This Is how Gamestop Trade In helps you to make money online

gamestop Trade in

How do you make money from gamestop Trade in?

Gamestop trade in: Trade-in your existing video games if you want to improve your collection without spending too much. Gamestop offers store credit for consoles, accessories, games, and devices such as smartphones. You can earn lots of credit if you are careful about what you bring to the store. You can also trade in the most valuable games for bonus credit. To make an exchange, bring your items to the nearest Gamestop. So let us discuss Gamestop trade in and how to make money online.

What is GameStop Trade-in?

GameStop trade-ins are, as you can probably imagine, a gamer’s dream. It accepts a wide range of gaming items, including:

* Retro and current generation games

* Retro and new gaming consoles

* Accessories such as headsets and controllers

GameStop’s trade-in program is open to all gamers. The company accepts a variety of consumer electronics, including iPhones, Android phones, and smartwatches. GameStop and GadgetGone will trade your console in.

GameStop allows you to trade in broken consoles.

It all depends. We noticed that you could choose between “damaged” and “dead” for smartphones and other electronic devices, but not for accessories, games, consoles, and accessories. We aren’t sure if this means that consoles with broken parts are accepted or not.

GameStop’s website states that it will accept trade-ins. According to the GameStop policy, “Trades must have all necessary components for trade to receive full value.” GameStop will carry damaged or defective game consoles and consumer electronics. However, they won’t give you the online buyback price.

A manager must approve each trade-in. GameStop may decline to purchase items that aren’t in good condition or if there is enough stock of the item you’re selling and no need for additional inventory.

Start your trade-in online, and finish in-store

Suppose you have decided what items you want to get rid of. You can start your buyback by checking the trade-in value of your device with the GameStop trade calculator. This calculator is available on either the company’s site or the GameStop App.

You will need to find the device you want to trade in, just like with other trade-ins. You will need to indicate the condition of your device (either dead, working, or damaged) when you trade in a phone or tablet.

We have struggled with GameStop’s trade-in calculator to find the device we wanted to trade-in. It was also apparent that although retro consoles and accessories may be accepted, they don’t show up in the trade-in calculator as acceptable items. The whole experience was frustrating, and we wondered if the trade-in value that we saw online was accurate.

Find Quality Trade-In Opportunities

1.For additional trade-in credit, join the PowerUp Rewards Pro program. Gamestop’s rewards program, PowerUp Rewards, is entirely free. They also offer a Pro plan which gives you an additional 10% credit for trade-ins. The $14.99 per year cost is worth it if you trade in many games.

You get additional bonuses with the pro plan, including 10% off on used games and 20 points per dollar spent at Gamestop. You can only get 10 points per dollar for coupons or other rewards with the regular plan.

Visit your local Gamestop to sign up for the rewards program. You can also visit Gamestop’s site and click on the PowerUp Rewards button.


  1. Visit Gamestop’s website for the most recent trade-in deals. Click the trade-in button at the top right of the page. It will display the products that can be traded in for bonus credits. That can be useful to purchase consoles, phones, and other electronic devices, in addition to videogames. You should check back often to see if an item you have is listed.

You might find a bonus for smartphones and retro video games, for example. It may change within a week to offer bonus credit for trading in Halo.

You will find some offers more valuable than others. You should carefully read each request and keep checking for new ones until you find the one that gives you lots of credit.

  1. To find out the value of specific games, you can use the trade-in page. You can click the Gamestop trade-in button to go to a new page that includes a search bar. Enter the name of the title you want to trade-in. That will estimate how much cash or store credit it could cost you to get your item. These quotes can help you determine if it’s time to part with your old hardware and games.

These quotes are valid for one day only. You may get more credit for future games.

  1. Keep an eye out for special promotions on new releases. Gamestop sometimes offers bonus credit for trading certain games. That might be an advertisement that says, “50% more credit for trading toward Grand Theft Auto.” It is a great way to increase your store credit. It only works if you are interested in the new releases each week.

These promotions are often advertised on TV and in online ads. If you have signed up for the rewards program, make sure to check your email.

Gamestop does not offer as many of these promotions as it used to. Be sure to check the Gamestop website frequently for new trade-in offers.

How to Select Products for Trade

  1. Keep your games safe from any damage to increase their value. When they are not being used, store games in their cases. Keep them in the original packaging and any accessories that came with them. Scratches can be a significant cause of trade-ins losing value. Keep your games in good condition to preserve their original appearance.
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For example, keep game discs inside a case. When you buy the game, save the original box, instructions booklet, or any other material. Before you trade them in, clean them.

Keep consoles and other items in their original packaging. Before you try to trade them in, clean them.

2. You can trade in used games and devices. Gamestop will accept video games, consoles, and accessories. These items must be in good working order. Before accepting trade-ins, store employees must test them. You won’t be able to get credit for damaged items, just as you wouldn’t pay for something that doesn’t work.

You must ensure that your items are in good working order to receive the maximum value. There are machines at Gamestop that can test controllers and other things. Store associates will even test controllers and consoles.

Retro games and consoles are an exception. Many stores don’t have what it takes to plug in a Sega Genesis, but they may accept it as a trade-in if the equipment is in good working order.

You may be eligible for credit even if your devices or games aren’t in perfect working order. Gamestop refurbishes certain products for resale. However, you won’t be allowed to trade in a product that is broken completely.

3.To earn more credit, choose in-demand games. Rare or well-known products are the most valuable. Modern games are more useful when they’re new, as more people buy them. If the games are not part of a well-known series, their value will drop the longer you wait before trading them in. Trades of devices such as smartphones can also be affected by people switching to more efficient models.

Sports games and movie tie-ins lose their value quickly. Madden 16 on the PS3 is not desired, but Madden 20 on the PS4 can be.

Some franchises are always in demand. Everything related to Mario, Pokemon, or Zelda has a decent trade-in value.

  1. Keep older games until their value increases. As they age, some games become more expensive. Gamestop will accept trade-ins of old games and systems such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Nintendo 64(N64), and other classics. These items are no more in production, so that working copies will become more valuable. It will be even more beneficial if you have something scarce. 

Check Gamestop’s website for details on trade-ins.

The retro status could be given to older items in the future. The Playstation 2 (PS2), its games, and the Playstation 3 (PS3) are no longer in production. They may therefore become more valuable over time.

  1. To recondition any damaged games that you want to trade, you will need to pay a fee. You may be able to trade in a device or play that is still functional. Gamestop might offer to repair the game. They charge a small fee, usually between $1 and $5, for the trade-in value. It reduces your credit limit, so make sure you decide if it is worth the effort.

Gamestop will repair or resell a damaged item if it is in good condition. For example, game discs can be refinished to remove scratches.

You shouldn’t expect to be able to return a few used discs with broken discs. Even with additional promotions, damaged discs might not give you enough credit for a single game.

How to Trade Your Items in Gamestop?

  1. All trade-in items must be brought to a Gamestop shop. All items must be brought to the store in person. They cannot be sent in by mail or traded online. Tell the staff when you visit the store that you are looking to trade in some items. Spread them on the counter for the employees. It will be easier to price and sort the things that you wish to exchange. Don’t forget your PowerUp Rewards membership card, or have someone check your account if it is one.

Bring everything you need to trade. Accessories such as charger cables for handheld phones and consoles are also acceptable. You can remove anything that isn’t original.

You must ensure that your handheld device is fully charged and that any personal information on it has been erased.

  1. Wait for store employees to inspect and appraise your items. Before they offer credit, employees must first test every trade-in item. First, they check that it works. Then, they examine the overall quality. They then consider the demand. They offer an equal amount of credit after considering all these factors.

You can expect the same result if you search online for trade-in values through Gamestop’s site. The only difference between them and other retailers is that they will give you less credit if the item is damaged or in poor condition.

2. To earn more, choose store credit over cash payments. If a Gamestop employee gives you the option, let them know that you want credit. Gamestop will always give you more credit than money. When you trade-in multiple items, the difference is significant. You can use the credit to buy new games, gift certificates, merchandise, or other items.

For example, a copy of Pokemon Platinum worth $22 in-store credit can only be bought for $18 in cash in October 2019.

Best ways to increase your GameStop trade-in value

It doesn’t matter if Mario was on the SNES, GTA San Andreas for the PlayStation, or Skyrim for the Xbox One. No matter where you started with gaming, it’s probable that you have an extensive collection of games and consoles.

That is why Gamestop’s Trade-In Program is so unique.

  1. It allows you to make money with your old games and even your old gaming consoles.
  2. It means that you don’t have to let a game collect dust once you have stopped playing it.
  3. You can sell your old games and make a profit while decluttering your home.
  4. You don’t need to feel guilty about trading in your ideally used console for a newer one.

We’ll show you how Gamestop Trade-In works and how to make more from your games.

What is Gamestop Trade In? It is a program that allows you to bring in old stuff and receive credit, similar to Amazon Trade-In. Then you can use your credit to purchase the things that you want. Red Dead Redemption may be your only option, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is what you want.

Red Dead Redemption can be taken to Gamestop and traded for credit. You can then use the credit to purchase the second installment of the series. We’ll be reviewing Gamestop Trade-In and giving you some tips on how to get more credit. It is straightforward to use.

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It is a step-by-step guide on how it works.

  1. Bring your stuff to the Gamestop
  2. First, bring any unwanted items to your nearest Gamestop store.
  3. Once you have found your store, take your unwanted items and bring them in.

What are you allowed to trade at Gamestop?

There are many tech and game items that you can bring in, such as:

Games: You can trade almost any game at Gamestop, whether it’s Minecraft, Gears of War, or games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Gaming consoles: You have the option to trade in any number of consoles, from the Nintendo Switch to your Xbox One.

Smartphones and Tablets: This program isn’t just for consoles and games. Trade-in any other device – old or new – even a Samsung or iPhone.

Accessory: You can trade accessories for credit.

Get your stuff appraised

An employee will provide you with a quote on your items at the store. In the case of phones and other devices, you must charge your items before bringing them to the store. Make sure to bring any cords, power adapters, or other accessories that you might need for the items you will trade.

Trade credit or cash

Accept the offer if you like it. Credit and cash are both possible. Cash is convenient because it can be spent anywhere. Credit, however, is more beneficial. Credit offers have a higher return on investment than cash.

What amount of money can you make?

  • It depends on the item you are trading and the condition of your stuff.
  • Newer consoles and games bring in more money.
  • You can quickly determine the value of your stuff by using the Gamestop website.
  • It is a great starting point because it will save you time and prevent you from going to the store with unnecessary stuff.
  • To give you an idea of what you can get, I looked at some Gamestop estimates for consoles and games.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Customers receive $8 Trade Credit Value and $6.40 Cash Value.

500GB Xbox One Console with Original Control: Customers receive $70 in trade credit and $56 cash value.

Red Dead Redemption 2: PlayStation 4: Customers receive $10 in trade credit and $8 in cash

Wii System with Remote Plus: Customers receive $20 in trade credit and $16 cash value.

Call of Duty WWII PlayStation 4: Customers can trade $1.50 in credit and $1.20 cash.

Gamestop’s website also offers a variety of trade-in opportunities.

These are fantastic because they give you an idea of what type of credit or cash you might get.

Here are some examples of offers available at the time of writing:

  • Trade a PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, or Xbox One X to get $250 towards the purchase of a Switch
  • You get 20% more credit when you trade towards Mario Maker 2.
  • Receive up to $500 in trade credit for your smartphone
  • Tips to Get More Gamestop Cash or Credit
  • We’ll give you some tips to make the most of your Gamestop Trade-In.

You want to get the best price for all your trades. These are our top tips to make more money with trade-ins. It’s a must to be a member of PowerUp Rewards. You become a Player member when you sign up. And you get benefits, like:

  • For every dollar you spend on new games, accessories, consoles, collectibles, and tech, you earn 10 points.
  • You earn 10 points per dollar you spend on used games, accessories, and consoles.
  • You can earn extra points by taking surveys or watching videos.
  • It means you get more points for future purchases in the store.
  • It gets even better if you become a Pro member.

Become a Pro Member

If you have lots of stuff to sell, this is the best tip. The PowerUp Rewards Pro Members receive more money for trade-ins. Regular members get lower trade-credit values and cash value. In contrast, pro members are more likely to receive higher trade credit value. For example, a regular member would receive $8 in trade-in credit and $6.40 cash for GTA 5 on Xbox One. However, if you are a pro member, you will get an $8.80 credit and $7.04 cash.

Red Dead Redemption 2: As we have mentioned, regular members receive $10 in trade credit value and $8 in cash value. Pro members receive $11 credit and $8.80 cash. Although it might seem small, you would make a lot more as Pro Member if you had ten of these games. You also get more benefits as a Pro member than a Player. More points are earned, such as:

  • For every dollar you spend on new games, accessories, consoles, consoles, collectibles, and tech, you earn 20 points.
  • For every dollar, you spend on used games, accessories, and consoles, earn 20 points.
  • Twenty points per dollar traded.
  • You can earn extra points by taking surveys or watching videos.
  • A-Pro Membership costs $14.99 per year. It’s worth it if you intend to trade in your stuff at Gamestop often.

Keep Your Stuff in Good Condition

Gamestop won’t accept games that have been scratched or aren’t working. If you intend to trade in your games frequently, make sure they are in excellent condition. Do not be lazy and keep your games put away after you remove them from the console. You’ll be more successful if you make it a habit to put your games away and take good care of them.

Trade-in at the right time

You might not need immediate cash, so you may want to wait until the right time to sell your stuff. Do you remember the offers we mentioned? These can help you increase the amount of cash or credit you have to spend on your items. Imagine trading in your old Xbox One games for this offer the following week. Receive $5 in bonus trade credit for any Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch game. You could have the $5 trade credit if you waited an extra week! We recommend that you keep an eye out for offers that might be of interest to you. You could also wait for your stuff to become so old that people will pay again.

Instead of chasing the cash, go for the credit

If you want to get the best deal on your stuff, credit is better than cash. It is because GS pays more if you take out credit. Credit is not the right option if you need quick cash.

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Trade Credit for Gift Cards if you need cash

Some people have reported that they took credit for their goods and used it to purchase gift cards from GS. GS offers gift cards beyond its store. They are available for many brands and retailers. However, GS has tightened restrictions on the gift cards that customers can buy with credit. People used their credit cards to purchase Amazon and Visa gift cards. It seems you are no longer able to do this. You can still buy gift cards with credit, but there are plenty. Take a look at the following list to find out what is available. It’s a great idea to exchange your credit for a gift certificate for another brand if you don’t want your stuff at GS but want to get the most value out of it. You get cash for nothing.

You might consider selling the gift card instead

Here’s how you can make cash trading items at GS if you want it.

Step 1: Sell your stuff to get credit.

Step 2: Use your credit card to buy a gift certificate

Step 3: Exchange the gift card for cash

Gift cards can be sold online for money. That is an excellent way for you to make money off your old consoles, games, and devices. It’s not short. You get the best of both. You get more money from GS if you take the trade credit offer instead of the cash. However, you still end up with the money. There are a few places you can sell your unwanted gift cards:

  • Cardpool
  • Raise
  • Gift card Granny
  • You must note that these people are searching for discounted gift cards.

If they are looking for $100 Applebee’s gift cards, they might look for deals like “Pay $98 for $100 Value Cards.” It means that you will not get the total value of a gift certificate you sell. Even so, the amount that you get back in cash from the card will likely be more significant than what you get from GS. We recommend that you look at Gift Card Granny and Raise websites to find out which cards are most in-demand and have the highest value. Avoid buying cards from one retailer if you see that they are 50% off. If you find that a card from another retailer sells for less than 2%, go for it. Seek out the cards with the highest market value, then use your GS credit to buy that gift card.

You don’t have to sell your stuff at Gamestop.

Look for Gamestop alternatives

To find out if your items are being sold at a lower price, it is a good idea for you to look on other platforms like Decluttr or Letgo. If you want to sell Call of Duty, you can check the price it would fetch on Gamestop. Next, compare that price to Decluttr’s prices and list your prices on platforms such as eBay and Letgo. You might get a better deal by using another platform.

Is Gamestop Trade-in Worth It?

It is 100% true! As you can see, Gamestop Trade-In is a great way to make money from your old consoles and games. As we said above, this is not the only option. It’s so easy that you will find it worth your while. You’ll also get more benefits if you sign up for the PowerUp Rewards program. We would love to hear about your experience with Gamestop Trade-In.

What does GameStop pay?

Let’s get to the point. Nobody wants to trade their old items for pennies. You are most likely looking for the right combination of high trade-in values and payouts that can be useful. It is cash, or at the most, store credit that won’t go to waste.

GameStop trade-in payouts can be made only in-store at GameStop. It is excellent news if you want to upgrade your game collection or trade in for a new console. That is not the case for non-gamers.

There is hope, however. GameStop offered cash for trade-ins before the Covid-19 pandemic. According to their website, they might still provide some money for particular items. We found that cash prices were still listed alongside store credit values. However, cash offers were often significantly lower than store credit. However, payouts are at the discretion of your local GameStop. Cash payments will be available whenever regular returns to the world, with any luck.

Summary GameStop Values for Trade-In

GameStop trade-in prices are like other devices buyback programs. They vary depending on what item you’re selling and in what condition. We decided to compare the top-selling devices, the Xbox One, PS4, iPhone 11, and the iPhone 11. We chose to show only the store credit values since cash payouts can only be provided in some instances.

The following prices are an estimation only. The trade-in value of your device will depend on its features, cosmetic condition, and overall functionality.


  • Xbox One 500GB with Controller, in good condition
  • GameStop: $75 credit
  • GadgetGone $51 (cash).
  • Best Buy: $40 Credit
  • PlayStation 4 Slim – 1TB with Controller, in good condition
  • GameStop: $140 Credit
  • GadgetGone $105 (cash).
  • Best Buy: $80 Credit
  • iPhone 11 – 256GB, Verizon, good condition
  • GameStop: $350 credit
  • GadgetGone is $405 (cash).
  • AT&T: $295 Credit
  • T-Mobile: $285 (credit)
  • Verizon: $301 (credit).
  • Apple: $340 Credit
  • Best Buy: $390 Credit
  • ecoATM: Maximum $210 Cash

You can see that GameStop offers decent trade-in value (in-store credit) for consoles. Still, they are not able to compete with GadgetGone’s consumer electronics offer. Store credit is great for those who plan to purchase more games, a new console, or replacement controllers, but it won’t be helpful if they need cash or buy an iPhone.

GameStop Trade-In Deals and Bonuses

We’ve seen that winning payouts often determine which trade-in program you choose. Promos can make it easier to maximize those trade-in earnings and turn formerly low buyback values into something quite good. GameStop offers several ways for customers to maximize their payouts. Power Up Rewards Pro membership is an excellent option for frequent trade-in customers or people who trade inexpensive items. Pro members get many great benefits, including 10% more trade-in credit for $19.99 per year.

Some might prefer to keep an eye on GameStop’s social channels for trade-in offers. These deals are usually only available when store credit is used and sometimes require traded in a particular item.