How Is Old Four Divergent?

How Is Old Four Divergent?

How Is Old Four Divergent?

In the book by Veronica Roth, Divergent Four is 18 years old when he encounters 16-year-old Tris. “Theo James, who plays the lovable character in my film, is 28 years old. In the novel, the character is 18; however, we’re putting him in the 24/25 range in the film. He’s aged, in a way.

Four’s Age In Divergent

Four's Age In Divergent

Four, also called Tobias Eaton, is an important character in the cult young adult film and book series Divergent, created by Veronica Roth. In the Divergent universe, Four is a member of the Dauntless faction and is a mentor and love interest for the main character, Tris Prior.

Although Beloved is a memorable character from the Divergent series, his age has been the subject of discussion and controversy between critics and fans. In this article, we’ll look at Four’s aging in Divergent, the numerous clues and hints provided throughout the show, his age relative to other characters, the importance of his age for the story, and the themes in the show.

Clues And Hints About Four’s Age

“The age at which Four is four isn’t explicit in the series; however, several clues indicate he’s younger than his fellow characters. Here are some examples:

  • In the very first book in this series Divergent In the very first novel of this series, Divergent said that Four has an image of a Ferris wheel on his back. This was a favorite tattoo among Dauntless participants who joined the group before it moved to its present place. This implies that Four is older than other Dauntless members who joined the faction following the move.
  • In the second novel of the series, Insurgent Four states that he was born into the Abnegation faction and later moved to Dauntless. This indicates that Four is at least 16 years old, the threshold at which people can change factions.
  • In the third installment of the Allegiant series, Four says his birth date before the system of factions was established, as well as that his mom, who was born before the formation of the faction system was created, left Abnegation faction to join the factionless. This indicates Four is at the very least 25 years old, the age at which the faction system was created.

Four’s Age About Other Characters

One aspect of Four’s aging that has caused controversy and debate is his age relative to other characters from the series. Many critics and fans have claimed that Four is significantly younger than Tris and the others, whereas others have claimed that he’s only a few years younger.

According to the clues mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it’s probable that Four is probably a couple of decades older in comparison to Tris or the others. But it is crucial to remember that the precise age difference isn’t stated explicitly in the show, and the importance of this age gap to the plot or themes is subject to interpretation.

Significance Of Four’s Age To The Plot And Themes

What is the significance of Four’s aging to the theme and plot of the show? This? This is for subject for debate as well as interpretation. A few critics and fans have claimed that Four’s aging is a significant aspect of his character’s developing relationship with Tris.

They believe that Four’s aging gives him a sense of maturation and experience that sets him apart from other characters. Additionally, his relationship with Tris is founded on a sense of mentorship and direction.

Some have suggested that Four’s age doesn’t seem relevant to the story or the series’ themes, in addition to the fact that his bond with Tris is built on shared struggles and experiences instead of an age-related difference. They argue that critics and fans overemphasized the significance of Four’s age, and it is better to concentrate on his character and actions.

Factions In Divergent

Factions In Divergent

The concept of factions is an integral idea in Divergent, the bestselling young adult novel and movie series by Veronica Roth. The factions are made up of five distinct groups based on personal traits that individuals are divided into when they reach the age of sixteen.

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The factions each have their own unique set of values, beliefs, and customs, and the members are expected to adhere to the ideals. We will examine the various factions of Divergent with their distinct characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and importance for the plot and the show’s themes.


Abnegation is a faction that is devoted to selflessness above all other considerations. People belonging to Abnegation must be modest, generous, and dedicated to the requirements of other people. They wear simple gray attire and shun materialism or vanity.

Abnegation is the ruling group in the city, and members of Abnegation tend to be in leadership positions. The advantages of abnegation are their emphasis on serving and their commitment to the cause of the larger good. The downsides of abnegation are their tendency toward self-denial and their vulnerability to corruption.


Amity is a faction that is awash in peace and kindness. People who belong to Amity are expected to be kind, compassionate, non-violent, and empathetic. They wear yellow and red clothes and live on communal farms.

Amity is known for its agricultural skills and enjoyment of music and celebrations. Amity’s advantages are their capacity to connect people and their commitment to building a peaceful community. The flaws of Amity are their tendency to inactivity and their unwillingness to take on conflicts.


Candor is a political group that is adamant about honesty and integrity. The members of Candor are required to be straight, blunt,and clear. They wear white and black and live in an eclectic,  modern, and contemporary structure.

Honesty is known for its legal system, which values integrity above all other considerations. The advantages of their devotion to justice and their capacity to discern between deceit and deceit The weak point of this study points to a group’s hypotension sensitization.


Dauntless is a group that values courage and bravery. The members of Dauntless must be brave and daring. They are also willing to risk it all. They dress in black and reside in a modern compound. Dauntless is renowned for its combat training and determination to defend the city from threats from outside.

The advantages that Dauntless possess are their strength in physical form and their ability to face danger. The flaws of Dauntless are their tendency toward recklessness and vulnerability to violence.


Erudite is the group that is awed by knowledge and intelligence. The members of Erudite must be smart and curious. They are also intelligent. They wear blue clothes and reside in a library-like structure. Erudite is famous for its scientific discoveries and its efforts to use technology to improve the quality of life in cities.

The advantages of Erudite are their commitment to education and their ability to tackle complex issues. The flaws of erudite, divergent, and rudite include their inclination toward the elitist and their desire to utilize their knowledge to gain control and power.

The Choosing Ceremony

The Choosing Ceremony

The Choosing Ceremony is a pivotal occasion in the cult young adult movie and book series Divergent, composed by Veronica Roth. The Choosing Ceremony is the process through which teenagers decide which faction they’ll be a part of for the rest of their lives.

The decision-making ceremony is an important event for the show’s characters since it will determine their future paths and identities. We will look at Divergent Choosing Ceremony, including the rules and traditions, the significance to the plot and characters, and its depiction of more general themes and motifs.

Rules And Customs Of The Choosing Ceremony

The choosing ceremony is highly organized and ritualized. Here are some of the customs and rules:

  • The Choosing Ceremony takes place in an auditorium with a capacity of 20,000 in front of the entire membership from the five factions.
  • Every 16-year-old has to choose among the five factions. Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, or Erudite.
  • The participants are provided with small knives and have to cut their palms to show their loyalty to the faction they have chosen to be a part of.
  • If a person decides to join the faction, they must undergo an initiation procedure to become a full-time group member.
  • The people who fail the initiation procedure are either removed from their group or become a group that does not belong to any particular faction.

Significance Of The Choosing Ceremony To The Characters And Plot

The Ceremony of Choosing is an important event for the show’s characters since it will determine their future paths and identities. Here are some instances to show how Choosing Ceremony impacts the characters and the plot:

  • The main character, Tris Prior, chooses to join Dauntless the group, which puts her on a journey of danger, adventure, and self-discovery.
  • The love interest of Tris, Four, is revealed to be Divergent and has a complicated relationship with the group he is in, creating tension and conflict in the story.
  • In the story, antagonist Jeanine Matthews is head of the Erudite faction and employs the Choosing Ceremony to manipulate and manage the population. This creates tension and the actions of the show.
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Representation Of Larger Themes And Motifs

It is also a representation of the Choosing Ceremony and the more general themes and motifs within the collection, including identity, conformity, and the concept of identity. Here are some examples:

  • The Choosing Ceremony represents the pressure to conform to social standards and expectations, as people are expected to pick one group based on their characteristics and hide other aspects of their own.
  • The Choosing Ceremony also represents the conflict between personal identity and expression. Some characters, like Tris and Four, accept their Divergence and disbelieve in the limits of the system of factions.
  • The Choosing Ceremony is also a depiction of the complexity of identity. Characters have to pick a single grouping that defines their entire existence despite their personality and interests being multifaceted and complicated.

Four’s Character Development

Four, also called Tobias Eaton, is a prominent character in the cult young adult film and book series Divergent, composed by Veronica Roth. Four begins as an intimidating and mysterious character; however, throughout the series, Four undergoes significant character growth and develops into a more nuanced and complex character.

We will examine Four’s development as a character in Divergent and explore his background and motivations, his interactions with the other protagonists, and the importance of his character’s arc in the themes and messages of the show.

Backstory And Motivations

Four’s background and motivations are integral to his character’s development in the show. Here are some examples:

  • Four’s past includes his abusive father, the Dauntless factions leader. He caused physical and emotional harm to Four. The traumatizing experience of Four’s father informs his distrust of authority and determination to challenge the system of factions.
  • Four’s motives revolve around his desire to be free and his quest to find his identity. Four is a Divergent. That is to say; Four has traits that are shared by different factions. This makes him question the limitations of the faction system and his place in it.
  • Four’s motives also revolve around his feelings for his character, Tris Prior. Four is also Tris’s mentor and then her romantic partner, and his connection with her influences his character’s development and choices and actions.

Relationships With Other Characters

Four’s relationships with his other characters are a different element of his character’s development. Here are some examples:

  • Four’s relationship with Tris is the central point of his character’s development. As Tris’s teacher, Four assists her in navigating the difficulties of the Dauntless beginning process and becomes her lover. Their bond permits Four to let his emotions out and show vulnerability, a huge departure from his previous stoic and reserved demeanor.
  • The relationship Four has with his dad is important to his character development. Four initially feels resentful towards his father over his abuse. However, he discovers later that his father is also an apex of the system of factions and is trying to shield Four from the dangers of the system. This realization lets Four accept his father’s apology and release his painful memories.
  • Four’s interactions with other participants of his Dauntless faction, including Eric and Max, are also crucial in developing his character. These characters represent the system of the faction as well as its weaknesses. Four’s relationships with these characters reflect his discontent with the system and desire for something different.

Significance Of Four’s Character Arc To The Themes And Messages Of The Series

Four’s character development is integral to the themes and message of the Divergent series. Here are some examples:

  • Four’s character arc is a conflict between self-expression and being unique. Four is a Divergent who has traits that belong to different factions. This leads him to question the limitations of the faction system and his place within it. The journey to self-acceptance and a sense of freedom is one of the show’s major themes that highlights the value of individuality and the risks of conformity.
  • The character arc of Four also represents the fight against oppression and misuse of power. Four’s abusive father and the corruption-ridden leaders in the system of factions are the forces of oppression against which they must battle to build an equal and more fair society. Four’s fight against these forces reflects one of the show’s major themes, including the necessity of fighting oppression and the dangers of power that is not controlled.
  • The character of Four’s arc embodies the importance of connection and love. Four’s connection with Tris is crucial to his development as a character, and their mutual love for one another drives their actions and choices. Their relationship is one of the show’s major themes, including the significance of human connections and how love can help conquer obstacles and bring about change.
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Four’s Relationships

Four The Four, also called Tobias Eaton, is a prominent character in the popular young adult film and book series Divergent, created by Veronica Roth. Four’s interactions with other characters are an important aspect of his development as a character and the overall storyline of the story.

We will look at Four’s relationships within Divergent, which include his relationships with his protagonist, Tris Prior. We will also explore his mentoring of other characters and his relationship with his family members and faction members.

A Romantic Connection With Tris Prior

Four’s romance and relationship with Tris Prior are important elements in his character’s development and the show’s storyline. Here are some examples that show their bond:

  • Four is initially Tris’s teacher in the Dauntless beginning. The relationship develops into an intimate one throughout the entire series.
  • Four and Tris’s bond is marked by trust, respect, and love. They rely on each to provide physical and emotional strength. Their love for one another drives their decisions and actions throughout the show.
  • Four and Tris’s relationship is also strained by various conflicts and obstacles, including their different ways of rebelling against the faction system and their differing loyalty to various factions.
  • Ultimately, Four and Tris’s relationship is a testament to how love can conquer barriers and make a difference. Their bond with one another is a key aspect of the finalization of the story.

Mentorship Of Other Characters

Four’s role as a mentor to other characters is a key aspect of his relationships throughout the show. Here are some examples:

  • Four is an instructor and guide for Tris throughout the Dauntless process of initiation. He assists her in navigating the obstacles of the process and assists her in coming to comprehend the complexity of the system of factions.
  • Four also mentors other characters, including Christina and Uriah, as they begin the initiation process. Four provides them with assistance and guidance and assists them in overcoming their barriers and difficulties.
  • Four’s role as a mentor to other characters demonstrates his leadership abilities and willingness to aid others, as well as his growing dissatisfaction with the faction system and his desire to make a difference.

Relationships With Family And Friendship Members

Relationships With Family And Friendship Members

Four’s interactions with his family and his faction are crucial to his character’s growth and the show’s overall storyline. Here are some instances:

  • Four has a complicated relationship with his dad, who was abusive throughout his childhood. This is the reason Four has a distrust of authority as well as his determination to challenge the system of faction.
  • His relationship with his mother is complicated because she was abandoned by the boy and his father as young. The relationship is one of the show’s major themes, including the value of families and the impact of trauma.
  • Four’s interactions with other faction members, like Eric and Max, are crucial in his character growth. They represent the system of factions and its weaknesses, and Four’s relationships with them show his growing dissatisfaction with the system and his desire to find something better.


How Old Is Tobias Than Tris?

Since Tobias is two years older than Tris, she is concerned that his notion of intimacy includes having sex.

Does Tris get pregnant?

If she does get pregnant, it will take another nine months before the baby can be born. That means the minimum age difference between two kids (who aren’t twins) is 15 months. Caleb and Tris would not have been able to choose different factions simultaneously.

What Makes Tris Fearful of Four?

Tris isn’t afraid that she will be raped by Four. Four will rape her, but she fears the natural development of her sexuality that she has not explored.

Does Tobias Christina?

Another thing to note is that Christina did not steal Tobias in We Can Be Mended; Tobias was a smooch to Christina first. Christina was at work and was cleaning up after the class she was teaching when Tobias started fighting for her. Tobias kissed her first.

What is Four’s role in the story?

Four plays a significant role in the Divergent series. He serves as a mentor and love interest to the main character, Beatrice “Tris” Prior. He helps Tris navigate the challenges of their dystopian society and aids her in her journey of self-discovery.

How does Four evolve throughout the films?

Throughout the Divergent film series, Four undergoes character development and personal growth. He starts off as a mysterious and guarded individual but gradually opens up emotionally. He becomes more trusting, compassionate, and willing to challenge the oppressive system he lives in.