How many titans are there? All 11 Titans in AOT + 9 Titans

How many titans are there? All 11 Titans in AOT + 9 Titans

How many titans are there? All 11 Titans in Attack on Titan + The 9 Titan

The Titans (in Japanese: Ju Ren, Kyojin) are the principal antagonists of the manga/anime show Shingeki no Kyojin, known in the West in the western world as Attack on Titan. In the Attack on Titan universe, these monstrosities resemble human beings. They are battle machines controlled by a pilot named the Titan Shifter and used for the most part to terrorize a city. Many people believe that there are nine Titans, and in reality, there are eleven Titans in AOT. This article will discover how many titans there are in AOT. We will demonstrate the confusion between 9 vs. 11 titans, which AOT fans find confusing. The Titans are as follows.

The Nine Titans


  1. Pure Titans
  2. Armored Titan
  3. Attack Titan
  4. Abnormal Titans
  5. Founding Titan
  6. Beast Titan
  7. War Hammer Titan
  8. Cart Titan
  9. Colossal Titan
  10. Female Titan
  11. Jaw Titan

How many titans exist in Hesiod’s Theogony?

In Hesiod’s Theogony, there are 12 of the original Titans, and they are as follows.

  1. Coeus
  2. Crius
  3. Hyperion
  4. Iapetus
  5. Cronus
  6. Brother Oceanus
  7.  The sisters Thea
  8. Rhea
  9. Themis
  10.  Mnemosyne
  11.  Phoebe
  12. Tethys

At the urging by Gaea, the Titans revolted against their father, who had confined them to the dark side (Tartarus).

How many titans are there in Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titans features Titans with different types, certain being more potent than others. There are 11 different types of Titans, plus The Nine Titans. When we speak of the 9 Titans, each has its strength. However, not all are equally powerful, mainly when their users aren’t as strong.

There are a lot of powerful heroes within Attack On Titan, with some of the most potent Titans being themselves. Although there are a lot of normal and abnormal titans, there are nine shifters. Every Eldian can transform into a shifter, and they are the ones who get Ymir’s power.

All the 11 Titans in Attack on Titan + The 9 Titans

These are the 11 kinds of Titans described in the wildly popular anime, Attack on Titan. The incidents from Attack on Titan have perennially been driven due to being surrounded by Titans. They are humans eating humanoids and whose existence dates back to around two thousand years within the show’s timeline. The story is based on Hajime Isayama’s manga of identical titles. Attack on Titan centers around Eren Jaeger. After a smiling Titan consumes his mother, he is destined to join the 104th Cadet Corps. It leads to his quest to unlock the potential of the Titan itself. While many Titans share common strengths and weaknesses, they’re not a constant threat since different Titans have distinct characteristics.

Through the course of Attack on Titan, it is shown that Titans’ primary goal is to hunt out and devour human beings. Still, they do not necessarily require food-based nourishment through human flesh. Although the degree of pain tolerance differs across Titans, most humanoid beasts show minimal or no evidence of intelligence. It makes them easy to manipulate or fool. There are some exceptions in some Abnormals and the incredibly robust Nine Titans. They possess the ability to think strategically and spot traps, and change the odds in their favor in a battle. It is also fascinating to consider that various Titans were involved in the Great Titan War. It resulted from a string of civil wars within the realm of Eldia more than 1,700 years ago.

Furthermore, Titans also differ in regards to their reactions to pain triggers. For instance, specific Titans remain in a state of numbness to painful injuries, and some might cry and suffer discomfort. Although most titans have massive heads and giant mouths, the shape of their teeth is different according to their appearance. The final part of Attack on Titan manga saw Eren falling to his last moments of life. He is dying in a single blow that splits his head from the spine. What happened after the death of Eren? Ymir decided to surrender her power and return to her human form. All Titans come back to their human form, making the species inactive. This article will dive into the eleven Titan kinds and the nine titans. The Nine Titans are classified into distinct categories. They become separate entities in the war-ridden universe in Attack on Titan.

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The Nine Titans

After absorbing the powers of Ymir and abilities, the Nine Titans are nine Titan abilities handed down to the Eldians for more than two thousand years. It was following the demise of Ymir. Each of the nine has its unique names and capabilities. Still, they can all transform into their own inherited Titan at any time. Because of this, the Nine can keep their human nature even after their transformation and can access the most advanced Titan abilities. It included the targeted regeneration of specific organs and tissues and speeding healing. 

Additionally, the Nine dimensions differ greatly depending on their Titan forms. For example, Titans like the Cart and Jaw Titans stand at 5 and 4 meters, respectively. In contrast, they are taller than the Colossal Huge Titan is a high 60 meters. The heights are definite for all inheritors. If they have more than two Titan abilities, they may find themselves being dominated by one over the other. An excellent illustration of this is the lead character in the series Eren, who had a thirteen-meter Founding Titan and the huge 15-meter Attack Titan. Still, his ultimate Titan model was 15 meters.

Pure Titan

Known by Muku no Kyojin, Pure Titans vary from 2 to 15 meters tall and resemble human beings. However, they are with different degrees of larger shapes. The majority of the seen Titans in manga and anime fall into this group. Their main feature is their inability to think and form plans. Because of their incomprehensible behavior, Pure Titans tend to strike at humans with no distinction. They are frequently dangerous due to their vast numbers, formidable strength, and massive size. Pure Titans have been used to fighting since Eldia first discovered them. And later. Marley found it and could be killed by cutting the neck’s nape using two swords. One notable instance of a Pure Titan would be the humanoid named Bean. It first appeared when the doors of Trost District were smashed with the help of the Colossus Titan. And after that, Eren and the rest of the human troops can reclaim the area. Bean is one of two Titans who were left alive to allow research to understand what the beats are and their inherent weaknesses. Other characters from the entire series include Sonny The Peering Titan, Varis, and Dot Pixis.

Armored Titan

Reiner Braun’s Armored Titan stands at 15 meters and bears a slight similarity to his human. As for appearance, the Armored Titan has thick steel plates that are hardened all over its body. They act as natural protection against attacks from outside. It included cannon strikes, steel blades, cannons, and vertically maneuvering equipment. Furthermore, the Armored Titan can make its feet and arms harder and create sharp claws in the process. The only flaw appears to be in the regions at the back of its unarmored joint. It cannot withstand powerful weaponry like the Mid-East Allied Forces’ artillery. Reiner’s Armored Titan form is dissipated at the end of the War for Paradis arc. Eldian Pure Titans are transformed into human form.

Attack Titan

The owner of Attack Titan was Eren until his death. The Attack Titan can receive memories of his past inheritors and future ones. It was explained in the words of Zeke Yeager as “the power to transcend time.” That is why these memories function as a catalyst for people who were part of an Attack Titan to fight for freedom and continue to fight. These memories provide glimpses into the future and lives of those who inherit the Titan. Later on, they’re often insufficient and prevent users from seeing the full image. As for appearance, it is said that the Attack Titan is 15 meters tall and is distinguished by the strength of its build and a flesh-less jaw. The Attack Titan is the only one of the Nine Titans that has not been proven to possess any specific abilities by itself. However, it is granted the ability to harden using a particular serum.

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Abnormal Titans

They are Pure Titans that unusual display behavior and intelligence to execute unpredictable actions in a fight. Abnormals are often prone to ignore people around them. And they shift to strategic positions to cause more harm and do massive leaps, speed-walking, running and speaking. It was through human languages in a few instances. An Abnormal Titan’s ability to create thoughts and communicate is documented in the journal of Ilse Langnar. She encountered a cautious Titan in the course of an expedition massacre. The diary was discovered by Hange Zoe together with other Levi’s team members. After that, the Titan addressed Ilse with “Lady Ymir” while saluting her with admiration. Incredulous that Titans can feel emotions. Titan has similar sentiments to humans. When she tried to communicate, Ilse became frustrated and ended with the Titan crushing her skull and crying. The existence of Abnormal Titans makes it necessary for humans to look at the creatures. It was unbiased since not all Titans are inscrutable killers who only want to eat human flesh. Another instance of an Abnormal is the mother of Connie Springer, who took on Titan’s appearance in Ragako village and spoke the terrifying phrase, “welcome home.”

Founding Titan

Additionally, known as Progenitor Titan and the Coordinate, The founding Titan is among the most famous Titans. They can influence and manipulate other Titans by altering the bodies and memories of the subjects of Ymir. Indeed, the Founding Titan is currently in possession of Eren. Its power could previously only be used by members of the Royal Family. The Titan is a powerful being with many talents such as titan creation, controlling, altering memory, and the ability to communicate telepathically. The ability to command other Titans was used unknowingly by Eren. It was to safeguard Mikasa. And Eldian King utilized anatomical manipulation to render all the Subjects from Ymir immune to the ravaging disease. In terms of the height of the Coordinate Founding Titan, it is Coordinate Founding Titan stands at 13 meters. Still, it could grow to be taller as its capabilities are utilized. In the War for Paradis Arc, Jean goes to the top of the Founding Titan. And it explodes by wrapping them around the neck of the Titan that entirely separates the Titan and is the source for all life.

Beast Titan

With a wolf-like appearance, The Beast Titan is slightly larger than most animals and displays animal characteristics that depend on the person using it. This Beast Titan is known to display traits found in animals. It was like elks, birds, and wolves, and Zeke Yeager’s Titan took on the appearance of an ape. It is interesting to learn the spinal fluid of Zeke utilized to transform Falco into a Titan and later give the Jaw Titan falcon-like epithets similar to Beast Titan. Zeke’s Beast Titan possessed the formidable ability to throw objects with incredible precision and destructive power. It was seen especially in the Shiganshina District battle, wherein most of the Survey Corps was wiped out by crushed rocks. In addition, due to his bloodline, Zeke’s Beast Titan transformed subjects from Ymir to Titans.

How many titans are there? All 11 Titans in AOT + 9 Titans

War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan can produce and manipulate structures made from hardened Titan flesh in possession of Eren. That makes them weaponized with blades and spikes with sharp edges. Theo Magath states that while a remarkable asset, this War Hammer Titan’s structural hardening is best used with caution. Because it will drain the user of endurance, he remains alert following the transformation. But unlike the Nine Titans, the War Hammer Titan can remove its control center from its nape and connect the Titan to the host via a long flesh cable. The Titan can also emerge from transformation without the operator in its name. This ability is unique to all the other Nine on Attack on Titan are devoid of.

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Cart Titan

Being more durable than other members of the Nine Titans, the Cart Titan can take part in longer-lasting missions without having to stop to rest. This Titan’s absorption resistance permits it to maintain its impressive shape and carry armaments. They were battle armor, portable machine gun platforms, and cargo bags. Contrary to other available bipedal Titans, the Cart Titan assumes a quadrupedal form. It could hinder the ability of the person to walk straight when in human shape. As for disadvantages, this Cart Titan has lower defenses and slower regenerative capabilities compared to other Titans. And Cart Titans are more likely to be knocked down by a fatal hit. But, like Jaw Titan Jaw Titan, the Cart Titan is extremely fast when it defeated Zeke and Reiner in the battle of Shiganshina and caught Levi and Hange off guard.

Colossal Titan

The players from Colossal Titan can control the energy generated through their transformations. It produced diverse effects, like when Trost District attacks Bertolt. And his transformation causes a massive wind blast. The Colossal Titan can create a cloud of rubble and dust. It resulted in the deaths of several Survey Corps members during the Battle of Shiganshina District. In addition, as is evident from its name Colossal Titan, it is known for its massive size and physical strength. It can destroy the gate at the outside at the entrance to Wall Maria with a single strike. It is also known for its strength. Colossal Titan also possesses the unique capability to regulate the amount of steam released through its body. That is capable of igniting and repelling attacks when close. When he is in the final stages of the fight between Armin and Mikasa, Eren engages in arm-to-arm combat with Mikasa, the Colossal Titan form. Eren surpasses Armin in terms of strength and tactical prowess. Armin manages to immobilize his opponent long enough for Mikasa to get into his Titan’s mouth, killing the Titan before kissing the Titan goodbye.

Female Titan

Like Founding Titan and Zeke’s Beast Titan and the Founding Titan, the Female Titan can have a particular influence on Pure Titans through a scream-based ability. The Female Titan can attract Pure Titans towards its own. Annie Leonhart used this ability to bring together Titans in Paradis Island during the fall of Wall Maria. However, this attraction capability has its downsides. After approaching that Female Titan, the others tend to attack and devour the body of the Titan. It can be fought with devices for vertical maneuvering. The Titan is also famous for its incredible strength and agility and can harden its skin to break blades of ultrahard steel on contact. Incredibly, Annie can also emerge out from her Titan’s nape and form a crystal cocoon to protect herself for motives. In the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission Arc, Mikasa can cut the Female Titan’s fingers. It left Eren to tear the Titan form, even though the two were already merging before Levi took over and stopped the process.

Jaw Titan

According to its name, the Jaw Titan possesses a powerful jaw to set that can cut through everything with ease. The Jaw Titan is currently in possession of Falco. Falco’s Jaw Titan can move fast enough to take certain members of the Nine off guard and inflict severe damage to armored enemies by crushing them with its jaws. The people who possessed the force from the Jaw Titan demonstrated an incredible quantity of agility and speed. We could see that particularly in terrains like Titan Forests. And it is evident to the point that they could make sure of the Nine Titans off guard. The jaw appears in slightly different forms concerning the other users. For example, Ymir only sports hardened teeth, and Marcel’s has fortified teeth. Falco and Marcel’s have armored, hardened masks and almost bulletproof jaw plating. Furthermore, Falco’s Jaw Titan can grow wings and a tail, which allows it to fly while carrying other people.