What are the subjects offered in central university under CUCET?

What are the subjects offered in central university under CUCET?

What are the subjects offered in central university under CUCET?

The central university common entrance test is the most recent test introduced by the national education policy. This common entrance test offers admissions to several central universities and Delhi University to pursue several undergraduate and post-graduate courses. The National testing agency is yet to launch this exam.  CUCET 2022 is confirmed by the conducting body, we hope you are started preparation for the exam. Started to look for coaching for CUCET Entrance exam. Before starting preparation, it important to know what are courses offered by universities under CUCET.  Also, the conducting body has already released notifications about the syllabus and subjects. It provides you with an idea about the exam and what question you can anticipate. The list of subjects will also guide you choose the right program for your future career. This article will acknowledge all the subjects offered in central universities under the CUCET. However, before that, let’s know about the syllabus of CUCET and what questions you will face. So, keep reading the column to reveal the list of subjects.

CUCET syllabus 

The CUCET is an exam that offers you admission to 12 central universities. Aspirants can pursue several undergraduate and post-graduate courses by qualifying for this exam. As of now, the conducting body has released the syllabus. So, you can expect the questions after reading the syllabus below. The question paper for the post-graduate level CUCET test comes segmented into 46 paper sets. That implies; aspirants can expect 46 different question papers for aspirants all over. There are no chances of the same question paper in a single room sitting arrangement. In the post-graduate CUCET entrance test, applicants will face questions relevant to courses like M.A. in different languages, M.A. in biochemistry, organic chemistry, Geography, zoology, Life science, Mathematics, and many more.  The syllabus for undergraduate level CUCET is quite different from the P.G. level. Here applicants will get questions in two parts. The total sections would be four. In part A, aspirants will appear questions from subjects that include:

  • English
  • Numerical Aptitude/Data Interpretation
  • Analytical Skills
  • Reasoning
  • General Aptitude
  • General Knowledge
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Part B includes sections 1, 2,3, and 4. Section one will offer you questions from Physics. The chapters that you should anticipate includes: Magnetic Effect of Current, Electromagnetic induction, Ray Optics, and optical instruments, Wave, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Wave Optics, Modern Physics, Measurement, Oscillatory motion, Mechanics of solids and fluids, heat and thermodynamics, Motion in one dimension, Laws of Motion, Motion in two dimensions, Work, Power and Energy, Linear Momentum & collisions, Rotation of a stiff body about a specified axis, and Gravitation. In the chemistry section, you can expect questions from Reaction intermediates, Isomerism, Polymers, Carbohydrates, Solid State, Petroleum, Electrochemistry, Colloids, Colligative Properties of Solution, Periodic Table, Thermochemistry, General Organic Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Redox Reactions, Equilibrium and Kinetics, Acid-Base Concepts, Acid-Base Concepts, and Catalysis. The third section, mathematics, is quite less monotonous and includes fewer chapters. In Math, you will appear questions from Algebra, Probability, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, Vectors, Dynamics, and Statics. Biology is the last and final section of the paper. It comes segmented into two parts; Botany and Zoology. In Botany, the chapters include Fruits, Cell differentiation Plant Tissue, Anatomy of Root, stem, and leaf, important phyla, Soil, Photosynthesis, Plant Cell, Protoplasm, Ecology, Ecosystem, Genetics, and Seeds in angiosperm plants. Similarly, in the zoology section, the chapters included are Mammalian Anatomy, Animal Physiology, Organic Evolution, Origin of Life, Mechanism of Organic Evolution, Human Genetics and Eugenics, and Applied Biology.

List of all integrated and U.G. programs offered by different central universities under CUCET

  • Integrated M.A.-English- CUKNK
  • Integrated M.A.-Economics- CUKNK
  • BBA-offered by CUKNK
  • Integrated M.Sc-Psychology- CUKNK
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Geography-CUKNK
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Geology- CUKNK
  • Integrated B.Sc. & M.Sc. – CUKNK
  • Integrated B.A. L.L.B./ B.Com. B.A. L.L.B./ B.Com. L.L.B. – CUKAS
  • B.Voc- Retail and Logistic Management – CUKAS
  • B.Voc.-Retail Management – CUJAM
  • B.Voc.-Tourism and Hospitality Management – CUKAS
  • B.Voc.-Tourism and Travel Management offered by CUJAM
  • B.P.A. Music – CUTND
  • Integrated M. Tech-Geo-informatics – CUJHD
  • B.Sc. Textiles – CUTND
  • Integrated M.A.-English Studies – CUJHD
  • Integrated M.A.-Far East Lang.[Chinese] – CUJHD
  • Integrated M.A.-Far East Lang.[Korean] – CUJHD
  • Integrated M.A.-Far East Lang.[Tibetan] – CUJHD
  • B. A.-International Relations offered by CUKER
  • Integrated M.A.-Culture Studies – Indigenous Culture – CUJHD
  • Integrated M.A.-International Relations – CUJHD
  • Integrated M.A.-Mass Communication – CUJHD
  • Integrated M.B.A.-Business Administration – CUJHD
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Economics – CURAJ
  • Integrated M.A.-Economics – CUTND
  • BA-Vocal Music/Theatre – CUJHD
  • Integrated B.Tech-Power & Energy Engineering – CUKNK
  • Integrated B.Tech.-Information & Communication – CUKNK
  • Integrated M. Tech.-Water Engineering & Management – CUJHD
  • Integrated M. Tech.-Energy Engineering – CUJHD
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Applied Physics – CUJHD
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Physics – CURAJ
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Physics – CUTND
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Physics – CUJAM
  • Integrated BSc-MSc-Physics – CUKAS
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Applied Chemistry-CUJHD
  • Integrated M. Sc.-Chemistry-CURAJ
  • Integrated M. Sc.-Chemistry-CUTND
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Chemistry-CUJAM
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Applied Mathematics-CUJHD
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Mathematics-CURAJ
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Mathematics-CUTND
  • Integrated B.Sc.-M.Sc.-Mathematics-CUKAS
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Statistics-CURAJ
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Computer Science-CURAJ
  • Integrated M.Sc-Zoology-CUJAM
  • Integrated BSc-MSc-Zoology-CUKAS
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Life Sciences-CUJHD
  • Integrated M.Sc-Life Sciences-CUTND
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Biochemistry-CURAJ
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Biotechnology-CURAJ
  • Integrated BSc-MSc-Biotechnology-CUKAS
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Microbiology-CURAJ
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Botany-CUJAM
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Environmental Science-CURAJ
  • Integrated M.Sc.-Environmental Science-CUJHD
  • Integrated M. Tech-Nanotechnology-CUJHD
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Keeping it short, these are the different subjects offered in central universities under CUCET. Now that you are clear about the program, you must decide which one to pursue.