How does Sonic transform into Dark Sonic?

dark sonic

How powerful are Dark Sonic’s forms compared to Sonic?

According to the Archiverse Dark Sonic’s Power Source (The Chaos Emeralds), this is an alternative dimension. They work oppositely to what they are used to. Emeralds give Energy to Sonic, but Dark Sonic provides the Emeralds with Energy. If Dark Sonic is present, the Emeralds take Energy. That means that whoever he defeats becomes his Battery Charger. That is why he could keep up with Infinite Black Hole-powered Gods. Dark Sonic should take the Energy of any Emeralds fighting him and give it to Sonic for a Power-up. It is the ultimate trump card for any enemy and can be helpful against any opponent except True Omnipotent beings.

However, I don’t know if Super Sonic still has the Reality Warping abilities. He’d be the ultimate fighter against any opponent if he does. If you significantly surpass him, he will transform into a Power Source, equalizing you and eventually becoming your successor. To achieve this form, he needed the help of Eggman.

Dark Sonic

Dark Sonic (also known as Dark Super Sonic) is a super dark transformation achieved by Sonic the Hedgehog from the anime Sonic X. This transformation was possible thanks to the multitude of fake Chaos Emeralds and Sonic’s intense anger.


Dark Sonic appears to be able to take on two forms. He resembles Sonic during his mid-transformation. His fur is black, and his skin is dark grey. However, his fur and aura are dark blues. His transformation ends with him looking very similar to Super Sonic. However, his back quills grow longer. The dark blue aura that surrounds him is still present, but his eyes are now empty. His mouth is gone, and his pupils and iris disappear.

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The negative Energy Sonic causes these comments feels from fake emeralds. After seeing the number of counterfeit emeralds at the Metarex’s base, Sonic feels uneasy when he crashes into it for the first time. This dark chaos energy incredibly intensifies Sonic’s fury at Chris being unconscious and Cosmo being trapped. It causes him to transform into Dark Sonic during his mid-transformation.

Black Narcissus sends two robots to Sonic, Silver and Gold, which he created to test Sonic’s speed and strength. Dark Sonic appears to enjoy a violent pleasure in this, as evidenced by his evil grin and mad cackling. He quickly tears apart the robots and is now in complete transformation. Doctor Eggman appears and says that he’s never seen Sonic get so excited before. Eggman states that he doesn’t want Sonic to act out of anger or rage and that it is not healthy for him to see Sonic return to his usual self.


Dark Sonic appears to enjoy the idea of killing the two prototype Metarex. It is evident by his mad cackle and demonic grin. Sonic’s anger is out of control in this form, and he even intends to kill. Sonic can still manage his actions to a certain extent. This form is rooted within the darker aspects of Sonic’s instincts. He wants to live, trample, and impose over opponents. This form is the natural manifestation and loss of decline, destruction, and death on a metaphysical level.

Powers & abilities

Sonic is Dark Sonic. He can move at light speed, tearing through robots multiple times in a second by simply dashing through them. He is also strong enough to punch through metal and cave in robots’ faces with one punch. And he can even tear down a robot vertically with one quick strike.

How much powerful is Hyper Sonic compared to Super Sonic?

It is difficult to determine how much Hyper Sonic is more powerful than Super Sonic. Super Sonic is faster and more potent than regular Sonic. Hyper Sonic is, to my knowledge, more powerful than Super Sonic.

  1. Hyper Sonic can breathe underwater. Hyper Sonic can breathe underwater if you’re at a water level. You won’t drown as long as Hyper Sonic is present with enough rings. Water levels can be pretty frustrating, with water bubbles and water shields often being scarce.
  2. Hyper Sonic can kill all the badniks by simply double jumping. It should be enough to give you an idea of how powerful Hyper Sonic is compared to Super Sonic. You would be a god if you could double jump to eliminate all your enemies in real-life.
  3. Hyper Sonic can cause epileptic fits. That is a fantastic fact. In 1994, when S3K was released, Hyper Sonic flashed bright colours on the screen. Some people with epilepsy, knowingly or unknowingly, had epileptic fits playing as Super Sonic in S3K. Sega will not bring back Hyper Sonic in Sonic games. They don’t want any negative feedback or be sued for people who have epileptic fits from flashing colours that trigger serious illnesses like epilepsy.
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Super Sonic is strong, but Hyper Sonic is much more powerful. But how powerful? That’s an easy question. Sonic will need the super emeralds to become hyper. The super emeralds, or chaos emeralds, harness the power of the master emerald. Each super emerald has the same power and abilities as the seven chaos emeralds. There are also seven super emeralds. Hyper Sonic has 49 times the capacity of Super Sonic.

How can sonic become Dark sonic?

Sonic X season 3 episode “Testing time”, Sonic invades a Metarex base to find Cosmo and Chris. The base was where Metarex created fake chaos emeralds. Sonic was connected to their power and became Dark Sonic. His negative emotions tapped into its power. It has been Dark Sonic’s only appearance, so there is no evidence to support it. Sonic loses his cool when he sees Cosmo and Chris, scared and unconscious. Sonic was calmed by Dr Eggman and turned normal. Dark Sonic, on the other hand, is associated with negative emotions. Super Sonic, however, is filled with positive emotions and natural chaos.