How do you Investigate all Remaining Leads in Velen in Game Witcher 3

How do you investigate all remaining leads in velen in Game Witcher 3

How do you Investigate all Remaining Leads in Velen in Game Witcher 3

There are three main types of side quests in the game – minor, central, and conditional ones, which all offer different rewards. Completing them is essential to unlocking new places and achieving the story itself, so you have to do it, even if they seem overwhelming at first sight. 

This guide has been created to assist you in completing any part quest that emerges on your map in The Witcher 3:

Wild Hunt: Blood and Wine DLC, including how to solve it as quickly as possible while gaining experience and items, and even where to find some more of the competition’s other very tremendous creatures.

Investigate Skellige

Skellige is an archipelago off of Nordmark and a warrior’s paradise. The harsh northern climate breeds hardy and fearless people who aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe in. They are excellent fighters and sailors with a proud history of defending their homes against invaders. In many ways, Skellige embodies typical Viking culture. After all, they did have a queen named Yennefer! You can start investigating Skellige by visiting its capital Arinbjorn to talk to Coach a Craite or Baird at An Craite’s hall. Be careful, though—the place is crawling with angry berserkers!

If you’re lucky, they’ll be too busy fighting each other to notice you. It’s also worth checking out Kaer Trolde Harbor, where most ships that travel between Skellige and other countries dock.

A visit there might give you some helpful information about local events that may help your investigation. Finally, if you want more information about specific places on Skellige (or any other location), look them up in your journal under Characters and Locations. There might be additional info available there as well!

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Investigate Velen

Velen contains plenty of murder mysteries, each with its own set of clues and suspects. If you want to unravel these cases—and add a lot of new entries to your journal—you’ll need to use Geralt’s detective skills. You can look for clues by examining nearby objects or using your witcher senses to find hidden secrets. Look for footprints, loose boards, and other physical clues that might lead to something more substantial.

As you get closer to solving each case, track down witnesses and question them about what they saw or heard; some might have seen different things than others or had better memories of events leading up to a crime (for example). These conversations will often lead down another path that opens up additional leads or NPCs who may know something useful.

Investigating Nilfgaard

All that’s left is to go back and finish off any loose ends. At The Kingfisher Inn, talk to Morkvarg and his men, who will start a fight. Either choose to defend yourself or side with them – either way, you’ll meet Shani outside afterward. Visit Stefan Skillen at his home for another cutscene, then visit Leuvaarden at The Alchemy Inn for another one.

See Coach and Craite on Hindarsfjall island, and finally, check out Toruviel at the Uralla Harbor inn. After talking to her, go inside her room (she won’t mind) and examine her diary on her nightstand. You can now conclude your investigation by returning to Letho of Gulet at Crow’s Perch castle. He’ll give you some information about what happened after being taken away from Novigrad prison and a new mission – killing Radovid V!

Investigate White Orchard

Players will have to take on more than just Gaunter O’Dimm when looking for answers about Anna’s parents. Players who head to White Orchard and complete its quests will find themselves embroiled in a war between competing forces led by Phillip Strenger and Raymond Maarloeve.

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This confrontation is also an opportunity for players to explore Geralt’s history with Novigrad mobster Tee Mor; if they seek him out after completing A Dangerous Game, they’ll learn that he stole something from Ciri many years ago and never gave it back. The quest concludes with Geralt fighting off waves of enemies before meeting his old foe face-to-face.

Investigate Novigrad

When you’re done with that, it’s time to travel to Novigrad. You’ll find one of our targets here: Sigismund Dijkstra, a corrupt merchant and agent of Kingslayer Geralt who is secretly working for Síle de Tansarville and Radovid V. This guy knows his stuff, but he’s hiding something—likely important information on where Síle and Radovid might be located. Head over to Kaer Trolde Harbor in Ard Skellig and board your ship there; sail north along Ard Skellig coast until you arrive at a small island called Baldar Bay.

Once you disembark from your boat, climb up the stairs leading to a fortress overlooking Baldar Bay. Enter through its main gate and continue forward until you reach an open area containing several houses. Walk up some stairs leading towards one of these houses (the large building in front of you) and enter through its main door into what looks like a dining hall or kitchen area. 

There should be two doors before you; go through either door into another room containing many more entries. Go through any door from here into yet another room with many more doors, eventually entering a courtyard outside (you’ll have to climb some stairs). Here, walk straight ahead towards an open gate leading back inside; go down some stairs into another room containing even more doors.


First, check any places that could be an essential person for your investigation (the quest giver, older woman’s house, docks near tavern). Go back to the quest giver and ask him again. If he says there is no news again, try talking to other NPCs that can give you information. Go back to the quest giver and ask if there is any new info. If still no, look on notice boards around significant cities or talk to barmaids or soldiers around taverns (they are usually stationed in them). They sometimes have information about recent murders/crimes.

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