Meruem has the upper hand in Superior ant biology, possibly even a monopoly.
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Even taking Gon’s hypothetical adult Paper/Scissors into account, they are even less relevant. Paper is barely 25% the power of a Rock, and Scissor is between those two. They pose an ever lesser threat to Meruem and would be an utter waste of aura.

Is Adult Gon stronger than Netero?

There are two ways to view and answer this question. We know what Adult Gon looks like (and we consider this his prime) and can somehow compare him to Meruem. Somehow, Pitou’s statement does not clearly say that Gon can beat Meruem. As for prime Netero – this guy is a beast. Old, rusted Netero competed with Meruem, and Netero would have won against Meruem. That is the first way we can view this question, in which full-power Netero wins against full-power Gon.

However, note that Gon’s Adult form is not his limit for a reason. The form was the peak of his current form, basically only multiplying his strength. That can drastically change based on Gon’s future experience. Suppose he can restore his Nen and go to the Dark Continent. In that case, he can surpass prime Netero.

Even if we assume, he was equal to Meruem. Durability-wise he seemed to be below Meruem, considering what Pitou did to his arm. It would still take him a long time to break through Netero’s defenses. Meruem took several minutes, and it is to injure Netero seriously. And even then, Netero was still ready to fight had he not decided to use all his energy on his final attack.

Adult Gon may have had much more potential damage output than Netero. However, Netero’s far superior Skill and experience should allow him to prolong the fight for a long time, long enough to waste Gon’s energy.

Suppose Gon had reached his full potential naturally. He would have certainly been more potent than Netero all the way through and able to beat him in a fight. But as it is, Netero remains the champion of achieving power through training and experience. Suppose one character truly deserves to reach and surpass Netero’s status. It’s Killua, not Gon. He has both the backstory and the personality to make a great Netero 2.0.

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Is Adult Gon the strongest he will ever become?

There are far too many options for Gon’s strength to grow. A complex system like nen has many loops and cuts and complexity. Once he transformed into that state, Gon was incredibly rash and emotional. The transformation of Gon is based on the knowledge and experience of nen that he knows currently. A natural adult Gon would be far, far more experienced.

Another reason, while it exactly doesn’t seem valid, it makes sense. In terms of HxH, it wouldn’t make sense for a shounen anime/manga to display the true power of the main protagonist right then and there when there are lots of stories left to cover.

So I will not be too surprised if HxH did continue. Togashi or someone else would make it that Adult Gon during the Chimera Ant Arc isn’t even his strongest power-wise.