How Can I Watch Simply A Web Anime For Free?

How Can I Watch Simply A Web Anime For Free?

How Can I Watch Simply A Web Anime For Free?

Anime is the computer-animated variant of Manga. This kind of show is intriguing because it incorporates various elements in one production. You can expect an engaging plot, stunning visual effects, and professional cinematography. Due to this, the increasing popularity of anime has grown beyond Japan. 

 In reality, anime is being dubbed or translated into English and other foreign languages to attract a larger public. If you’re a recognized Otaku or Weeb, continue reading this article and learn about the top Anime websites to explore.

The popularity of anime has proved to be effective in occupying time with children under twelve years old and as a source of escape for older generations. They highlight themes that promote friendship, healthy relationships, family time, community order, and collaboration. With the increasing popularity of anime, many anime websites are now accessible for streaming. 

Have you wasted a lot searching for an anime site to stream anime at no cost but are disappointed? In this article, we’ll provide you with the most popular anime websites that allow you to watch your favorite shows on the internet.

Sites to Watch Anime for Free

  • Crunchyroll
  • 9Anime
  • Anime-Planet
  • Animedao
  • Funimation
  • HIDE


You can find a very well-known website to view anime on Crunchyroll. Why? The Anime website is among the most trusted online portals for streaming episodes of the most famous anime such as One Piece, Boruto, and many more. Crunchyroll also has various content related to anime, such as news, updates, and games from your favorite shows. The great thing about this site is that it will show the most recent season of an ongoing Anime immediately after being broadcast on Japanese television.

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One of the most accessible sites to stream Anime to watch anime is 9Anime. The homepage already has a search bar which you can use to locate the specific anime you’d like to watch. Additionally, you can look through the Anime listing alphabetically, with any pop-up ads popping up randomly. On the home page, you’ll see the most recent episodes. You can also filter the anime into specific categories such as Chinese animation or dubbed, subbed, and random.


Another site where you can stream online for free anime will be The Anime-Planet. The website has several collections of Anime shows that add up to more than 40000. Registered users can add any film or series to the Anime list. Various critics and viewers also evaluate every series. Anime-Planet constantly presents the most popular series on its homepage and regularly updates them. In addition, the site is also known for its many Manga articles that visitors can read.


Animedao is a better alternative to smiplyaweeb The website offers a massive selection of dorama, anime, and J-Manga series for all fans of the world at no cost. In all animation genres such as romantic, comedy, action to adventures and sci-fi, fantasy, etc. If you love Manga or anime specifically, this is an excellent option! Each week, it can update episodes based on the anime you love or streaming service. However, If you’re looking for another site that offers the most extensive collection of anime, then a weeb is a better option.


Funimation is an anime-related website that offers everything related to Japanese animation. With a clean and straightforward layout and mobile apps available that are available for iOS and Android. Funimation allows you to enjoy all your favorite anime series and others you may not have ever heard of). But, the majority of the content that is available is free. There are also opportunities to purchase extra options like HD watching, simulcasts, etc.

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Additionally, you can download their app and then sign up to their webpage for your profile. You’ll be able to access all their content from their site and app side-by-side. There’s always something new to see, no, which way you go! In the end, Funimation is an excellent source for high-quality streaming anime content. Suppose you’re planning to begin watching a new series or catch up on the old ones. Whatever anime-based TV shows you like watching, Funimation has something that will suit your needs!


HIDIVE is a relative newcomer to the list of websites that offer free anime. Although Crunchyroll and Funimation provide a vast selection of anime, HIDIVE follows a different strategy. It provides its users with only a tiny sample, similarly to Crunchyroll Collection’s YouTube channel.

One of the first things you’ll see is that the HIDIVE website features a free episode section. For each show in this section, you’ll be able only to view the first episode. The single episodes showcase the tag system HIDIVE uses, to understand the range of services available, 

Each episode is part of the only category available, dubbed or subbed anime or brand new releases. As a minor trade-off to the limited number of episodes, you’ll not see advertisements when you view these free episodes. After you’ve viewed all available episodes, you’ll be able to take advantage of the 14-day trial offered by HIDIVE for free or opt to pay the $ 4.99-month cost.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a specific book you’re looking for, be sure you check the list of categories that are exclusive . It’s a great method to quickly determine if you should think about the possibility of a subscription. You can take guide on the anime from the above mentioned post.