How many titans does Eren have? Is Founding titan the best type he has?

How many titans does Eren have? Is Founding titan the best type he has?

How many titans does Eren have? Is Founding titan the best type he has?

Eren has three titan abilities because he consumed 2 Titan Shifters. That includes Grisha Jaeger and Lara Tybur. The story began when Grisha was given her Attack Titan from Eren “The Owl” Krueger and escaped from the weapon. Then he ended up in the Walls and consumed Frieda Reiss, the keeper of the founding Titan, which gave it its abilities.

But, Grisha later was close to death because it is believed that every Titan Shifter can live only 13 years after becoming a Titan Shifter). He injected Titan Serum into his son Eren Jaeger.

Eren consumed Grisha and inherited both the Attack and his father, the Founding Titans. After the time-skip, Eren got to Marley, where he had a meal with Lara Tybur, the holder of the War Hammer Titan.

How many titans does Eren have?

  1. The Attack Titan,
  2. The Warhammer Titan
  3. The Founding Titan

The Attack Titan

Debut Episode: Episode 7 of Season 1

Known Users: Eren Kruger, Grisha Yeager & Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is currently the owner of the Attack Titan, and he has demonstrated how powerful it can be in combat. In terms of abilities related, it is said that this Attack Titan can recall the memories of its previous and future owners and can be extremely handy.

Due to this power, the Attack Titan constantly tries to advance by fighting for freedom. And considering that it has defeated a few members of other Nine Titans in battle, it’s certainly one of the strongest.

 Attack Titan managed to defeat many Titans. However, its biggest victory was against its Armored Titan. The armor of the Armored Titan is much stronger than the Attacks. However, Eren could still outlast it. Eren could fight at it with the Armored Titan to the point that he managed to shatter and crack pieces from his armor.

The Warhammer Titan

Debut Episode: Episode 6 Of Season 4

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Known Users: Lara Tybur & Eren Yeager

War Hammer Titan War Hammer Titan was the final among the Nine Titans to make an appearance in the first place, and it was truly thrilling. In contrast to all the Nine Titans, the holder of the War Hammer can control their Titan from afar. Thanks to a long cable of titan flesh, which permits the shifter to be hidden inside a crystalized underground. The thing that makes War Hammer Titan so strong is that it can build weapons and structures out of its flesh that has been hardened. It means it can hold people and other titans and then impale them with the spear or hit them in the neck using a huge archer.

 War Hammer Titan is the best in terms of its versatility. War Hammer Titan is the top, and if it were not for Mikasa’s help and his team, it would have killed Eren. As the two battled each other, it was clear that the War Hammer was pretty much in full control, as its weapons could penetrate the Attack Titan’s body. It was also able to immobilize the Attack on Titan’s body. War Hammer Titan also managed to stop Eren by impaling the Titan body, allowing it to generate spikes from under the ground.

The Founding Titan

  • Debut Episode: Episode 12 of Season 2
  • Known Users: Ymir Fritz, Karl Fritz, Uri Reiss, Frieda Reiss, Grisha & Eren Jaeger

Those with royal blood can only deactivate the full force of the power of the Founding Titan. However, it’s the most powerful Titan on earth when this requirement is fulfilled. With its roar, The Founding Titan can force Eldians to become titans and alter the memory of the Eldians, too.

If the shifter has been properly educated, they’ll be in a position to put on a good fight. However, most of the time, it will be able to get by without fighting since it can take control of the minds of all other Titans, which includes those who aren’t shifters.

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Eren Founding Titan’s Greatest Feat Of Strength: Activating The Rumbling & Summoning Past Titan Shifters

It is believed that the Founding Titan connects each Titan and each Subject of Ymir, and that’s why it was able to wake up every Wall Titan at once. The Rumbling could not have occurred in the absence of The Founding Titan. Still, the most impressive aspect is its capacity to protect itself. It accomplishes this by summoning hundreds of previous incarnations from The Nine Titans. Each of these incarnations has the power of its own Titan.

Eren Founding Titan form

Eren said to Ymir that she was free to decide. The Manga gave hints that when Eren and Ymir came together, they would need to have a royal bloodline to rule the Titan that was founded was eliminated. If this isn’t the case, Eren could not stop the Rumbling for the same amount of time as he did when he fought Dina’s Titan after Zeke touched Zeke. Eren could use the titanic powers for a time, but then the Titan could no longer. When Eren and Zeke were touched, “they” were taken back to the Paths and interacted for a few minutes. However, in the eyes of others (Gabi), the moment was a snap that Spines emerged from Eren’s nape. Eren’s eyes look like Frieda’s eyes but with green eyes. Eren’s lower figure is that of the Attack Titan enlarged, and his lower body, waist, and below are the body of the Founding Titan.

Why Eren took the founding titan form?

Eren could assume his form as his Founding titan because of his power as a Founding titan. It doesn’t have to be at the disposal of a royal to be effective. The royal is a door; however, the Founding Titan’s power, and in turn, its holders, are the key. What’s in the back of the door?

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These important paths were the mother route. This branch connects each Eldian and lets the user of the Founding Titan regulate the other titans. In the end, the person who holds the Founding Titan is in power to exercise it, not the royals they’re touching. In the end, Eren was in charge of the Founding Titan’s power, not Zeke. The Founding titans’ founder Ymir created Erens titanic form and granted Eren the power to trigger the Rumbling. To effect the transformation, Zeke is irrelevant. After the power is activated, the person who holds the Founding Titan will have total control.

The same thing happens in the car. Imagine you’re in the driver’s seat, and your companion is sitting at the front of the car next to you. If they put the ignition key and then start the vehicle, it’s driving the vehicle. It’s the same with the Founding titans’ powers.

It’s possible that it’s a two-in-one titan and that somewhere, Zeke is in there. We don’t know exactly where, but Zeke is likely in a cocoon within that spine Founding titan. Eren can influence the wall titans for his time since he’s always in communication with Zeke. It could explain why the front part of the Founding Titan is small compared to the rest, as it’s an addition. The front part is Eren and from the waist down is Zeke.

Only the Royals were able to use the founding Titan in full because they ordered Ymir, the original Titan, to obey them. She did that for over 2,000 years.

However, when Eren was at Ymir, she urged her to take her own decision instead of simply following what other people advised them to. Therefore, she let him use his Founding Titan to its full extent.