Does Hisoka Look Hot with his Hair Down? Hunter x Hunter

Is Hisoka A Perv To Gon? Who Is Hisoka In Love With Or Showed Love Interest?

In what episode, Hot Hisoka has his hair down?

Hisoka had his hair down in the 68th episode (2011) in Hunter x Hunter. The first episode aired on the 24th of February in 2013. However, Hisoka’s Hair Color and style are inconsistent In The Anime. The Hunter x Hunter version from 1999 differs from 2011 in various ways. There are many different aspects of Hisoka’s appearance, including his hairstyle like all characters. For instance, the 1999 version of the anime depicted Hisoka’s blue hair throughout the show.

The anime from 2011 described Hisoka’s hair as, in some cases, red and magenta in a few instances. Like his hair, his eyes color was also a mix of inconsistencies between the two versions. It is because his eyes were blue in 1999 and yellow in 2011.

Where did Hisoka put his hair down?

Hisoka put his hair down in The GreedIsland arc. Hisoka is an individual with many talents. However, He also wears a variety of costumes. Fans have been conscious of that for a long time. However, new or casual viewers might not know that the magician changes his appearance at the beginning of every episode. Although his overall appearance remained constant, his colors were frequently altered, and sometimes an accessory could be added. Hisoka is also known for letting his hair down at times, like in his appearance in the Greed Island arc.

What happened on the Greed Island?

Hisoka puts on his clothes, and Gon asks why he went to Greed Island. Hisoka chooses to tell the truth. He knows Gon and Killua will attempt to stop the Spiders from locating their Nen Exorcist. He explains that he’s searching for Chrollo and reveals the possibility of removing Kurapika’s chain. He is seeking Chrollo to provide him with this information. He is aware that a few Spiders are keen on the game.

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So he decided to use Chrollo’s name. Hisoka’s turn is to inquire about the reason they arrived at him. Gon is a bit sly and says nothing. However, Biscuit interrupts. She tries to look adorable before Hisoka and invites Hisoka to join the team. Hisoka is willing to participate without hesitation. Her friends are furious with her, and she tells her they are wrong. Hisoka has been lying. Hisoka recommends visiting The City of Love, Aiai, and looking for other partners.

While they are on their way, Killua asks Biscuit why Hisoka lies. She responds that Hisoka is not telling the truth. She adds that having been a deceiver for the past fifty years, she can detect that Hisoka lies she will keep the man in the loop. He is looking in Gon and Killua’s rear. They can sense the spooky feeling and insist that Hisoka come forward. Hisoka realizes that they need ten more people to complete the group, and Goreinu believes there’s one who doesn’t have an interest in playing cards.

Biscuit is watching Hisoka behind and is convinced that he’s concealing something. When Hisoka is watching him, Biscuit switches into her “innocent side.” Hisoka inquires about Goreinu’s spell that caused them to discover him. Additionally, Killua begins to suspect Hisoka’s inconsistency in his explanation.

Does Hisoka look hot when he has his hair down?

Hisoka looks hot and attractive with his hair dangling, and he doesn’t wear makeup. A poll was conducted among 20 women who love Hunter x Hunter anime. From a total of 20, 16 of them said that Hisoka is exceptionally handsome and hot when his hair is down. He’s a gorgeous man. Every single thing he does is flawless. However, most people, and even you, will think that it’s not right because He’s known as a “pedo.”

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However, he’s not attracted to any person who makes him want to break down. And the scene in greed Island where he is staring was likely put there to make lots of things clear. With his har down, Hisoka is a flimsy and mysterious person. We are never sure what to expect from this hot magician.